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About BNPUP[change | change source]

Hello I am BNPUP. I am a British Nationalist and strong believer in traditional values for everyday life. I strongly believe that the Empire should be reclaimed to its fullest extent so that the British may further the world under one flag. I will to my best extent try to keep my political views out of the articles I plan to change, but I may accidentally involve politics into my articles so please tell me if I do so I make sure not to do it again.

You may also ask yourself why BNPUP and not something more simple. Well it stands for British Nationalist and Private Union Personal. Though my name means very little now, but at some point in the future that name will change the world.

The empire on which the sun never sets[change | change source]

Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors)

The British Empire is the Empire which has not only controlled Land on every Continent but also Controlled 33,700,000 km2 of land with 458 million people living on those lands and was the worlds largest empire. She was so glories in her power that she could decide wars. She created the World as we currently know it, a world of not only great peace but of great power. She is the reason that technology is as it is, the reason that this Wikipedia exists, the reason that both World Wars end in failures for Germany and the reason that she must retake her power, her land and her people.

My Speeches[change | change source]

We shall fight on, if it is in the shadows or the night or the rays of the sun we shall fight on, We shall fight for not just our children, but their children, and there land and there lives. We shall not falter we shall not fall we shall not bend a knee to outside forces. We shall not end up like many nations run by other nations, and run by the jews, we shall run ourselves not for those outside our nation to gain, but for those in our lands, our people, and our future. We shall not give our wealth to others, we shall all our people to benefit from it, to learn and to be strong. We shall not allow our nation to fall at any huddles, this is what we stand for. National Socialists arms in arms to reclaim our traditions, reclaim our nation and reclaim our lands!

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