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It doesn't matter if 150 million Russians would agree. We don't have a reliable source to support that claim.

About me

I am a student at UCLA studying globalization (Global Studies), and linguistics. My primary contributions are to classical music and roller coasters.

I am a pianist who likes to play everything else, including erhu and accordion. My favorite composers are Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Liszt. I'm partial to Sergei Prokofiev, Moritz Moszkowski, Nikolai Kapustin, and Charles-Valentin Alkan. I also really enjoy Christopher Tin's music. Probably my most substantial contribution is the hundred or so engravings of sheet music excerpts that you can see in my gallery. I'm always open to requests or suggestions, and I usually don't have trouble finding the sheets.

Although I am a staunch enforcer of a dogmatic style I've imposed upon myself which is usually apparent in articles I write, I'm almost always flexible when it comes to editing here, so if I do something that you disagree with, never hesitate to bring it up immediately on the article's or my talk page.