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EhJBot2 This user is a Bot
EhJBot2 (Talk · Contribs)
Task/s:Detect and report edits by open proxies
Edit rate:One report the first time user edits the wiki
Edit period/s:Continuously
Programming language/s:Java 1.6

EhJBot2 has been updated in June 2010 with lighter, faster and more basic code. It now operates as an open proxy detecting bot only. There is no ignore list or suspected vandal log. The bot only reports open proxies to Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress/Bot.

The following explains what EhJBot2 used to do:

  1. A recent edit is received from the simple wikis feed(s)
  2. The bot determines the username from the recent edit message and ignores edits flagged with "B" (bot)
  3. The bot compares the username to its list of 50 most recently checked editors to prevent over-use of server resources. If the username has been recently checked, it is ignored
  4. The bot then checks if it is on the /Ignore list
  5. If the username is not on either list, the bot queries the English Wikipedia server for the block status of the username
  6. If a block exists, it reports that to the counter vandalism channel (#cvn-simplewikis) and to the /Log
  7. If the block appears to be because of an open proxy or sock, it also reports it to Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress/Bot
  8. The username is added to the list (and removes the oldest entry, if needed) and the bot waits for the next recent change

"Username" means a logged-in user or an IP address.