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File:User Branddobbe.jpg
This is a picture of me.

Good vs. bad[change | edit source]

Good Bad
Aurich, Lower Saxony Vista, California
Skippy peanut butter Jif peanut butter
bisexuality (liking men and women) virginity (never having had sex)
German Dutch
Kirshenbaum SAMPA

About me[change | edit source]

Hi, my name is Eric Sleator McGill, and I was born on March 27, 1985 in Orange, California. I've grown up in Oceanside and Vista. I like language, HTML, and red hair. I used to be a Christian, but I don't think I am anymore. I make languages for fun, and I have a LiveJournal that I'm not going to show to you because it's stupid. I am a Rinkie.

Finally, I am Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Polish, and Scottish. The fact that I'm so many of these shows that I am of course an American. And white. racism = :(


Articles I've started[change | edit source]

Because I am a loser and I have nothing to do during the day, I thought I would make a list of articles I've started here (except for this one, of course). WARNING YOU WILL NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING AFTER THIS POINT! (All dates are in my time zone: UTC-8.)

  • 2004
    • January
      • Germany (there was an article before I wrote this, but all it said was "Berlin".) - January 9

Pictures I've uploaded[change | edit source]

External links[change | edit source]

  • My website - It changes from time to time; don't expect to be able to find your way around on it.
  • Wise Proverbs - This page I made a couple years ago on Tripod but that is now on my main site.