Tux Racer

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Screenshot of Tux Racer

Tux Racer is a video game made by Sunspire Studios where the player moves Tux, the Linux Penguin . In the game, Tux goes down a hill on his belly and collects fish. There are many things that slow Tux down. There are also things that may be hard for Tux to get past.

Controls[change | change source]

  • Turning: Left and Right buttons
  • Paddling (makes Tux go faster): Up button
  • Braking (makes Tux slow down): Down button
  • Jumping: Hold down the "E" button, then let go
  • Hard Turn (makes Tux turn when he is moving fast or when you want him to turn a lot): Down and Right or Left buttons at the same time
  • Reset (makes Tux Get out when he is stuck): Backspace Button
  • Quit (exits the game): "Q" Button

Updated version[change | change source]

The developers of Tux Racer have long abandoned making and programing the game. But some programmers took the source code and they call their new version Extreme Tux Racer, it is much newer and has many improvements over the old Tux Racer.

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