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WikiProject Punk music

About us[change | change source]

Welcome to the Punk music WikiProject. It was created to improve the coverage of punk rock-related articles on Simple. To participate, simply add your name to the participants section. Please see the discussion page for current activity and information.

See also: WikiProject Punk music on the english Wikipedia.

News[change | change source]

Announcements and news for WikiProject Punk music

October 2011:


  • This project has been launched. Let's hope it turns out OK.
  • So far there is only 1 member and a lot to be done. If anyone is reading this, please join. Thanks!


Updated by Benzband (and anyone else who wants to).

Mission[change | change source]

The goal of the Punk music Wikiproject is to add to, organize, clean, and improve punk rock-related information within a format that fits Wikipedia's policies and guidelines.

We need the participation of Wikipedians and punk music fans alike.

Open/major tasks[change | change source]

The following is a chart of our largest tasks. See the article alerts box on the right for, well, article alerts.

  • Expand, improve and create punk rock-related articles (bands, etc.)
  • Get interested editors involved?

Other[change | change source]

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Punk rock

This WikiProject is about Punk rock and related topics.

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Wikipedia Books: Punk rock book
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Punk rock (needs expanding)

Sex Pistols (needs expanding)

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