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Cybersquatting is the use of a domain name which is another person's trademark. The domain name may be the name of a person, a company, or an organization. The purpose of cybersquatting is to make money.

For example:

  • Domain parking: somebody buys a domain name of a company, because they hope to sell the domain to the company later.
  • Phishing: somebody buys the domain name of a company, to fool people who visit that website. These visitors think the company owns the website — but a scammer actually owns the website. When they use their banking number, the scammer can now steal money from their bank account.

In the USA, cybersquatting may be a crime under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.[1]

Typosquatting[change | change source]

Typosquatting is a kind of cybersquatting. A domain name is used, which is similar to another website or trademark. For example, typosquatting could use instead of It could also use a different URL extension, such as instead of[2]

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