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Hi! I am ~Bobo~, and I wanted to edit in Wikipedia because I found mistakes in articles and wanted to correct them, and encyclop(a)edias are very important resources. I also edit as active learning and helping, and because I am interested in web design and article editting.

Wikipedia[change | change source]

It's my favourite encyclopaedia, and I figured I should give back by editting. Well, actually, I didn't know about Simple English Wikipedia, I came here by accident, and created an account, somehow not knowing the whole time that it wasn't the English Wikipedia!!!! It's fun helping around here. I also created an account of English Wikipedia, I'm Bobo Bonnie

What I'm Working On[change | change source]

I'm creating new articles, but I'm busy. I haven't been around so much lately. I'll still try to edit as much as I can. See what I've done at SImpleWikipedia so far. Please tell me how I can improve on my talk page, and how I'm doing recently, so far.

Nuvola apps kcmsystem.pngI'm mainly Expanding stubs and creating articles

My Articles[change | change source]

I have started creating a few articles, but most are stubs. I'm still working on them.

Not Quite Finished:[change | change source]

Stubs[change | change source]

I hope these articles are clear and simple enough! If they aren't, please help change them, and tell me on my talk page.

About Me[change | change source]

Me[change | change source]

My full first name is Bonnie Abigayle.I come from Canada.

This is a Wikipedia user page.

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Me and My Values[change | change source]

These are my values, and I try to emphasize them everywhere, like here, at Wikipedia.

  • I love editting, learning, and making sure everything is fair. Justice is a very important value to me. However, this doesn't mean I am anti-compassionate! Caring for others is something that feels great.
  • Another one of the values I emphasize is integrity. That goes with good quality, and not being a hypocrite as well as not bragging.

My Interests and Hobbies[change | change source]

Interesting Wikipedia[change | change source]

Literature[change | change source]

Wiki (rhyme)

  • Oh, wonderful wiki
  • I edit you to the core
  • Oh, wonderful wiki
  • I'll edit you more and more
  • Oh, magical wiki!
  • So nice and gives me grace
  • Oh, heavenly wiki!
  • Who could ever take your place?

(By Ashley)