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This page describes how to do various things on Simple English Wikipedia.

Find the permanent link for a page on English Wikipedia[change | change source]

You need the permanent link for a page from English Wikipedia to give attribution.

  1. Go to the article on English Wikipedia.
  2. If the latest version of the page is the one that was used, click on "Permanent link". That's in the left-hand sidebar, in the toolbox section,
  3. If an earlier version of the page was used, go to the history of the page, find the version that was used, and click on the date and time.

To give attribution using the URL that you just found:

  1. Copy the URL that appeared from either of the steps above.
  2. Go to the talk page of the Simple English Wikipedia page. Add an attribution template, using the URL that you copied. Two templates that can be used for this are {{enwp based}} and {{translated page}}.

Interwiki language links for new pages[change | change source]

This is a way connect a new page to the matching pages in other Wikipedias.

What you do What you see Notes
Create the page on Simple English. Don't include any interwikis. The page can be an article, category, or template.
Get the name of the matching page on another Wikipedia (for example, English Wikipedia). If the new page doesn't have a matching page on any other Wikipedia, then stop here -- you don't have to do any of this.
On the Simple English Wikipedia page, look in the left-hand sidebar for the section marked "in other languages". Click on the link that says "Add links". A window will pop up with two boxes to fill in: "Language" and "Page".
In the "Language" box, enter the language code for the Wikipedia you want to link to. Wikipedia will fill in the full name of the language as you type. For example, the language code for English Wikipedia is "en".
In the "Page" box, enter the name of the page from the other Wikipedia. As you type, Wikipedia will list pages from the other Wikipedia that start with the text you enter. Before going to the next step, make sure the one in the box is the one you want. If you are linking a category or template, include "Category:" or "Template:" at the beginning of the name.
Click on "Link with page". At this point, if the page on the other Wikipedia is already in Wikidata, a list of all the pages it is already linked to will be displayed. This lets you verify that the page is the one you want.
Click on "Confirm". A window will pop up saying "The pages have been successfully linked."
Click on the button labelled "Close dialog and reload page". The window will close. The page will reload and you should see the interwiki links in the sidebar.