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Union generally means that two or more things are joined into one. That can be an organization of several people or organizations, several objects combined into one, and so on. The term may mean:

  • Trades union: an organization of workers with a common goal.

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The term student union can be used in either of two senses:

  • Students' union, a student organization at many colleges and universities dedicated to student governance (not common in USA, see below)
  • Student activity center, a building that typically hosts a "union" of student services (e.g., food service, health facilities, lounges) at such institutions (also known as a "student center" or "student commons")

In the United States, the phrase more commonly refers to the building. The phrase "student government" or "student senate" is usually used when referring to the subject of the "Students' union" article.

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  • Union (coinage), a US gold coin that was worth $100 face value, it was never made because it would only be circulated among banks.

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