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Urbano Rattazzi

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Urbano Rattazzi

Urbano Pio Francesco Rattazzi (29 June 1808 – 5 June 1873) was an Italian statesman.

He was born in Alessandria (Piedmont).[1] He studied law at Turin and in 1838 began working as a lawyer. He began his political career in 1848, when he was elected deputy of the Kingdom of Sardinia.[2]

Urbano Rattazzi served as President of the Chamber of Deputies three times: twice in the Kingdom of Sardinia (from 11 May 1852 to 27 October 1853 and from 10 January 1859 to 21 January 1860) and once in the Kingdom of Italy (from 18 February 1861 to March 3 1862).[2]

Very moderate member of the "Historical Left", he was twice Prime Minister of Italy: from March 3 1862 to December 8 of the same year and from 10 April 1867 to 27 October of the same year.[2]

When Giuseppe Garibaldi tried to join Rome to Italy with a forceful action, Rattazzi ordered that he be arrested. However, "the hero of two worlds" escaped: consequently, Rattazzi was forced to resign and retire from political life.[2]

Rattazzi was also several times Minister and deputy, both in the Kingdom of Sardinia and in the Kingdom of Italy.[2]

He died at Frosinone.[2][1]

His wife, Maria Wyse Bonaparte, was a granddaughter of Lucien Bonaparte and a grandniece of Napoleon Bonaparte.[3]

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