Ukrainian Americans

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Ukrainian Americans
Українські американці
Total population
0.35% of US population (2009)
Regions with significant populations
New York City Metropolitan Area,[2] Rust Belt (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois), Midwest (Minnesota, North Dakota), Greater Los Angeles Area, Alaska, Washington state, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia[3]
American English, Ukrainian, Russian
Predominantly Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Greek Catholic, with Protestant and Jewish minorities
Related ethnic groups
Ukrainians, Ukrainian Canadians, Ukrainian Australians, British Ukrainians, Rusyn Americans, Belarusian Americans, Russian Americans, other Slavic peoples especially East Slavs

A Ukrainian American is a citizen of the United States with ancestors from Ukraine. There have been Ukrainian people living in North America since the early 1600s.[4] There are about one million Ukrainian Americans[5] and many live in the North East and the West of the United States, in states like New York, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington.[6]

Numbers[change | change source]

The number of Ukrainians in the United States is 354,832.[7] There are 408,504 people who identify as Ukrainian.[8] Many of them were born in the United States. Only about 20% are actual immigrants. About a third of people of Ukrainian origin speak Ukrainian. Almost 143 thousand (15%) use it in everyday life.

Ukrainian Americans

States with the largest number of people using the Ukrainian language in the family (2006—2008):[9]

Famous Ukrainian Americans[change | change source]

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