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Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12
The Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12 automatic shotgun.
TypeAutomatic shotgun
Semi-automatic (Civilian)
Place of originSouth Korea
United States
Service history
Used bySee Users
Production history
ManufacturerDaewoo Precision Industries, Interord Corp.(Nashville, Tennessee,) RAMO Defense Co., Ameetec Arms LLC
VariantsSemi-automatic only for civilian commercial sales; select-fire for military and police
Mass5.45 kg less magazine. 6.2 kg (with 10-round magazine)
Length960 mm
Barrel length460 mm

Rate of fire400-450 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity400 m/s (1,300 ft/s)
Effective firing range30–40 m
Maximum firing range50 m
Feed system10-round detachable box magazine or 20-round drum magazine
SightsIron sights

The USAS-12 (Universal Sports Automatic Shotgun 12-gauge) is a fully automatic gas operated shotgun made by the South Korean-based company Daewoo.

The USAS-12 is a gas-operated, select-fire weapon which is designed to provide sustained firepower in close quarter combat scenarios. It accepts detachable 10-round box magazines or 20-round drum magazines. Both types of magazine are made of polymer, and drum magazines have their rear side made from translucent polymer to tell of the number of shot shells left. It has an effective range of 40 m.

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