Ukraine Today

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Ukraine Today
Broadcast areaEurope
Slogan'Ukraine's first international TV news network'
HeadquartersKyiv, Ukraine
Owner1+1 Media
LaunchedAugust 24, 2014 (2014-08-24)
Eutelsat Hotbird13 E, 11623 MHz Vertical, 27.5 Mbaud
Streaming media
Live streamYouTube stream

Ukraine Today is a satellite television channel from Ukraine. It broadcasts in English. In the future it will broadcast in Russian.[1] It is owned by 1+1 Media Group. The channel's headquarters is in Kyiv.

Beginning[change | change source]

Ukraine Today began on the 14th August 2014, live on YouTube and the Eutelsat Hotbird satellite. It showed a testcard and words telling people how to receive the channel. On Independence Day in Ukraine, the 24th August, the channel launch officially,[2] and began to show news.

Format[change | change source]

Ukraine Today says that it focuses on Ukrainian current affairs, EU expansion, Russia's relations with Europe and America, and the difficulties of building a country in the 21st century.[3]

Ukraine Today started broadcasting with a Euronews-style, with no presenters or studio, just videos of the news.[4] Once more staff are employed, Ukraine Today will become a more traditional channel with a studio and presenters.[5]

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