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User talk:Davey2010/WPCheatsheet

NOTES[change | change source]

Speedy Delete - User Request[change | change source]


Article creation - Box for talkpage[change | change source]

{{enwp based|url=RM-DIFF-AND-NUMBER}}

Different terms, words etc for Simple[change | change source]

User:Auntof6/Things I would like Wikipedia editors to know

Cats[change | change source]

Only create cat if there's 4 or more articles to go in it

Simplify[change | change source]

When creating articles try to word/simplify like this > &

Cats[change | change source]

When creating cats always remember to categorise them and if redlink then find correct cat.

Expand[change | change source]

Don't add the expand template as the stub templates are there.

Stub template[change | change source]

Stub template goes under navbox not above

Rebadge / Facelift[change | change source]

Rebadge : In 1986, X, X and X all made the same vehicle but with different names, The names were: '''X''', '''X'''' and '''X'''.

Facelift : In February 2002, the model was improved at the front and back, It had a new grille, new bonnet, new bumper and different headlamps and breaklights.

AFD talkpage[change | change source]

{{oldrfdfull | date =24 March 2018 | log = | page =ARTICLENAME | year =2018 | result =KEEPORDELETE | oldname =ARTICLENAME }}