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Also known asCelldweller, Circle of Dust, Dred, Deathwish, Klay Scott, Krasniy, Scott Albert, Tox
BornNew York City, New York, U.S.
GenresIndustrial music, electronic rock, alternative metal
Occupation(s)Multi-instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, performer, programmer, remixer
InstrumentsAtomic guitar, synthesizer, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, drums, turntables
Years active1988 – present
LabelsFiXT Music
R.E.X. Records
Tooth & Nail Records
Associated actsCelldweller
Criss Angel
Circle of Dust
Argyle Park

Klayton is a musician who plays many instruments. He was born in New York City but now lives and works in Detroit, Michigan, where his record label FiXT Music is based. He is best known for his electronic music project Celldweller, but has been a member of many bands and has been known by a lot of stage names in his career.

Music[change | change source]

Immortal, late 1980s[change | change source]

Klayton's first band was a thrash metal group named Immortal. They made a demo tape that got them the attention of the record label R.E.X. Records, who later gave Klayton's band Circle of Dust a record contract.

Circle of Dust and other projects, 1990-1995[change | change source]

During the 1990s, Klayton's main band was an industrial metal band named Circle of Dust. They were signed to a recording contract with R.E.X. Records, and made two albums; Circle of Dust in 1992, and Disengage in 1998. Disengage was released after the band split up, as a collection of their unreleased music. When R.E.X. Records lost the distribution deal that let them sell records they became bankrupt but would not release any musicians from their recording contracts, so Klayton chose to end Circle of Dust and find a new way to make and release his music.

Around the same time, Klayton worked on two other projects, named Brainchild and Argyle Park. Brainchild was made up of Klayton and Doug Mann, who was the president of R.E.X. Records at the time, they released one album called Mindwarp, which was re-released as a Circle of Dust album with the title "Brainchild" in 1994, to make use of R.E.X.'s new distribution deal without having to write and record a whole new album. Argyle Park was a supergroup (a band formed of already well known musicians) of Klayton and Buka (a stage name of MTV producer Chris Martello). Argyle Park made one album, named "Misguided", in 1995. Argyle Park was quite controversial at the time for being a Christian band but not writing very positive (happy) or evangelical songs. Argyle Park officially ended in 1996, but came back in 1999 to release a new album called "Suspension of Disbelief" in the year 2000.

Angeldust, 1995-2000[change | change source]

Celldweller, 1999-present[change | change source]

Scandroid, 2013-present[change | change source]

Stage names[change | change source]

FiXT Music[change | change source]

Records[change | change source]

Primary Projects[change | change source]


  • Dead and Buried (1990, independent) demo tape, Klayton's first band

Circle of Dust

Argyle Park

Angeldust/Criss Angel


Production, programming, and remixing credits[change | change source]


References[change | change source]

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