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change da world, my final message, goodbye

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tanks :)

I am Angerxiety.[source?]

tanks for reading:)

Thank you to the 1,463,795 users for being able to create 252,962 articles on this Wikipedia!

We have 1,516 active users and 19 admins.

About me
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  • Worse than average German speaker
  • Suddenly not alive in Wikipedia
  • Average metal enjoyer
  •  WTF?

What I do on Wikipedia
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I could make or change any article if I have motivation.

Currently, this editor has earned the Experienced Editor service award.

To get to the next level, Senior Editor I, he needs to meet the editing and the time requirement.
Progress towards the next level (by edits): [ 257 / 1250 ]

20.6% completed


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Other accounts
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— Wikipedian  —
BornSyracuse, New York
Preferred pronounHe/Him
Country United States
Current locationIndianapolis, Indiana
LanguagesEnglish, German
Time zoneEST
Current timeCurrent time for UTC-5 is 10:24
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesWikipedia, Programming
AliasesNacht, Reus (username if Angerxiety is taken)
MusicThrash metal, Heavy metal music, Neue Deutsche Härte
Contact info
Account statistics
Joined24 September 2022
First edit25 September 2022
Extended confirmedyes
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