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He did it, I swear! Just look at the mess he's made!

If you've been blocked for vandalism, you can always appeal your block. Unfortunately, vandals usually find that abusive administrators will refuse to unblock vandals or even go so far as to prevent further appeals by protecting their talk pages or modifying the block. Rest assured, however, there is one sure-fire way to get yourself unblocked, and back to messing up articles for fun. Just blame your little brother!

Why blaming your little brother works[change | change source]

Since owning up to the vandalism yourself would obviously never work, you're stuck blaming someone else for it. The best people to blame, of course, would be your family members, since they could easily be on the same computer you're using. Chances are, they're not on Wikipedia anyway, so they'll never know. You can't lay the blame on an older sibling or your parents, because they're supposed to be more mature and beyond "that sort of thing." Girls are too prim and proper to do the sort of things a vandal would do, so you'll never be able to convince anyone that your sister was the one who ruined those articles. That, of course, leaves you with the little brother. Younger children and boys are particularly troublesome, so logic would lead one to believe that a young boy would be especially devious, and would certainly be the sort to replace articles with "poop" and other naughty words. Perfect!

But what if I don't have a little brother?[change | change source]

So what? You're lying anyway; just pretend you have one. That administrator looking at your unblock request has no idea how many siblings you have. Better still, they're supposed to assume good faith, and since we've picked the perfect person to blame, they'll have no choice but to take your word for it. You'll get even more points if you promise never to let your brother on your computer again because of what he did. Bang! Instant unblock, and you're home free.

Seriously, though...[change | change source]

Don't try to lay the blame on someone else. All we know is that your IP address or account made edits which it shouldn't have – we can't tell who's on your end of the computer screen. As you might guess from the existence of this essay, this is a very common unblock request, and is not accepted. In fact, if you are a registered user, this guarantees you won't be unblocked, because if true this means your account has been compromised and must remain blocked for security and copyright reasons. Please take a look at some of the links below for more information on how to properly request unblocking.

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