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Welcome to the Welcoming Committee! If you are already a member, please click on the link below to welcome new users!

Project aim[change | change source]

The aim of the project is to welcome new users to Wikipedia and to help them if they need assistance. The new user might respond to your welcome on their talk page. If they do, respond to them in a friendly way and answer any questions they might have.

Welcoming technique[change | change source]

Click here to go to the new users list. Look through the list of new editors, and what changes they have made. If the user has made at least one constructive page, use Twinkle to add a welcome! If you don't have Twinkle, you can use the code {{welcome2}}. For people who have made unconstructive changes, use the welcome template that applies to their change (vandalism, spam, etc.) If the person hasn't made any edits, then don't welcome them yet! We don't want to welcome someone who isn't here to make the encyclopedia better!

If you look at Welcome templates you will find a range of possible welcomes. They include welcomes for IP editors, editors who are not strong in English, welcomes for editors who are creating problems (suggesting in a friendly tone that they might like to change their evil ways) and more!

Project members[change | change source]

Userbox[change | change source]

Members may wish to display this userbox on their userpage by copying this code:{{User:Crasstun/Welcoming committee userbox}} .

This user is a member of the Welcoming Committee