Tropical Storm Fabian (1991)

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Tropical Storm Fabian
Tropical storm (SSHWS/NWS)
Tropical Storm Fabian (1991).JPG
Tropical Storm Fabian southwest of Cuba
FormedOctober 15, 1991
DissipatedOctober 16, 1991
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 45 mph (75 km/h)
Lowest pressure1002 mbar (hPa); 29.59 inHg
FatalitiesNone reported
Areas affectedCuba, Florida
Part of the 1991 Atlantic hurricane season

Tropical Storm Fabian was a short-lived tropical storm during the 1991 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the sixth storm of that year which was given a name. It formed in the northwest Caribbean southwest of Cuba. The storm reached a peak intensity of 45 mph (75 km/h), shortly before crossing over Cuba as it moved northeast past Florida. Fabian became extratropical north of the Bahamas the next day, and dissipated on October 17. Fabian caused only light rainfall along its path and there were no reported deaths or damage.