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Hi everyone!

Articles[change | change source]

Business[change | change source]

Down paymentInvoicePurchase order

Civil engineering[change | change source]

Geotechnical investigationRetaining wall

Companies[change | change source]

China Southern Power GridCLP GroupCompanhia de Electricidade de MacauHongkong Electric CompanyState Grid Corporation of ChinaTaiwan Power Company

Control systems engineering[change | change source]

Control panel (engineering)Control systemIEC 61850Programmable logic controllerSupervisory Control and Data AcquisitionVariable-frequency drive

Electrical engineering[change | change source]

AutotransformerAvailability factorBase load power plantBattery chargerBlack startBrownout (electricity)BusbarCable trayContactorCurrent transformerDiesel generatorDisconnecting switchDistributed generationDistribution boardElectrical enclosureElectrical gridElectrical machineElectricity meterElectric power distributionElectric switchboardElectrostatic precipitatorFossil-fuel power stationHigh-voltage direct currentIndependent Power ProducerLoad following power plantLow voltage ride throughMotor soft starterOne-line diagramOperating reservePartial dischargePeaking power plantPower factorPower system harmonicsPower system protectionRecloserRotor (electric)Skin effectSmart gridStatorSwitchgearTap changerThree-phase electric powerTransmission towerUnderground cableUninterruptible power supplyUtility frequencyVoltage regulationVoltage spike

Electronics engineering[change | change source]

Band-pass filterBand-stop filterExcitation (magnetic)High-pass filterLow-pass filterWiring diagram

Energy[change | change source]

Intermittent energy source

Engineering[change | change source]

International standard

Fluid mechanics[change | change source]

Boiler feedwater

Geography[change | change source]

British Hong KongChanghua CountyChiayi CountyFujian Province, Republic of ChinaHualien CountyIskandar PuteriJinchengKinmenMatsu IslandsMiaoli CountyTaiwan Province, People's Republic of ChinaTaiwan Province, Republic of China

Instrumentations[change | change source]


Logistics[change | change source]

Bulk material handling

Manufacturing engineering[change | change source]

Production line

Material engineering[change | change source]


Mathematics[change | change source]

Interpersonal tiesTime domain

Mechanical engineering[change | change source]

BoilerBoiler feedwater pumpCoal burnerCombustorConcrete pumpCyclonic separationDeaeratorFire pumpHeat exchangerPulverizerSoot blowerSteam drumSteam turbineSuperheaterSurface condenserWater-tube boiler

Mosques[change | change source]

Ammar Mosque and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic CentreAt-Taqwa MosqueJamia MosqueKaohsiung MosqueKowloon Mosque and Islamic CentreLonggang MosqueTaichung MosqueTainan MosqueTaipei Cultural MosqueTaipei Grand Mosque

Mining engineering[change | change source]

Coal miningCoal preparation plantOverburdenSurface mining

People[change | change source]

Ma Ying-jeou

Politics[change | change source]

Cross-Strait relations

Transportation[change | change source]

Taipei Songshan Airport

Categories[change | change source]

  • Category:Boilers
  • Category:Coal mining
  • Category:Control engineering
  • Category:Electric power companies

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