Tug of war

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Tug of war
Irish 600kg euro chap 2009.JPG
Ireland 600 kg team in the European Championships 2009
Highest governing body Tug of War International Federation
Nicknames TOW
First played Ancient
Contact Non-contact
Team members Eight (or more)
Mixed gender mix 4+4 and separate
Type Team sport, outdoor/indoor
Equipment Rope and boots

Part of the Summer Olympic programme from 1900 to 1920;

Part of The World Games from 1981 to 2017

Tug of war is a game played by both children and adults, using a rope. A pit of mud can also be used with the rope. The players organize into two teams, and grab on to one side of the rope each. The goal of the game is to pull the other team into the mud pit, or over a marked boundary, like a stick.