Ursula Rakova

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Ursula Rakova
Ursula Rakova speaks in Adelaide in 2018.jpg
Rakova speaking in Adelaide in 2018
Han, Carteret Atoll, Papua New Guinea
EmployerTulele Peisa
Known forEnvironmental activism
AwardsPride of PNG

Ursula Rakova is an environmentalist and climate change activist from Papua New Guinea. In 2008, she received the Pride of PNG award for her environmental contributions to the development of her country. She was an executive director of the not-for-profit organisation Tulele Peisa.[1][2] She is responsible for organizing the relocation of the inhabitants of the Carteret Islands to the mainland of Bougainville Province. The islands are expected to be uninhabitable by 2040. It was helping Rakova's people for the world's first climate refugees.[3][4]

Career[change | change source]

Rakova was born on the islet of Han in the Carteret Atoll. In 2005, she established a community schooling system in Bougainville. It was an alternative to the failed public school system. In 2006, she established Tulele Peisa to help her people with relocation as the Carteret Islands. These were becoming increasingly exposed to sea level rise. The first settlement was established in Tinputz.[5] Rakova has helped in establishing several environmental NGO's in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville. She helped a landmark legal case. The Warangoi successfully controlled the illegal loggers and won compensation for their stolen forest resource. She established Bougainville Cocoa Net Limited to help relocated Carteret Islanders. There were opportunities to produce fair trade cocoa.[2][6]

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