Tuomas Gerdt

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Tuomas Gerdt

Kaiho Tuomas Albin Gerdt (born 28 May 1922) is a Knight of the Mannerheim Cross.[1] Gerdt, serving as a junior runner officer in the infantry regiment 7, was awarded the Mannerheim Cross on 8 September 1942. At that time he held the rank of a Sergeant. After coming home from the war on 13 November 1944, Gerdt worked as a manager in Oy Wilh. Schauman Ab and as an office manager in Oy Kaukas Ab and Kymmene Oy.[2] He was born in Heinävesi, Finland.

Gerdt, serving as the chairman of the Mannerheim Cross Knight Foundation, is the last living Knight of the Mannerheim Cross.[3]

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