Ultratop 50 Singles

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Ultratop 50 Singles, often called Ultratop 50, is the weekly chart of fifty best-selling singles in Flanders, Belgium. Ultratop 50 and is produced and published by the Ultratop organization. The chart has existed since March 31, 1995. It is published in Dutch, French, and English, and is presented on several Belgian radio stations as well as on TMF Flanders television.

Its equivalent in the Wallonia region of Belgium is known as the "Ultratop 40 Singles" chart.

Three other charts from the Ultratop organization bear similar names: two separate and usually different charts named "Ultratop 50 Albums" tracking weekly album performance in the Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia regions, respectively; and one chart named "Ultratop 50 Alternative Albums". All of these charts, too, are published in three languages.

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