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Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion

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Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion
Created byDan Hernandez & Benji Samit
Developed byLeo Chu & Eric S. Garcia
ComposerTony Morales
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producers
  • Ray Lancon
  • Ian Watermeier
CinematographyRafael Leyva
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22–25 minutes
Production companyGwave Productions
Original release
NetworkDisney Channel
ReleaseJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03) –

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion is an American superhero coming-of-age action-comedy television series. It was developed by Leo Chu and Eric S. Garcia and created by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. It premiered on Disney Channel on June 3, 2022. The series stars Scarlett Estevez, J.R. Villarreal, Marianna Burelli, Juan Alfonso, Brandon Rossel, and Zelia Ankrum.

Premise[change | change source]

The series centers on 13-year-old Violet, who is chosen to be successor to her uncle.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Scarlett Estevez as Violet Rodriguez / Ultra Violet,[1] a 13-year-old girl who gets chosen by a magical Luchador mask that transforms her into a superhero with super speed
  • J.R. Villarreal as Cruz De la Vega / Black Scorpion,[1] Violet's uncle and superhero mentor who owns a gym and fights crime in secret
  • Marianna Burelli as Nina Rodriguez,[1] Violet's mother and school principal
  • Juan Alfonso as Juan Carlos Rodriguez,[1] Violet's father
  • Brandon Rossel as Santiago "Tiago" Rodriguez,[1] Violet's over-achieving elder brother
  • Zelia Ankrum as Maya Miller-Martinez,[1] Violet's best friend to whom Violet tells about the mask and secret identity

Episodes[change | change source]

No.Title [2][3]Directed byWritten byOriginal air date [2][3]Prod.
code [2][4]
U.S. viewers
1"The Violet Behind the Ultra"Adam Stein & Zach LipovskyStory by : Dan Hernandez & Benji Samit
Teleplay by : Leo Chu & Eric S. Garcia
June 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)1010.27[5]
Violet, a young girl who has been living in the shadow of her overachieving brother, finds a magical Luchador mask that transforms her into a superhero with super speed. She tells her best friend, Maya, about it and they start a channel to livestream her using her powers, under her "Ultra Violet" codename. To increase viewership, Violet reaches out to a superhero named Black Scorpion but he says that he wants to fight crime from the shadows. Violet follows him and when he takes off his mask, she is shocked to find that Black Scorpion is her uncle, Cruz, who runs a local gym. Cruz tells Violet that the mask chose her and he volunteers to be her superhero mentor and trainer. Violet wants to livestream them fighting crime and unmask herself for views. Cruz stops her from unmasking herself and warns her against being tempted by the mask.
2"You Like Me! You Really Like Me!"Alberto BelliRay LanconJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)1020.24[5]
Violet and Cruz have a disagreement because, instead of training, Violet is impatient and wants online popularity. She and Maya come up with a plan for Maya to film her fighting crime and then hold an Ultra Violet meet-and-greet for her fans. However, when she miscalculates the situation during the fight and ends up being rescued by Black Scorpion, Violet is embarrassed and throws away the mask. The next day, Ultra Violet's fans are disappointed when Violet fails to show up at the meet-and-greet. One of them asks Violet and Maya to help find her little girl. After searching for the girl with no success, the mask comes back and Violet puts it back on. She uses the super speed to easily find and reunite the girl with her mother. Realizing that helping people is more fulfilling than internet popularity, Violet agrees to let Cruz train her.
3"Lucha Royale"Nancy HowerStephen ReyesJune 10, 2022 (2022-06-10)[a]1030.21[6]

The Rodriguez family attends a wrestling match to celebrate Nina's promotion to principal. Violet invites Uncle Cruz. Despite the family's doubts, he comes to the match. On arrival, Cruz is ambushed by someone in a fake Snow Leopard costume. Violet rescues him and they discover that the attacker is part of a Rudos group trying to steal the prize money from the ring. Violet is torn between spending time with her family and fighting crime. Black Scorpion goes into the ring to stop them. When the Rudos overpower him, Ultra Violet jumps into the ring to help him. To make up for missing a family jumbotron photo, Violet and Cruz convince their favorite wrestler Gigante to take a photo with the whole family. Meanwhile, Tiago flirts with a girl. When he finds out she is a Rudo and confronts her, she kicks him and leaves.

Guest star: Armando L. Leduc as Al Dorado

Absent: Zelia Ankrum as Maya Miller-Martinez
4"Sleepover Showdown"Nancy HowerDesirée Proctor & Erica HarrellJune 17, 2022 (2022-06-17)[a]104N/A

Maya gets Violet invited to a sleepover at Evita's house. Before the sleepover, Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion try to stop Miradora, a thief with electrokinesis, from stealing a device used for stealing money from banks. Miradora escapes but drops the device's verification key, which Violet grabs and turns into a necklace. At the sleepover, Violet gets upset after discovering that Evita only invited her because Maya asked her to. She becomes insecure and tries to impress the other girls which leads to a fight between her and Maya. Miradora comes to get the key from Violet, but Black Scorpion stops her from getting into Evita's house. After making up with Maya, Ultra Violet goes outside to help Black Scorpion defeat Miradora using the sprinklers while Maya distracts the other girls. Meanwhile, Nina becomes irrationally worried about Violet spending the night away from home for the first time.

Guest star: Bevin Bru as Miradora
5"The Legend of the Twelve Masks"Joe LynchNelson SolerJune 24, 2022 (2022-06-24)[a]1050.13[7]

Violet fails to make the volleyball team, adding to her long list of failures and being compared to her overachieving brother Tiago. After running into Duplico, another masked vigilante with duplication abilities, Violet learns from Cruz that there are twelve masks in total. She convinces herself that Tiago must have a mask too since he excels at everything. She searches his room and after finding a mask and costume sketches, she forces him to put it on but it turns out to be a regular mask. Tiago shows her his sketches and opens up about his interest in fashion, but Violet becomes jealous that he is better than her in fashion. She later apologizes and Tiago helps her practice volleyball. Meanwhile, Nina tries to use her power as the principal to get Coach Park to put Violet in the team. She gives up after it turns into a chain of favors and bribes.

Guest stars: Jaylen Moore as Duplico, Jinny Chung as Coach Evelyn Park
6"¡Chisme! ¡Chisme! Read All About It!"Joe LynchZoe Kanters & Daniel WeingartenJuly 1, 2022 (2022-07-01)[a]1060.22[8]
A gossip blogger in Violet's school starts exposing people's secrets. When Violet, Maya, and their friends become victims of the blogger, Violet becomes determined to end it. During a surveillance session, Ultra Violet asks Black Scorpion for a password cracker device to help figure out the gossip blogger. He refuses because blogging is not a crime. She steals the device anyway and reviews the school security footage with Maya where they narrow their list of suspects to two. When the next post exposes Violet's mother for secretly getting kicked out of Teacher Tuesdays by the other teachers, they realize that their suspects couldn't have known that. They later figure out that the blogger is the hall monitor Luis whom everyone ignores. Ultra Violet visits Luis and forces him to stop blogging. A disappointed Luis joins the school newspaper and vows to unmask Ultra Violet.
7"Ultra Matchmaker"Leslie Kolins SmallLisa Kyonga ParsonsJuly 8, 2022 (2022-07-08)[a]1070.14[9]

Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion save a woman who turns out to be Cruz's ex-girlfriend Lily. After learning from her family that Cruz was heartbroken over losing Lily, Violet decides to help her uncle find love again. Since Cruz is always cranky, Violet wants to set him up with the grumpy Coach Park. So she convinces Nina to hire Cruz as the substitute gym teacher to make it easier for Violet to play matchmaker. While every attempt to set him up with Coach Park fails, Cruz is approached by the school counselor Catalina Rivera and they easily connect. However, their blossoming romance is almost ruined when Violet unknowingly sends flowers to Coach Park on Cruz's behalf. Violet explains the mix-up to Catalina who agrees to give Cruz another chance. Meanwhile, Maya develops a crush on a boy named Alex who turns out to be gay.

Guest stars: Lorena Jorge as Catalina Rivera, Jinny Chung as Coach Evelyn Park

Absent: Bryan Blanco as Luis León
8"Ultra Violet Unmasked"Leslie Kolins SmallDesirée Proctor & Erica HarrellJuly 15, 2022 (2022-07-15)[a]1080.13[10]

Luis catches Ultra Violet on camera taking her mask off and announces at school that he would unmask her the following day after his computer fixes the blurry photo. To destroy the photo, Violet and Maya visit Luis' house and while Maya works on it, Violet distracts Luis by playing with him. Luis opens up to Violet about his loneliness and they bond over shared love for wrestling. With the photo destroyed, Luis is humiliated as a liar. Feeling bad for him, Ultra Violet reaches out to Luis to help him see that she is a good person who helps people. She also gives him super speed rides, which he enjoys. However, the next day, Luis wears a cast to school, claiming that Ultra Violet is a menace who hurt him. He vows to never rest until he reveals her real identity. Meanwhile, Cruz goes on a date with Catalina and is forced to leave in the middle to stop a bank robbery.

Guest star: Lorena Jorge as Catalina Rivera
9"Cascada"Joe NussbaumRay LanconJuly 22, 2022 (2022-07-22)[a]109N/A

Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion run into another masked vigilante known as Cascada who has the ability to phase through solid. Cascada helps a thief escape and says that it is okay to break the rules to help those in need. Despite Cruz's disapproval, Violet is impressed by Cascada's rebellious nature. Maya asks Ultra Violet to appear at a fundraiser to help increase turnout but Cruz forbids her from using her superhero status as a celebrity. Inspired by Cascada, Violet defies Cruz's rules and sneaks out of a competitive family dinner with their pretentious cousins to attend Maya's fundraiser event where she helps raise a lot of money. Seeing how much good she did by defying Cruz and lying to her family, Violet becomes conflicted about choosing between right and wrong. Later with no one looking, Cascada takes off her mask, revealing that she is Cruz's girlfriend, Catalina.

Guest stars: Lorena Jorge as Catalina Rivera, David Delao as Pablo

Absent: Bryan Blanco as Luis León
10"Lucha Rules!"Joe NussbaumDesirée Proctor & Erica HarrellJuly 29, 2022 (2022-07-29)[a]110N/A

Impatient with Black Scorpion's training, Ultra Violet starts secretly training with Cascada who allows her to stay up late and take risks. When Cascada offers to let her stop a criminal by herself, Violet lies to get out of teaming up with Black Scorpion but they all run into each other at the crime scene. Cruz is disappointed with Violet for despising his warning that Cascada is dangerous. Following Cascada's advice, Violet tries to stop the criminal alone but gets hurt. Black Scorpion teams up with Cascada to stop the criminal before taking Violet home. After getting better, Violet apologizes and Cruz promises to stop being overprotective. Meanwhile, while visiting Cruz's gym, Tiago helps a dispirited fighter find his confidence by designing a new costume that truly expresses his identity, leading him to his first victory. Back at home, Tiago starts to become suspicious when Violet lies that she was at the gym.

Guest stars: Lorena Jorge as Catalina Rivera, Jesse Gallegos as Anónimo

Absent: Bryan Blanco as Luis León
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