Tzipi Livni

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Tzipi Livni

Tziporah Malka "Tzipi" Livni, Hebrew: ציפורה מלכה "ציפי" לבני , (born July 8, 1958 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli politician. She is political leader of HaTnuah ("The Movement").

Livni served both in the army and in the Mossad. Afterwards she studied law at Bar-Ilan University and worked as a lawyer.

Since 1999 (with an interruption from May 2012 till February 2013) she has been a Member of Knesset.

In the 2000s she was many times a minister, among others justice and foreign minister. During the Second Netanyahu Government (2009-2013) she was leading the parliamentarian opposition. In 2013 she joined the Third Netanyahu Government by becoming justice minister, but a year later prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent her and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid away on the accusation of trying to bring down his cabinet. Ironically their sending away resulted in the downfall of his cabinet.

Originally she was a HaLikud politician, but in 2005 she joined Kadima. In 2012 she erected HaTnuah. In the 2015 elections HaTnuah formed one list with HaAvoda (Israeli Labor Party), called HaMahaneh HaTziyoni ("The Zionist Union"). In the 20th Knesset she is leading this list with HaAvoda leader Yitzhak Herzog.

Livni is in favour of the two-state solution, besides the State of Israel an independent State of Palestine. As a minister she spoke frequently with Palestinian politicians to achieve this goal.

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