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United States of Europe

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Member countries of the EU

The United States of Europe (USE for short) is the idea that the countries of the European Union (EU for short) will unite into a single sovereign state. It would be similar to the United States of America (USA for short).

The USE would have much more influence (politically, economically, militarily, culturally, etc.) at the international level than an EU member country alone. It would be the world's third most populous country with a population of almost 450 million people.[1] The economy of the USE would be the world's third-largest by GDP with almost 14 trillion euros.[2]

Some critics believe that there will not be a USE in the near future because they think that:[3]

-countries do not want to give up their national language for an official language of the USE

-countries do not want to give up their national identity

-countries with a small population do not want to end up as federal states with little voting weight

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