Typhoon Durian

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Typhoon Durian (Reming)
Typhoon (JMA scale)
Category 4 super typhoon (SSHWS)
Typhoon Durian approaching the Philippines at peak intensity on November 29
FormedNovember 25, 2006
DissipatedDecember 9, 2006
(Remnant low after December 7)
Highest winds10-minute sustained: 195 km/h (120 mph)
1-minute sustained: 250 km/h (155 mph)
Lowest pressure915 hPa (mbar); 27.02 inHg
Fatalities>1,500 total
DamageAt least $580 million (2006 USD)
Areas affectedYap State, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Andaman Islands, India
Part of the 2006 Pacific typhoon season
and North Indian Ocean cyclone seasons

Typhoon Durian (PAGASA : Typhoon Reming) was a large storm that hurt the Philippines and Vietnam in 2006. Many people died when mud slid down from the Mayon Volcano and covered many villages.