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About me
About me

Farmer Bryan Kuchler checks out his wheat crop in Munday, Texas. (24480118224).jpgThis user grows his own userboxen, just like his father and his father before him.
This user works and edits Wikipedia during odd or unexpected or inconsistent times of the day.
This user believes that excessive editing of Wikipedia can lead to weight loss, if one forgets to eat! Bathroom scale
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Tri prsta3.jpgКосово је Србија.
Nachtkastje van de Duitse cabaretier en componist Rudolf Nelson (April 4, 1878—F, Bestanddeelnr 252-0231.jpgThis user thinks that children had ought to find better things to do than sitting in their beds all day, listening to the radio and writing letters.

Hi! I am Beaneater00. I am a new editor. My main interests on Wikipedia are in History and in the Balkan region. I also patrol the recent changes page. I come from Mississippi but no longer live there.
Please see the WikiProject 'Balkans'.

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