Upasni Maharaj

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Upasni Maharaj in his ashram in Sakori, India

Upasni Maharaj (May 15, 1870 – December 24, 1941) was a Hindu guru who lived in a small village called Sakori in Maharashtra, India. Upasni had been a yogi and after coming to the famous Indian saint Sai Baba of Shirdi, and staying in his care for three years, he is said to have become a sadguru. Upasni is most famous as the guru of Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba. There are still disciples of Upasni Maharaj today who live in Sakori and take care of his temple there.

The principal teachings of Upasni Maharaj were:[1]

  1. Don't trouble others
  2. Become useful to others, even if it costs you suffering.
  3. Always remain content and in the state of Be as it may.

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