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ParadigmMulti-paradigm: functional, generic, imperative, object-oriented
Designed byMicrosoft
First appeared1 October 2012; 10 years ago (2012-10-01)[1]
Stable release5.0.2[2] Edit this on Wikidata / 16 March 2023; 9 days ago (16 March 2023)
Typing disciplineDuck, gradual, structural[3]
LicenseApache License 2.0
Filename extensions.ts, .tsx
Influenced by
C#, Java, JavaScript
AtScript, AssemblyScript

TypeScript is a programming language from Microsoft. It is a type of JavaScript that adds static typing. It became public in October 2012 when Microsoft worked on it for two years.[4][5]

TypeScript can be compiled to most versions of ECMAScript (JavaScript).[6]

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