Tupolev Tu-16

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Tu-16R "Badger-E" (1985)
Role Strategic bomber
Manufacturer Voronezh Aircraft Production Association [1]
Designer Tupolev
First flight 27 April 1952
Introduction 1954
Retired 1993 (in former Soviet Union nations)
Primary users Soviet Air Force
Egyptian Air Force
Iraqi Air Force
Indonesian Air Force
Number built 1,509[2]
Variants Tupolev Tu-104
Tupolev Tu-124
Xian H-6

Tupolev Tu-16 (Russian: Туполев Ту-16; NATO reporting name: Badger) was a Soviet twin-engine heavy bomber designed by Tupolev. It has stayed in service for almost 70 years, and the Xian H-6, which is based on the Tu-16, is still flying today with the People's Liberation Army.

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