United Express Flight 6291

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United Express Flight 6291
British Aerospace Jetstream 41, United Express (Atlantic Coast Airlines) AN0067681.jpg
A United Express Jetstream 41, sister ship to the accident aircraft
DateJanuary 7, 1994 (1994-01-07)
SummaryStalled on approach due to pilot error
SiteGahanna, near Port Columbus International Airport, United States
39°59′31.8″N 82°50′49.8″W / 39.992167°N 82.847167°W / 39.992167; -82.847167Coordinates: 39°59′31.8″N 82°50′49.8″W / 39.992167°N 82.847167°W / 39.992167; -82.847167
Aircraft typeBritish Aerospace Jetstream 41
OperatorAtlantic Coast Airlines
DBA United Express
Call signBLUE RIDGE 291
Flight originWashington Dulles International Airport
DestinationPort Columbus International Airport

United Express Flight 6291 was a scheduled United Express flight from Washington Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C. to Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. On January 7, 1994, this flight suffered an accident, killing 5 of the 8 people on board the plane.

It was a service operated by Atlantic Coast Airlines on behalf of United Express. The two pilots, the flight attendant, and two passengers died in the crash.[1]

In television[change | change source]

The crash of Flight 6291 was covered in "Slam Dunk", a Season 19 episode of the internationally syndicated Canadian TV documentary series Air Crash Investigation.[2]

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