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Flag of Udenhout
Coat of arms of Udenhout
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 51°36′30″N 5°8′30″E / 51.60833°N 5.14167°E / 51.60833; 5.14167
ProvinceNorth Brabant
Major roadsN65

Udenhout is a town in The Netherlands. In 1232 the abbey of Tongerlo was started which grew into the village that is now called Udenhout.

History of Udenhout[change | change source]

There was a pilgrim who arrived after long reis going in Udenhout. He knocked in a castle whose lord was hospitable. He knew that he could spend the night. When he did not aanklopte castle or one of his employees open, but a buck driver. They were descendants of Hugo de bokkerijder. They were murdered and their lord moved into the castle. The pilgrim told how God would think about. But, they are not much of. The pilgrim was thrown from the castle. He walked across and looked at again. But the castle was gone. God had heard his word and the goats driver punished. Since then we call this the castle sunk castle. There is also a district that is named after this castle and also the shape and construction of a real castle. But the actual castle is still not found.

Restaurants and Cafes in Udenhout[change | change source]

  • Bosch en Duin
  • Gasterij Groenendaal
  • Eetcafé 27-01
  • De Rustende Jager
  • De Stoofpot
  • 't Plein
  • 't Gommelen
  • De Voorkamer
  • L'Abeille
  • De Heksenkethel
  • Boslust
  • Chinees rest. Diamant
  • Chinees rest. Lei Ping
  • Cafetaria Den Berk
  • Cafetaria 't Haantje
  • Grillroom Pizzeria STAR
  • Hotel Wilshof
  • 't Centrum
  • De Schol
  • De Hemeltjes
  • 't Vosje