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wikt: (3): Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb, Sharp, Simple English Wiktionary.
Respekt (1): Dignity.
affectation (1): Opera buffa.
barbed wire (1): Berlin Wall.
contemporary (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
court (1): Royal court.
defeat (1): Bedřich Smetana.
equipment (1): International Space Station.
esteen (1): Dignity.
founder (1): Sterling Morrison.
gossip (1): Cecilia.
greed (1): Opera buffa.
guardian (1): Cecilia.
heroine (1): Cecilia.
homesick (1): Benjamin Britten.
inspiration (1): Bohuslav Martinů.
low profile (1): Chuck Barris.
participation (1): Gainsharing.
reputation (1): Bedřich Smetana.
sexual intercourse (1): The Beatles.
smuggle (1): Symphony no 7.
tact (1): William Byrd.
television special (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
vanity (1): Opera buffa.
worthy (1): Courtly love.
-graphy (1): Telegraph.
-ification (1): Sanctification.
AM radio (2): Phil Spector, Talk show.
Academics (1): Trade school.
Anointing of the Sick (1): Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Archaeology (1): Mario R. Capecchi.
Asymmetrical (1): Recording studio.
B-side (3): Compilation album, Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles.
Baffle (1): Recording studio.
Bamanakan (1): Mali.
Berewick (1): Weston-on-Trent.
Bovate (1): Weston-on-Trent.
Bunker (1): William S. Burroughs.
Cerebral (1): Woody Allen.
Cochon d'Inde (1): Guinea pig.
Conclave (1): Swiss Federal Council.
Exploration (1): NASA.
False allegation (1): Scandal.
Fidelity (1): November.
French-Canadian (1): Jack Kerouac.
Fundamentalist (1): Mark David Chapman.
Funk and Wagnall (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
Genetic (1): Oat.
Grid (1): Phoenix.
Hare Krishna (1): Plastic Ono Band.
High Priest (1): Church of Satan.
Huntington's chorea (1): Woody Guthrie.
Industrial Workers of the World (1): Woody Guthrie.
Inequality (1): Eric S. Maskin.
Last Rites (1): Tibet.
Lord Mayor (1): Yellow Submarine.
Main Page (2): Main Page/Sister projects, Wiktionary.
Meerschweinchen (1): Guinea pig.
Moreover (1): F-sharp minor.
Muscular Dystrophy (2): Gary Lewis, Jerry Lewis.
N'Ko (1): Mali.
National Health Service (1): Strawberry Fields Forever.
Newsletter (1): Ayn Rand.
Noncomformist (1): Isaac Watts.
Particle (1): Navier–Stokes equations.
Protestant (1): Joan Waste.
Ransom (1): Scandinavia.
Reg Grundys (1): Underwear.
Regeneration (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Restrictive (1): South Africa.
Self-imposed (1): Jean Balukas.
Similarly (1): Urdu.
Slogan (3): Cultural Revolution, Disciples of Christ, Lysergic acid diethylamide.
Spasm (1): Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration.
[[:wikt:Special:Search/{{{wikt|]] (1): Germany.
Subsume (1): United States federal executive departments.
Surround sound (2): Recording engineer, Yellow Submarine.
Terra (1): Earth.
Transcendental Meditation (2): Doug Henning, The Beatles.
Translations (1): Machine translation.
Unified Field (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
VIP (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
Wiktionary Appendix:Conjugations (1): Conjugation.
Y-fronts (1): Underwear.
abandon (8): Bird nest, Crosby, Jack Kerouac, Let It Be, Mary II of England, Nairobi National Park, Sullivan Bay, Tikal.
abandoned (3): F-sharp minor, Romania, The War of the Simpsons.
abbreviation (1): MICR.
abdicate (5): July Revolution, Napoleon I of France, Pope Boniface VIII, Romania, Russian Empire.
abduction (1): The Vicar of Wakefield.
abide (1): Constitution of Romania.
ability (7): Access control, Resurrection, Arthur Ransome, Cross-country race, International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Kim Yu-Na, Lisa the Greek.
able (3): List of simple adjectives, Signing Time!, Skill.
abolish (4): Charles Sturt, Counties of England, Local Government Act 1985, William Wilberforce.
abolition (1): Early modern Europe.
about (1): Preposition.
above (1): Antecedent.
abroad (2): Crich Tramway Village, Maria Edgeworth.
abscissa (1): Cartesian coordinate system.
absent (1): Tikal.
absolute (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
absolutely (1): Ring.
absolutism (1): Treaty of Nantes.
absorb (6): Drosera, Gastrointestinal system, Rise Against, SR-71 Blackbird, Solar wind, Wristband.
absorbe (1): Bruise.
absorbed (1): Hurricane Grace.
absorption (2): Assimilation, Red blood cell.
abstract (3): Computer science, Elementary algebra, Intelligence.
absurd (1): Smile.
abundance (1): Canada.
abundant (1): Lichen.
abuse (2): David, Pandita Ramabai.
academic (2): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medical illustrator.
academy (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
accelerators (1): Vladimir Teplyakov.
accept (5): David, Oriental Orthodox Church, Pandita Ramabai, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
accepted (1): Jeremiah McLain Rusk.
accepts (1): One Fish.
access (3): Antivirus software, Drug Enforcement Administration, Stack.
accessible (1): Signing Time!.
accident (1): Panama.
accidentally (1): Bart the Murderer.
accommodations (1): Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
accompanying (1): Control of fire by early humans.
accomplishment (1): Belinda.
accordance (1): World history.
according (3): Alabama, Blue Jay, Juneau County.
accordingly (1): Blue Jay.
account (1): Catherine Morland.
accountant (2): Allen Klein, Let It Be.
accounting (1): Maine.
accumulation (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
accuracy (4): Graduated cylinder, Observation, Reception history of Jane Austen, Speech recognition.
accurate (11): Assyrian Church of the East, Bowler, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Creativity, Fuzzy logic, Gravitation, Musket, Pendulum clock, Proportionality, Reception history of Jane Austen, Whitey Wistert.
accusation (2): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Monkees.
accuse (3): MSNBC, Palau, The Brothers Karamazov.
accused (1): Bart the Murderer.
acetone (1): Chaim Weizmann.
achieve (2): Human powered aircraft, Leo Tolstoy.
achievement (1): Khalid ibn al-Walid.
acidic (1): Coffee.
acoustic (1): The Silence in Black and White.
acquire (1): Dignitas.
acquired taste (1): Nattō.
acquit (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
acrid (1): Yoghurt.
acrobat (1): Variety show.
acrobatics (1): Clown.
action (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
actions (1): Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.
activity (8): Accra, Cape May Bird Observatory, Introduced species, Millvina Dean, Mount St. Helens, Snowball, Undercover, Utah.
acts (1): Stark Raving Dad.
actual (1): Infinity.
ad-hoc (1): RSA.
adage (1): Fireproof.
adapt (5): Air pollution, Blue Jay, Hikaru, The Monkees, Woody Guthrie.
adaptation (2): Seal of Colorado, The Lord of the Rings.
addict (1): Opium Wars.
addiction (1): Oliver Goldsmith.
address (1): Belinda.
adhere (1): Adhesive.
adjacent (1): Chess.
adjective (1): Divination.
adjest (1): The Karate Kid.
adjuration (1): Good Friday.
adjust (1): Parking.
administration (3): East Bengal, Hershel W. Gober, John Lennon.
administrator (1): Silhak.
admirable (1): Hanami.
admire (4): Belinda, Ben Hall, Rose, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
admission (1): Inns of Court.
admit (1): Villette.
admitted (1): William H. H. Miller.
adopt (2): Coat of arms of Romania, Jerry Lewis.
adopted (1): Kyle Broflovski.
adsorption (1): Viral life cycle.
adult (1): Anne of Denmark.
adulterous (1): Leo Tolstoy.
advance (2): John Churchill, Linnean Society of London.
advanced (3): Craig C. Mello, Human powered aircraft, John Calvin.
advantage (3): Color blindness, Guatemala, Panama.
advice (5): Ahab, Belinda, Mongols, The Brothers Karamazov, The Screwtape Letters.
advise (2): Federico Peña, Neville Chamberlain.
adviser (1): Guy Dollman.
advisor (1): Mary II of England.
advocate (3): Alexis Herman, Fireproof, Jesse Brown.
aerodynamic (1): Greg LeMond.
affair (5): Alban Berg, Bobby Fischer, Hermann Göring, Semi-presidential system, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
affairs (1): Joe Biden.
affect (5): Colorado, Lilo & Stitch, Mydoom, Sunspot, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
affection (1): Hug.
affix (1): Seal of Colorado.
against (2): Murder, SS-Verfügungstruppe.
agency (5): Bureau of Economic Analysis, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federico Peña, Hermann Göring, Historic Scotland.
agenda (3): Comeback kid, G8, Nationalism.
agent (2): Benno von Arent, Coat of arms.
aggravate (1): Profanity.
aggregate (1): Solid.
aggression (1): Orange.
aggressive (8): Abraham Lincoln, Aurochs, Avril Lavigne, Blue Jay, Gilbert Thomas Carter, Marco Pantani, Powderfinger, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
agile (1): Clown.
agitated (1): Blue Jay.
agree (2): Anna Kournikova, Belinda.
agreement (1): Consensus.
agricultural (3): Alabama, Brunswick, Colorado.
aid (1): Hurricane Ismael.
air pistol (1): Mal Evans.
airplay (2): Capitol Records, Hit record.
alarm (2): American Robin, Ocean pollution.
alcoholic (1): Neal Cassady.
alienation (1): Strawberry Fields Forever.
align (1): Blackpool tramway.
alignment (1): Wood grain.
all-star (3): Crosby, George Harrison, Steve Allen.
allege:allege (1): Jeffrey Archer.
alliance (4): Coalition, Codeshare agreement, Commonwealth of Independent States, Napoleon I of France.
allow (1): Whitey Wistert.
alone (1): Ray.
already (1): Victoria of the United Kingdom.
also (1): Boot.
alternate (2): DjVu, Sylvester Stallone.
alternative (1): Fast Forward Weekly.
alternative fuel (1): Pete Seeger.
altitude (23): Alpine tundra, Atmosphere, Badrinath, Boil, Chirripó National Park, Cotopaxi, Curitiba, Death zone, Ecuador, Giant Panda, Great Dark Spot, High and low, List of events in 2004, Lynx, Puncak Jaya, SR-71 Blackbird, Saint Petersburg, South Africa, São Paulo, Tanggula Railway Station, Vancouver, Vistea Mare, Yoshino.
aluminium foil (1): Frozen dinner.
amateur (19): Adjudicator, Alexander Borodin, Amateur radio, Atlanta FC, Crich Tramway Village, César Cui, Gabriel Fauré, Giuseppe Verdi, Herman's Hermits, International Astronomical Union, Most Valuable Player, Mošovce, Music competitions, Photographer, Recording engineer, Shuttlecock, The Gong Show, Woodstock Festival, World music.
amaze (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
amazing (2): I've Got a Secret, Tiny Thompson.
ambassador (1): Frederick Douglass.
ambiguous (1): Counties of England.
ambition (2): Frederick II of Denmark, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
ambush (1): Red Dead Redemption.
amendment (1): Kurt Warner.
amendments (1): Romania.
ammunition (2): Duke Nukem 3D, HMS Sirius.
amontillado (1): The Cask of Amontillado.
amorous (1): Affair.
amphetamine (1): Lou Reed.
amuse (2): Boredom, The Gong Show.
amusement (2): List of emotions, Taito Corporation.
anachronism (1): Lark Rise to Candleford.
anaerobic (1): Fermentation.
anal sex (1): Profanity.
analog (2): Master recording, Moment of inertia.
analyse (1): Hurricane Vince.
analysis (3): Dog, Hypersonic, Reception history of Jane Austen.
ancestor (1): David.
ancestry (1): Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
ancient (13): Asatru, Baking, Devon, East Anglia, Guqin, History of England, Irish dancing, Langue d'oïl, Mercury, Silk Road, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, South Shropshire, Weapon.
anger (4): Iranian coup d'etat, Jimi Hendrix, Napalm Death, Tim Henman.
angst (1): Rise Against.
animation (1): Catherine Morland.
animator (2): C. Martin Croker, Yellow Submarine.
animosity (1): Hatred.
annal (1): Whitey Wistert.
annouce (1): Toronto subway and RT.
annoucement (1): IMSAI 8080.
announce (5): Flag of Australia, Neville Chamberlain, Nickel Creek, Vince McMahon, WrestleMania XXVII.
announcement (1): Hanami.
announcements (1): Joseph Goebbels.
announcer (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
annoy (3): Common scold, Guatemala, Palau.
annual (3): Pacific Grove, Royal Rumble, Telluride Bluegrass Festival.
annual (1): Monarch.
annul (1): Catherine Howard.
anoint (2): Christianity, Samuel.
anomalous (1): Filamentation.
anomaly (2): Ca-Al-rich inclusions, Medieval Warm Period.
anonymous (1): Banksy.
answer (6): A, FAQ, Handbook, House, Quizmania, Socrates.
anthems (1): Rise Against.
anthology (1): Compilation album.
anti (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
antic (1): Marx Brothers.
anticipated (1): Tropical Storm Peter.
antique (2): Disneyland, Hobby.
anvil (1): Mal Evans.
anxiously (1): I Married Marge.
anymore (1): Monarch.
apart (1): Polo.
apex (1): History of the United Kingdom.
apocryphal (1): Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
apology (2): Galileo Galilei, Jessica Alba.
apparent (2): Cancer, The Brothers Karamazov.
appeal (2): Country music, Persuasion.
appear (1): Solomon's Temple.
appearance (6): Bart Gets Hit by a Car, Homer Defined, Krusty Gets Busted, Nymphadora Tonks, Portman Road, The Call of the Simpsons.
appearances (1): Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.
appendix (1): Jessica Alba.
applications (1): World Bank.
appoint (2): Maronite Church, Patton.
appointed (1): Kamakura period.
appointment (1): Jeremiah McLain Rusk.
appreciate (3): Klingon Language Institute, Reception history of Jane Austen, Rose.
apprehension (1): Georg Büchner.
apprentice (1): William Morris.
approach (1): Danaus eresimus.
approach (1): Euptoieta claudia.
approached (1): Hurricane Grace.
appropriate (1): International General Certificate of Secondary Education.
approval (1): Act of Parliament.
approve (1): Victoria line.
approved (1): Parliament of Romania.
aquatic (1): Candiru.
aqueduct (1): Culture of ancient Rome.
aquifers (1): Maine.
arbitrary (1): Saddam Hussein.
arbitrator (1): Druid.
arch (1): Mycenae.
archaic (2): Maidenhead, Polis.
archon (1): Anarchy.
arcsecond (1): Proper motion.
arginine (1): Peanut butter.
argue (2): Silhak, Vaccination.
argues (1): Control of fire by early humans.
argument (4): Christianity, Frederick, Lawsuit, Prix de Rome.
arid (1): Utah.
arise (1): Kush.
aristocracy (1): Leo Tolstoy.
ark (1): Solomon's Temple.
armistice (2): Sopwith Camel, Wehrmacht.
armour (1): David.
army (2): Iaşi, Wizard's First Rule.
arrange (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
arrangement (2): Country music, Strawberry Fields Forever.
arranging (1): Merit badge.
arrest (9): Annonay, Chris Brown, Dan Kelly, Frank Gardiner, Good Friday, Jack Kerouac, Ned Kelly, Philip Gidley King, Romania.
arrive (1): Republic of Taiwan.
arrived (1): Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
arrogance (3): Cassiopeia, Liu Bei, Mafia.
arrogant (1): Avril Lavigne.
art school (1): Joni Mitchell.
artifacts (1): Control of fire by early humans.
artifical (2): Harbor, Vegetable oil.
artifice (2): Mars, Orbit.
artificial (6): Color blindness, Margarine, Natural satellite, Nitrous oxide, Prussian blue, Technetium.
artwork (1): Frank O'Connor.
ascent (1): Munro.
ascetic (1): History of Christianity.
ascribe (33): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Tacitus.
ash (1): Air pollution.
ashamed (1): There's No Disgrace Like Home.
ashram (2): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles.
aspirations (1): Leo Tolstoy.
aspire (1): Carly Patterson.
assassin (1): Murder.
assassinate (1): Abraham Lincoln.
assassination (1): Choi Kyu-ha.
assault (1): Sturmabteilung.
assemble (1): Mary II of England.
assembly (2): Cognate, São José dos Pinhais.
assertive (2): Aries, Blue Jay.
assess/assessment (1): Test.
assign (31): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Field, Objectivity, Taxon.
assimilate (1): Manchu.
assistant (4): Bobby Dodd, Head coach, Linus Pauling, New York Philharmonic.
associate (3): Alabama, Don LaFontaine, Neolithic Revolution.
associate (1): Linnean Society of London.
association (1): Anne Murray.
assume (3): Human Development Index, Jean Balukas, Non-Euclidean geometry.
assumption (1): Asuncion.
asterisk (1): Revolver.
asterism (1): Ursa Major.
athletic (1): Clown.
athleticism (1): Xenophanes.
atmosphere (2): Europa, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
attacca (1): Symphony No. 5.
attack (27): Resurrection, American Revolutionary War, Asmara, Austria-Hungary, Bangui, Clodomiro Picado, Death, Faculty of Arts, Fray, Freetown, Gleiwitz incident, Guard dog, Hostage, Kirovabad pogrom, Lucca, Malta, N'Djamena, Nicosia, Police, Pretoria, Raid, Serenity, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Stans, Suicide attack, Titan A.E., West Highland White Terrier.
attain (1): Emperor Richū.
attained (5): Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Kameyama, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Suizei, Shōgen.
attempt (5): Berlin Wall, Creativity, Neville Chamberlain, Overdose, Team.
attend (4): Joseph Goebbels, Kurt Warner, Portman Road, Whitey Wistert.
attended (1): Flag of Arizona.
attention (5): Clara Bow, Green Day, Hostage, Neuroscience, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.
attic (1): William Walton.
attitude (9): Chuck Norris Facts, Dissident, Jack Kerouac, Martin Luther, Monsters vs. Aliens, Oat, Patton, Persuasion, Reaction.
attract (10): Blue-throated Hummingbird, Callosamia promethea, Cephalopod, Evelina, Hummingbird, Milkweed butterfly, Monarch, Pride and Prejudice, Quark, Queen.
attraction (1): Dancin' Homer.
attribute (3): Caucasian, Elegance, Stream of consciousness writing.
attribution (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
auction (1): The Lightning Thief.
audacity (1): Caper story.
audio (1): Radio.
audit (1): Bobby Darin.
auditioned (1): Debra Messing.
aunt (1): Belinda.
authorized (1): Seal of Colorado.
autobiography (1): Muhammad Yunus.
autograph (1): Mal Evans.
automatic (4): Adjective, Coral Sea Islands, London Underground 1967 Stock, Machine gun.
automatically (1): Chess master titles.
automation (1): Brewery.
autonomy (1): Suzerainty.
autopsy (1): Brian Epstein.
available (27): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Sujin, Empress Jingū, German Cross, Legend, Railway Gazette International.
avant-garde (1): Yoko Ono.
average (8): Alabama, County, Earth, Global warming, Jupiter, Sooty Barbthroat, South Africa, Tiny Thompson.
avocation (1): Merit badge.
avoid (4): Ben Hall, Control of fire by early humans, Mudskipper, Neville Chamberlain.
award (4): FM Static, Federico Peña, Linus Pauling, Phoenix.
aware (2): Maggie Simpson, Wristband.
awe (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
awkward (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
axel (1): Kim Yu-Na.
axis (1): North Korea.
babysitter (1): Yellow Submarine.
back (2): Baseball uniform, Mitre.
backdoor (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
background (3): Big Bang, Firefly, Special effects.
backing (1): Shipping Forecast.
backlog (1): The Beatles.
backronym (1): Yahoo!.
backwards (1): Common scold.
bad (1): Good.
bakery (1): Baking.
ball (1): Hit.
ballroom (1): Abbey Road Studios.
ban (2): Allen Ginsberg, Arshak II.
banish (1): Sejong the Great.
bank account (1): MICR.
bankrupt (1): Oh Brother.
bar (1): Wristband.
barbarous (1): Yoghurt.
bark (1): Cupuaçu.
barrel (2): Ocean pollution, Treaty of Nantes.
barren (2): Pelagie Islands, Silhak.
base (1): Skate.
basic (1): Chess.
basin (1): Solomon's Temple.
basis (1): Sergei Eisenstein.
battalion (1): Michael Jeffery.
batter (1): Battery.
battery (1): Tort.
battle (1): Frisian people.
be (1): Sentence.
bead (1): Pearl.
beam (1): Gerard K. O'Neill.
beat (2): Chris Brown, The Magic Flute.
beaten (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
beatnik (1): Jack Kerouac.
beautiful (1): Manchester.
beauty (2): Ferozpur District, Fractal.
before (1): Preposition.
behave (1): Moondyne Joe.
behavior (3): Control of fire by early humans, Pieridae, Social studies.
behaviour (1): Monte Carlo algorithm.
behind (1): Freikorps.
belong (49): Actias luna, Alfalfa, Asclepias amplexicaulis, Asclepias asperula, Asclepias californica, Asclepias cordifolia, Asclepias curassavica, Asclepias curtissii, Asclepias erosa, Asclepias exaltata, Asclepias fascicularis, Asclepias humistrata, Asclepias incarnata, Asclepias nivea, Asclepias physocarpa, Asclepias purpurascens, Asclepias speciosa, Asclepias subverticillata, Asclepias syriaca, Asclepias tuberosa, Aster, Black-headed Grosbeak, Butterfly, Callosamia promethea, Calotropis gigantea, Calotropis procera, Conyza canadensis, Cynanchum laeve, Danaini, Dipsacus fullonum, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Eutrochium maculatum, Hesperis matronalis, Kricogonia, Milkweed butterfly, Papilioninae, Parides, Parides alopius, Parides childrenae, Parides erithalion, Parides montezuma, Parnassiinae, Queen, Red-vented Bulbul, Red-whiskered Bulbul, Sarcostemma clausum, Syringa vulgaris, Vernonia gigantea, Viceroy butterfly.
bend (3): Curve, Outer space, Straight.
benefit (4): George Harrison, Green tea, Pete Seeger, Victoria line.
benthic (2): Horseshoe crab, Ray.
benzedrine (1): Jack Kerouac.
berate (1): Mary II of England.
besiege (1): Byzantium.
best-seller (3): Jack Kerouac, Marx Brothers, Neal Cassady.
bestseller (1): Ayn Rand.
bet (1): A Brief History of Time.
betray (1): Good Friday.
betrayal (1): Lost.
between (1): Preposition.
bi-lateral diplomatic relations (1): Sovereign state.
bias (1): Wikipedia.
bid (1): Blackpool tramway.
bifurcate (1): Nostril.
bile (1): Medical Renaissance.
bill (1): Sara Evans.
bind (3): Graphic novel, Solomon's Temple, Palau.
binge (1): Hank Williams.
biodiversity (1): South Africa.
biography (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
birth (1): Skate.
birthday (1): The Circus Surprise.
biscuit (1): Cookie.
bitter (2): Coffee, Hops.
bittersweet (1): Let It Be.
black tie (1): Doug Henning.
blacklist (1): Pete Seeger.
blade (1): Whaling.
blame (1): Jeremiah McLain Rusk.
blames (1): Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.
blank (1): Chalk.
blasphemy (1): Piss Christ.
bleach (2): Marilyn Monroe, Sand dollar.
bleak (1): Richmond railway station.
blend (1): Camouflage.
blessing (1): Jack Kerouac.
blindfold (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
blizzard (1): Antarctica.
blob (1): Mr. Blobby.
block party (1): Bloc Party.
blood test (1): Jack Kerouac.
blossom (1): Malus.
blot (1): Pride and Prejudice.
bluffs (1): Wisconsin.
blush (1): Belinda.
board (3): Navy, Sawmill, Virgin Atlantic Airways.
boast (2): Adrian Boult, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
bodily functions (1): Profanity.
body (1): SS-Verfügungstruppe.
bodyguard (1): Mal Evans.
bodyshell (1): London Underground 2009 Stock.
bohemian (1): Neal Cassady.
bona fide (1): Unification Church.
bond (2): Grandpa Never Lies, Lisa the Greek.
bone of contention (1): Jordan River.
bonus (3): Gainsharing, Kurt Warner, Red Dead Redemption.
bonus track (1): Mary Hopkin.
boost (1): Bat.
bootleg (1): Let It Be.
bordar (1): Weston-on-Trent.
border (4): Actias luna, Dacia, Sohan River, Treaty of Nantes.
bore (1): Hagfish.
born (2): Victoria of the United Kingdom, Weedy sea dragon.
boulder (1): Goblin Valley State Park.
bounce (1): Marques Haynes.
bound (2): Polis, Recognition signal.
boundary (5): A Brief History of Time, City limits, Faroe Islands, South America, Wizard's First Rule.
boycott (1): Stephen Hawking.
brain damage (1): Cardiac arrest.
brainstorm (1): Peter Shotton.
brakeman (2): Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady.
brand (1): Velcro.
brash (1): Joan Rivers.
brass band (1): Salvation Army.
brave (3): Ben Hall, Cecilia, Victoria Cross.
bravery (4): Ben Hall, Elizabeth Cross, German Cross, Ned Kelly.
breach (1): Negligence.
breached (1): Typhoon Tip.
break (1): Jimi Hendrix.
breaking ground (1): Country music.
breast cancer (1): Paul McCartney.
bred (1): Dog.
breed (1): Bengal cat.
breeze (1): Seed dispersal.
bribe (2): Gao Shun, Taiping Rebellion.
bright (6): Adjective, Geisha, List of simple adjectives, Newt, Variable star, Visible light.
brilliant (1): Violin.
brisk (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
bristle (4): Baleen whale, Butterfly, Manatee, Toothbrush.
brittle (6): Cuttlebone, Peanut, Polypore, Steel, Stress, Tellurium.
broadcast (1): Ohio State University.
broken (4): Adjective, Breakfast, Malleability, Shuttlecock.
brother (1): Brother.
brother-in-law (1): Emma.
browsing (1): Thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
budget (1): Fireproof.
buffalo (1): Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
buffer (1): Shipping Forecast.
build (1): Board.
building (1): Derby Carriage and Wagon Works.
built (3): Blackpool tramway, Iaşi, Tourcoing.
bulb (1): Psychrometer.
bulge (2): Earth, Jupiter.
bulk (1): Frozen dinner.
bully (2): Davy Crockett, The Karate Kid.
burden (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
burial (1): Brunswick.
buried (2): Ben Hall, William H. H. Miller.
burn (1): Guy Fawkes Night.
burnished (1): Rise Against.
burnt (1): Crich Tramway Village.
burrow (2): Fiddler crab, Lobster.
burst (1): Hypotonic.
bury (2): Christianity, Hyderabad.
bus (1): Crystal Cave.
bus driver (1): Neal Cassady.
busiest (1): Victoria line.
business class (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
busy (1): Advisor.
but (1): Pronoun.
butcher (2): Ben Hall, Murrurundi.
buttocks (1): Profanity.
buy (1): Mining feasibility study.
buzzer (1): I've Got a Secret.
cabstand (1): Taxi.
calculate (2): Mathematical constant, Timeline of Christianity.
calculated (1): Emperor Jimmu.
calculation (3): Dipole antenna, Gainsharing, Thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
caliber (1): Friedrich-Wilhelm Karl.
call (1): Pronoun.
campaign (9): John Lennon, Kennedy Family, Make Poverty History, Mary II of England, Patton, SS-Verfügungstruppe, Ted Kennedy, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Victoria line.
canal (1): Panama.
cancel (1): I've Got a Secret.
candidate (10): Abraham Lincoln, Beechworth, Debate, Democracy, Election, FIDE, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Joe Biden, Pat Paulsen, Schulze method.
canon (1): List of Disney animated movies.
canonize (1): Tikhon of Zadonsk.
canton (1): Canton of La Garde.
capable (1): Mind.
capacity (4): Bobby Dodd Stadium, Johann Wilhelm Hittorf, List of football (soccer) stadiums by capacity, Memory card.
cape (1): Hugh Capet of France.
capsule (1): Seed dispersal.
captain (1): The Matrix.
captive (1): Friedrich-Wilhelm Karl.
captivity (3): Book of Esther, Irukandji jellyfish, Lobster.
capture (7): Dan Kelly, MouseHunt, Ned Kelly, Norfolk Island, Recording, Sparta, Pearl Islands.
carapace (2): Green turtle, Horseshoe crab.
carbonized (1): Control of fire by early humans.
cardiovascular (2): Ayn Rand, Peanut butter.
care (1): Geisha.
career (4): Roger Moore, Sania Mirza, Scandal, William Ewart Gladstone.
carry (2): Amazon River, Palau.
cart (1): Baking.
cartridge (1): Bolt action.
carucate (1): Weston-on-Trent.
case (1): Polly Pocket.
cash register (1): William S. Burroughs.
casing (1): Turbine.
casino (2): Jean Balukas, Old Money.
cask (1): Whiskey.
casserole (1): Baking.
cast member (1): Country music.
casual (1): Slut.
catchphrase (2): Flower Power, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
category (2): Barahona Province, Lexical category.
cater (1): Chuck Barris.
cathedrals (1): Salamanca.
cause (3): Ice, Iranian coup d'etat, Negligence.
celebrate (4): Colosseum, Lenzburg, Torres Strait, World Youth Day.
celebrated (3): Al-Ghazali, Emperor Jimmu, Helen Herron Taft.
celebration (4): Christianity, Crich Tramway Village, Diamond Jubilee, Firework.
cemetery (1): Brunswick.
censor (2): Let It Be, Pete Seeger.
census (1): Brunswick.
centenary (1): Crich Tramway Village.
center (1): Kamakura.
central (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
centre (1): Kurt Warner.
century (1): Canada.
ceremony (3): Coronation, Freikorps, The Magic Flute.
certain (29): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Palau, Pearl Islands.
cetacean (1): Pinniped.
chairman (2): Howard Kendall, Joe Biden.
challenge (15): Amaterasu, Cotonou, Duel, Elijah, Endorphin, Fenrir, Fire Emblem, Fireproof, Gauntlet, Isaac Watts, No one, Resilience, Susanoo, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
chamfer (1): Kilogram.
champion (2): Bundesliga, Pete Seeger.
championship (3): New Orleans Privateers, TNA X Division Championship, University of California.
chance (1): Tiny Thompson.
chancellor (1): First Baptist Church of Hammond.
change (11): Acceleration, Calculus, Company, Computer memory, Delta, Edit, Line, Mathematics, Open content, Prussian blue, Tobin tax.
chant (1): Tomorrow Never Knows.
chaos (1): World history.
character (7): Bobby Dodd, Font, Frances Burney, Jane Austen, Roman alphabet, SpongeBob SquarePants, Wizard's First Rule.
characteristic (13): Avatar, Biological classification, Caucasian, Hasidic Judaism, Jörg Michael, Measure, Mutant, Pieridae, Postulate, Property, Scar, Silly Putty, Transwoman.
charge (2): Bleach, Geisha.
chariman (1): Iranian coup d'etat.
charity (2): A Christmas Carol, Paul McCartney.
charm (2): Ellen Louise Wilson, Pride and Prejudice.
charming (1): War and Peace.
charred (1): Control of fire by early humans.
charter (1): University of Maryland.
cheap (1): Adjective.
cheat (1): Social capital.
cheer (1): The King Of Queens.
cheliped (3): Fiddler crab, Hermit crab, Horseshoe crab.
cheque (1): MICR.
cherubim (1): Solomon's Temple.
chew (4): Chewing gum, Herbivore, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera.
chief (1): Adjective.
child actor (1): The Monkees.
child support (1): Jack Kerouac.
chivalry (2): Knight Bachelor, Reception history of Jane Austen.
choose (1): Bastide.
chore (1): Panama.
choreographer (1): Swan Lake.
chorus (1): Without You.
chromatophore (1): Cephalopod.
chronology (1): Books of Kings.
circuit (1): Fire ant.
circulation (3): Magazine circulation, Mainstream, Red blood cell.
circumstance (5): Buffyverse, Joss Whedon, Kaz II mystery, Pilot fish, Yoghurt.
circus (2): Clown, Smokey Robinson.
cite (1): Rise Against.
citizen (1): Constitution of Romania.
civic (3): John Calvin, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
civil servant (1): Pete Best.
civilian (14): Bomb, Bridge, Brixton riot, Hudson Motor Car Company, Iran-Iraq War, Lopp Lagoon, My Lai Massacre, Overland Expedition, SNAFU, Schutzstaffel, Second Geneva Convention, Taiping Rebellion, United States Department of the Navy, Wayne Gretzky.
civilization (2): Culture of ancient Rome, Mycenae.
claim (4): Hurricane Vince, Romania, Soap made from human corpses, Warsaw Convention.
clapping (1): Minimalism.
class (2): German Cross, Virgin Atlantic Airways.
classic (9): Allen Klein, Anime, Edvard Grieg, James Cotton, Kamikaze, Parfait, Roseraie de L'Haÿ, The Tale of Genji, The Vicar of Wakefield.
classified (1): Alabama.
classify (1): Tangerine Dream.
classmates (1): Maureen Tucker.
clean (5): Adjective, Catherine Morland, Chemical compound, List of simple adjectives, Shower.
clear (1): Catherine Morland.
clergy (2): February 29, Scandinavia.
clever (4): Pride and Prejudice, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin, War and Peace.
cleverness (1): Caper story.
cliché (1): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
client (2): Client, May Pang.
climate (3): Crete, Hawksbill turtle, South Asia.
climb (3): Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo, Monarch, Quokka.
cling (1): Monarch.
cloak (1): Judge.
clockwise (2): Major scale, Operation Ichi-Go.
close (1): Simplified English.
close (1): Simplified English.
closed (1): Simplified English.
clothing (1): Undercover.
clove (1): Garlic.
clue (1): I've Got a Secret.
clump (1): Squid.
clumsiness (1): Arika Yumemiya.
clumsy (2): Clown, Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo.
cluster (2): Banana, Callosamia promethea.
clutter (1): Cleanliness.
co-operative (1): Libra.
coach (1): Nastia Lukin.
coachman (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
coalition (1): Jamaica coalition.
coast (5): Antarctica, Bahia, Coelacanth, Ocean pollution, Opium Wars.
coastline (1): Panama.
coatl (1): Quetzalcoatl.
codified (1): Chess master titles.
coercion (1): Liberty.
coexistence (1): History of Tamil Nadu.
cohesion (1): Cookie.
coil (3): Butterfly, Gastropoda, Lava.
coin (1): Multiverse.
coincidence (1): Book of Esther.
collaborate (4): Bloc Party, Crosby, Jeff Lynne, Sterling Morrison.
collage (2): Revolver, The Beatles.
collapse (4): A Brief History of Time, American Airlines Flight 11, FIDE, Jessica Alba.
colleague (1): Marco Pantani.
collect (21): Album, Ben Hall, Chennai, Ed Gein, Fire Emblem, Gene, Hans Sloane, Harvest, James Branch Cabell, Museum, Physics, Polly Pocket, Porto-Novo, Railfan, Region, Scale model, Stamp collector, Sœur Emmanuelle, Torchwood, United States Census Bureau, WikiHow.
collecting (1): Anna's Hummingbird.
collection (5): Dubliners, Edible dormouse, Egyptian Museum, Ordinary Things, Statistical survey.
collective (1): Inca Empire.
collectively (1): Persian Empire.
collectivism (1): Ayn Rand.
collide (1): Hail.
collision (3): Gas, Ideal gas, Jupiter.
colloquial (1): Urdu.
colloquialism (1): Flashback.
colloquially (1): Urdu.
colonizing (1): Blue Jay.
colony (2): Uncle Tom's Cabin, Vanuatu.
colorful (1): William S. Burroughs.
colossus (1): Babe Ruth.
combination (2): Carom billiards, All-Stars.
combine (1): Three Men and a Comic Book.
come (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
comedian (2): Norman Wisdom, Saturday Night Live.
comedy (1): Brent Butt.
comedy sketch (1): Pat Paulsen.
comical (1): Palau.
command (3): Command, Friedrich-Wilhelm Karl, Prince Josias of Coburg.
commands (1): Christianity.
commemorate (3): Emperor Jimmu, Pentecost, Stele.
commendation (1): Taito Corporation.
comment (1): Smothers Brothers.
commission (2): Guy Dollman, John W. Foster.
commissioned (2): Flag of Utah, James Peake.
commissions (1): Brush with Greatness.
commit (2): Ajax the Great, Gang.
commitment (1): Anna Kournikova.
committee (8): American Ornithologists' Union, Bahá'í Faith, Classical Athens, Curitiba, G8, Geir Ivarsøy, October 22, Privy Council of the United Kingdom.
common (12): Adjective, Applesauce, Average, Cockatoo, Common Era, Difference, Epilepsy, Famine, Ground, Iaşi, PhpBB, Stephen.
commune (2): Cultural Revolution, History of the United States.
communicate (2): Ivan Regen, Signing Time!.
communication (1): Cancer.
community (3): Boy Scouts of America, Egg Harbor, Hyderabad.
community college (1): Whittier.
commute (1): Lviv.
compact (1): Cyclone Tracy.
company (2): Crich Tramway Village, Iranian coup d'etat.
comparative (1): Cancer.
compare (4): Belinda, Metaphor, Schulze method, The Karate Kid.
compared (1): Colorado.
compassion (1): Political virtues.
compensation (1): Christmas Island.
compete (4): Summer Olympic Games, Survivor, Panama, Time trial.
competition (8): Avril Lavigne, Brush with Greatness, Chess tournament, Fire ant, Green tea, Neville Chamberlain, Scottish Cup, Scottish Football League First Division.
compilation (2): Duke Nukem 3D, Revolver.
compile (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
compiled (1): List of Emperors of Japan.
compiler (1): Mrs Beeton.
complain (2): Bitch, Lawsuit.
complaint (1): Jean Balukas.
complement (1): Tomorrow Never Knows.
complementary (1): Lead guitar.
complete (5): Deadline, Kurt Warner, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Sun Life Stadium, Team.
completed (1): Kamakura.
completion (1): Brunswick.
complex (7): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground, Human, Ice, Rabbit, Sooty Barbthroat, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
complexity (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
compliment (1): Hacker.
compose (2): Beatles for Sale, Yellow Submarine.
composite (1): South America.
compound (3): Air pollution, Horseshoe crab, Thunderstorm.
comprehension (1): K.I.S.S..
comprises (1): Maine.
compromise (4): Ayn Rand, Henry Clay, Sustainability, Washington.
compulsion (1): Liberty.
compulsory (1): Herbert von Karajan.
con artist (1): Neal Cassady.
concave (1): Pipe organ.
conceal (1): Camouflage.
conceive (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
concentrate (2): Green tea, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
concentrated (2): Utah, Worcestershire sauce.
concentration (3): Anna Kournikova, Diffusion, South Africa.
concentric (1): Universe.
concept (3): Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses, Nickel Creek.
concern (2): History of the United States, The Brothers Karamazov.
concert (1): Bloc Party.
conclusion (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
concrete (1): Mudflow.
condemn (2): Mines of Paris, Profanity.
condemns (1): Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.
condense (2): Funnel cloud, Tropical Storm Peter.
condition (3): Neville Chamberlain, Royal Rumble, Thunderstorm.
conductive (1): Thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
cone (1): A Brief History of Time.
confer (1): Cell growth.
conference (2): Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl Game.
confess (3): Catherine Howard, Kenneth Freeman, The Brothers Karamazov.
confession (1): Christianity.
confidence (6): Avril Lavigne, Craig C. Mello, David, Edmund Hillary, Kurt Warner, Palau.
configure (1): Conficker.
confine (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
confined (1): Rickrolling.
confirm (35): Antarctica, Elizabethan Religious Settlement, Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Tribute.
conflict (7): Book of Esther, Charles Spurgeon, Classical Athens, Frances Burney, Good Friday, Human, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
conform (2): Mainstream, The Point!.
confront (2): Austria-Hungary, The Beatles.
confronted (1): Rabbit.
confuse (2): Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, Cephalopod.
confused (3): Blue Jay, Gainsharing, Lepidoptera.
confusion (4): Dan Kelly, Death zone, Ned Kelly, Sooty Barbthroat.
congratulations (1): Invitation to William.
congregation (2): Dhikr, Pipe organ.
conjugation (1): The Way We Was.
conjunction (1): Heraldry.
connect (2): Palm, Video game console.
connection (2): Local area network, Rain dancing.
connects (1): Itajaí.
connet (1): Toronto subway and RT.
conquer (2): Culture of ancient Rome, Wizard's First Rule.
conquered (1): Human.
conquest (2): Cookie, Romania.
conscious (1): Adjective.
conscription (3): Carl Radle, Gary Lewis, Wehrmacht.
consecration (1): Bamberg Cathedral.
consensus (2): Caliphate, Sovereign state.
consequence (1): Palau.
conservative (1): Utah.
conserve (1): Whaling.
consider (9): American Robin, Cirsium, Desert Dormouse, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Sujin, Kurt Warner, Pluto.
considerable (1): Anne of Denmark.
considered (1): Kofun period.
consist (1): Battle royal.
consisted (1): Control of fire by early humans.
consistently (1): Utah.
consists (2): Control of fire by early humans, King.
conspiracy (3): Leo Tolstoy, Nazism, Talk show.
conspiration (1): Licinius.
constant (2): Fireproof, Renault F1.
constituency (4): Anne Begg, Frank Doran, Gerald Howarth, Hywel Francis.
constituted (1): East Bengal.
constitutionality (1): Plessy v. Ferguson.
construct (2): Palace of Soviets, Victoria line.
constructs (1): Urdu.
consult (1): John W. Foster.
consultant (1): Recording engineer.
consultation (1): Bobby Robson.
consulting (2): Alexis Herman, Hazel R. O'Leary.
consume (1): Elijah.
consumption (2): Alyosha Karamazov, The Brothers Karamazov.
contact (2): Lava, All-Stars.
contacting (1): Merit badge.
contain (2): Anaerobic digestion, Nuclear fusion.
container (1): Wallet.
contemporary (4): Bill Gothard, Gordan Nikolitch, National Library of China, William S. Burroughs.
contempt (1): Profanity.
contender (1): Nottingham.
contentment (1): List of divinities in Japanese mythology.
contestant (1): I've Got a Secret.
continental (1): Maine.
continuity (1): Sustainability.
continuous (5): Analog signal, Bobby Dodd Stadium, History of Tamil Nadu, MesseTurm, Pacific Grove.
contract (2): Kurt Warner, Weathering.
contradiction (1): Konrad Lorenz.
contrast (5): Kurt Warner, Shark, Sidereal day, Solid, Tiny Thompson.
contributed (1): Utah.
contribution (4): Ayn Rand, Betty Ford, Bobby Robson, Linnean Society of London.
control (6): Apoptosis, Command, Nuclear fusion, Romania, Roseanne, Whaling.
controversial (3): Encyclopedia Dramatica, Seal of Alabama, Sovereign state.
controversy (27): Adware, Bill Ayers, Charles Spurgeon, Christian Church, Edward Abbey, Ellen DeGeneres, Garry Kasparov, Harvard University, Hugo Chávez, Issue, Jimmy Swaggart, John Foxe, Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, Kinsey Reports, M6 motorway, Popular culture, Prison, Prize, Ragıp Zarakolu, Skrewdriver, Smothers Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, Talk show, The Kingsmen, The Satanic Verses, The Silvia Night Show, Willy Brandt.
convection (1): Earth.
convention (37): Bill Harry, BookCrossing, Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Pete Best, Three Men and a Comic Book, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
converge (1): Accommodation.
conversation (1): Communication protocol.
converse (1): Talk show.
conversion (2): Tort, Transduction.
convicted (2): Bart the Murderer, Krusty Gets Busted.
conviction (1): The Beatles.
convince (4): All-Stars, Guatemala, Palau, Pearl Islands.
convinced (1): Krusty Gets Busted.
convoy (1): Austria-Hungary.
cooperate (2): Duke Nukem 3D, Lufthansa.
copious (1): Alabama.
copyist (1): Kaspar Hauser.
coquette (1): Lady Susan.
corbel (1): Mycenae.
cord (2): Bolas, Gaucho.
core (2): Fleshy fruits, G V star.
corporate (1): The Graduate.
corps (1): Prince Josias of Coburg.
correct (1): Information.
correspond (3): Aries, Assyrian Church of the East, Libra.
corresponding (1): Seal of Colorado.
corrupt (4): History of the United States, Leo Tolstoy, Silhak, The Jungle.
corruption (1): Bollywood.
cosmic (1): The Beatles.
cosmopolitan (3): History of China, Tang Dynasty, World history.
cosmos (1): Universe.
costume (3): Lark Rise to Candleford, The Cask of Amontillado, Warwick Castle.
council (1): Roman Empire.
counselor (1): Joan of Arc.
counter (1): Hull.
counterclockwise (1): Major scale.
counterfeited (1): Rolex.
counterpart (1): Tezcatlipoca.
coup (1): Iranian coup d'etat.
couplet (1): Isaac Watts.
courage (1): Valentine's Day.
court (2): Culture of ancient Rome, Sejong the Great.
courtesy (1): Wu Cheng'en.
courtier (1): Mary of Modena.
courtroom (1): Judge.
cousin (2): Battle of Hastings, Victoria of the United Kingdom.
coven (1): Wicca.
covenant (1): David.
cover version (4): Badfinger, The Byrds, Tom Evans, Without You.
cowardice (2): Kamikaze, Patton.
coworker (1): Hanami.
crackdown (1): The Beatles.
craft (1): Solomon's Temple.
crane (1): Taito Corporation.
crank (1): Organ.
crank call (1): Craig C. Mello.
crash (1): Avro Vulcan.
crater (1): Europa.
craving (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
crawl (1): Billy Graham.
craze (2): Hank Ballard, Twist.
crease (1): Groin.
create (1): Brundtland Commission.
created (33): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
creation (4): Constructed language, Divine grace, Spirituality, The Brothers Karamazov.
creative (1): Grandpa Never Lies.
creative writing (1): Jack Kerouac.
creature (2): Gray Whale, Irukandji jellyfish.
credit (3): Life on the Fast Lane, Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research, Spacewatch.
crescent (1): Calzone.
crest (1): Real Madrid C.F..
cricket (1): Crystal Cave.
crimes (1): Psycho.
criminal (2): Good Friday, Undercover.
cripple (2): David, The Brothers Karamazov.
crisis (5): Financial crisis of 2007–2010, Jimmy Carter, NASA, Neville Chamberlain, Padded cell.
criteria (3): IUCN Red List, Record chart, Scottish Football League First Division.
criterion (1): Parameter.
critic (1): Joe Biden.
critical (2): Let It Be, Red Dead Redemption.
criticises (1): Stephen Hawking.
criticism (3): Desiro, Oliver Goldsmith, World Bank.
criticize (5): Begging the question, Edmund Stoiber, Frances Burney, George Martin, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
criticized (1): Leo Tolstoy.
critique (2): Jack Kerouac, Peter Shotton.
crop (2): Orthoptera, Seed dispersal.
crosier (1): Güstrow Rural District.
cross (1): Wizard's First Rule.
cross country (1): Jack Kerouac.
cross-country (2): Hudson Motor Car Company, Neal Cassady.
crowded (1): Hanami.
crucial (2): Linda McCartney, Plans.
crudity (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
cruel (3): Ben Hall, Doronpa, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
cruelty (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
crusader (2): Homer's Odyssey, Linda McCartney.
crush (2): Plesiosaur, Salem Witch Trials.
cuisine (1): Smokey Robinson.
culminate (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
cult (1): Sylvester Stallone.
cultist (1): Help!.
cultivation (2): Illegal drug trade, Reception history of Jane Austen.
cultural (1): Jack Kerouac.
culture (2): Chatuchak Weekend Market, J-Pop.
cunning (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
curator (1): Johann Andreas Wagner.
cure (2): Antibiotics, Color blindness.
curiosity (1): Evelina.
curl (1): Perm.
current (3): Bill Ayers, List of chess Grandmasters, Matt Pelissier.
curriculum (1): Diplom.
cursed (1): Treehouse of Horror II.
curvature (1): Accommodation.
custom (1): Super Smash Bros..
customer (7): Employee, Marketing, Port Dover, Potato chip, Sales quote, Service, Uniform.
customize (1): Mario Kart Wii.
cutlet (1): Wiener schnitzel.
cycle (1): Sunspot.
cyclone (1): Subtropical cyclone.
daily (1): The Wall Street Journal.
dainty (1): Muscatine.
damage (28): Anna Kournikova, Asmara, Baseball glove, Baseball uniform, Battlestar Galactica, Brain damage, Color blindness, Coma, Depleted uranium, Exxon Valdez disaster, Fire Emblem, Frozen dinner, Ground zero, Harm, Hurricane Gilbert, Hurricane Gordon, Lupus erythematosus, Mutation, N'Djamena, Ojiya, Ozone layer, Pain, Plaza Mayor of Madrid, Pollution, Ram, Resuscitation, September 11 attacks, Tsunami.
damaged (1): Memory card.
damages (1): Tort.
dampen (1): Fireproof.
dander (1): Feather duster.
danger (26): Ad hominem, Ambulocetus, American Airlines Flight 11, Anguis fragilis, Apron, Avalanche, Body double, Churning of the Ocean, Courage, Evacuation, Fear, Horn, List of simple adjectives, Little Red Riding Hood, Mining, Nanotechnology, Ritual, Running of the Bulls, Safe, Scorpion, Serenity, Sermon on the Mount, Silver, Superman, Wart, Whale shark.
danger:danger (1): Nicosia.
dangerous (4): Arlo Guthrie, Asclepias amplexicaulis, Homeopathy, Pollutant.
dare (2): Joe Byrne, The Love Dare.
dashboard (1): Hudson Motor Car Company.
date (1): Victoria line.
daughter-in-law (1): Order of St Michael and St George.
daylight (2): Hello, Phengophobia.
de facto (2): East Berlin, President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
deadliest (1): Great hurricane of 1780.
deal (1): Kurt Warner.
deal (1): Geisha.
dealer (1): A Hard Day's Night.
debate (6): Abraham Lincoln, Big Ten Conference football champions, Bill Ayers, Christianity, Hypersonic, Webster-Hayne debate.
debris (2): Funnel cloud, Leaf blower.
debt (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
debtor (1): Lark Rise to Candleford.
debut (16): Bloc Party, Bobby Robson, Dolly Parton, Dreaming Out Loud, Jordan Galland, Rage Against the Machine, Rickrolling, Sania Mirza, The Beatles, The Gong Show, The Unraveling, Tine Thing Helseth, Top Heatseekers, Two Hands, Whitey Wistert, Yellow Submarine.
decay (3): Leadbeater's Possum, Saalburg, The Brothers Karamazov.
decease (1): Smothers Brothers.
deceive (1): Evelina.
deception (1): Camouflage.
decide (1): Like Father.
decides (10): Bart the Daredevil, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment, Lisa's Pony, Old Money, Saturdays of Thunder, The War of the Simpsons, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Urdu, When Flanders Failed.
deciduous (1): Frangipani.
decimation (1): World history.
decision (3): Jesus with erection, New York City Transit Police, University Chancellor.
decisive (1): Prince Josias of Coburg.
declare (2): Hurricane Isaac, Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
declared (1): Emperor Jimmu.
decline (3): Carom billiards, Christmas Island Pipistrelle, Tikal.
decoction (1): Steeping.
decompose (1): Driftwood.
decorate (4): Carrot cake, Conifer cone, Illustration, Victoria line.
decoy (2): Color of the day, Patton.
decrease (2): Colorado, Speed.
decree (1): Germany.
dedicate (2): Abson, Golant.
dedication (3): Geisha, Pete Seeger, Reception history of Jane Austen.
deduct (1): Islamic theology.
defeat (24): Anna Kournikova, Battle, Battle of Bosworth Field, Battle of Manzikert, Battle of Worcester, Bobby Fischer, David II of Scotland, Empire of Japan, Freikorps, Frisian people, Garry Kasparov, Gepids, History of England, History of Tamil Nadu, Iaşi, Kamikaze, Mary II of England, Nevada, Romania, Royal Rumble, Super Bowl XXXVI, Palau, Uzziah, Warrior Princess.
defeated (1): Christianity.
defecate (1): Profanity.
defecation (1): Profanity.
defect (1): Color blindness.
defected (1): Igor Shpilband.
defector (1): Help!.
defend (7): Giant Panda, Gray Whale, Leadbeater's Possum, Michael Jeffery, Reception history of Jane Austen, Royal Rumble, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
defendant (1): Lawsuit.
defense (1): Kurt Warner.
defensive (1): Polo.
define (3): City limits, Equality, Sport.
defined (1): Utah.
defines (1): Constitution of Romania.
definite (1): Solomon's Temple.
definitive (1): Control of fire by early humans.
deflect (1): Navier–Stokes equations.
deformation (1): Memphis.
defunct (1): Harran.
degenerative (1): History of the Peloponnesian War.
degrade (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
degraded (3): Fork-tailed Woodnymph, Greenish Puffleg, Plovercrest.
degree (1): John Calvin.
delay (3): Lilo & Stitch, Mesolithic, Red Kangaroo.
deliberate (1): Ben Hall.
delicate (3): Hanami, Muscatine, Palau.
delicious (1): Bootylicious.
deliver (1): London Underground 1967 Stock.
delivery (1): Airbus A320.
demand (2): Andrei Sakharov, The Brothers Karamazov.
demesne (1): Weston-on-Trent.
demigod (1): Ages of Man.
demodulate (1): Crystal radio.
demolish (1): Mosque.
denomination (2): Mainstream, Romania.
denounce (2): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Tibetan Book of the Dead.
dense (4): Baking powder, Cookie, Ocean, Soda bread.
density (2): Hypersonic, Maine.
dent (1): Moon.
deny (3): Chuck Barris, Marilyn Monroe, Reception history of Jane Austen.
department (3): Color of the day, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City Transit Police.
department store (2): Linda McCartney, Uniform.
departments (1): Maine.
depend (3): Kingdom of Castile, Walrus, Whaling.
dependant (1): Adjective.
dependence (1): Friedrich August von Hayek.
dependent (2): Hermann Göring, Potato.
deport (1): John Lennon.
depose (3): Henry IV, Investiture Controversy, Pope Gregory VII.
deposed (1): Herbert von Karajan.
deposit (1): Canada.
deposition (2): Mary II of England, Mary of Modena.
depositor (1): Doughnut.
deposits (2): Blue Earth River, Mud volcano.
depression (2): Bird nest, Control of fire by early humans.
deputy (2): Freikorps, Joseph Berchtold.
derivative (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
derive (2): Cognate, Pieridae.
descend (4): Cryptorchidism, London Underground 2009 Stock, Umayyad Empire, United States.
descendant (2): Ben Hall, Evolution.
descendent (1): Southern United States.
descent (1): Baltistan.
describe (6): Assyrian Church of the East, Cancer, Love, Luna Lovegood, Property, Volume.
described (1): Jim Nicholson.
describes (1): Angevin Empire.
description (3): Flag of Utah, Shinee, Timeline of Christianity.
design (6): Apoptosis, Coat of arms, Designer, Flag of Utah, Software engineering, Sun Life Stadium.
designated (1): Desiro.
designation (1): Provisional designation in astronomy.
desire (9): Action theory, Engineer, Greed, List of emotions, Marco Pantani, Material, Persuasion, The Brothers Karamazov, Want.
despair (1): The Apostles.
desperate (2): Lisa's Pony, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
despise (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
despised (1): Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish.
despite (4): Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment, Maine, Ray, The War of the Simpsons.
destination (1): Magical Mystery Tour.
destinations (1): Manchester.
destine (1): Cell growth.
destroy (21): Apoptosis, Azmi Bishara, Conservation of mass, Diego Rivera, Dragon Ball, Endangered species, Erich von dem Bach, Frances Burney, Gary Coleman, General Motors railway station, Lenzburg, Nicosia, Ojiya, Pistoia, Pompeii, Sarajevo, Spanish Empire, Tales of Symphonia, Tantalus, The Bad Beginning, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
destroyed (1): Kofun period.
destroys (1): Bart vs. Thanksgiving.
detail (2): Bobby Dodd, Summary.
detain (2): Phil Spector, Yoko Ono.
detection (1): SR-71 Blackbird.
deter (1): Nuclear deterrent.
detergent (1): Recycling.
deteriorate (1): Schizophrenia.
deterioration (1): Brundtland Commission.
determined (3): Brush with Greatness, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, Utah.
deterministic (1): Uncertainty principle.
detriment (1): Lady Susan.
devalue (1): Mainstream.
devastate (1): Tom Evans.
devastating (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
develop (16): Alex Fraser, Books of Kings, Buxton, Chess, Color blindness, Head coach, Human, Hurricane Vince, Jerry Lewis, Medical Renaissance, Pieridae, Skate, Sniper, The Simpsons Hit & Run, Tropical Storm Gabrielle, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
development (3): George Martin, IMSAI 8080, Linus Pauling.
device (4): Gerard K. O'Neill, Lamp, Paper clip, Wire.
devious (1): South Park.
devoted (2): Mumtaz Mahal, Rabbit.
devotion (3): David, Patron saint, Yellow.
diacritic (1): Pulkkila.
diagram (1): Medical illustrator.
dialect (1): India.
dialog (1): Graham Yost.
dialogue (13): A Hard Day's Night, Ayn Rand, Book, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Halo 3, Joss Whedon, Music, Pipe organ, Plato, Screenplay, The Simpsons Hit & Run, Yellow Submarine.
diameter (2): Jupiter, Tree.
dictate (2): Navier–Stokes equations, The Brothers Karamazov.
dictation (1): White Australia policy.
dictionary (1): State Library of Victoria.
didactic (1): Learning by teaching.
die (1): Drosera.
die-stamp (1): The Beatles.
differ (1): Bigotry.
difference (7): Business, Danaus eresimus, Exclusive disjunction, Lepidoptera, Poanes zabulon, Subtraction, Victoria line.
different (7): A Brief History of Time, Detachment, Firework, Linus Pauling, Pieridae, Poanes zabulon, Wristband.
difficult (4): Auckland Grammar School, List of simple adjectives, Lyrics, Sermon on the Mount.
difficulty (2): Direct democracy, Hypothermia.
diffidence (1): Evelina.
diffucult (1): Pie chart.
digestion (1): Drosera.
digestive tract (1): Profanity.
digital remastering (3): Let It Be, Neil Aspinall, Recording engineer.
dignity (1): Villette.
dilemma (1): Some Enchanted Evening.
dim (1): Variable star.
diplomat (1): July Revolution.
diplomatic (1): Sovereign state.
direct (2): Geography of Romania, Romania.
direction (1): Waggle dance.
directly (1): Medical illustrator.
disagree (2): Dialectic, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
disagreement (2): Lawsuit, War of the two brothers.
disappointment (2): Anne Boleyn, Jimi Hendrix.
disaster (3): Ghost town, Kamakura period, The Lightning Thief.
disband (1): Continental Army.
disbanded (1): Ku Klux Klan.
disbelief (1): Doubt.
disc jockey (1): Phil Spector.
discharge (1): Thunderstorm.
disciple (1): Good Friday.
disciplinary (1): Gilbert Thomas Carter.
discipline (4): Coat of Arms of Pakistan, Geisha, Governess, World record.
discontinuity (1): Navier–Stokes equations.
discord (2): Peace, Tezcatlipoca.
discount (1): Hypersonic.
discourage (1): Police.
discover (4): Amor asteroid, Discovery, Mathematics, Philip Carteret.
discqualification (1): Tim Henman.
discreet (1): Geisha.
discuss (2): Song of Songs, The Brothers Karamazov.
discussion (1): I'm Not There.
disdains (1): Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.
disguise (2): Camouflage, Mydoom.
disgust (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
disillusion (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
disintegrate (1): Weathering.
disorder (1): Chaos.
disown (1): Yoko Ono.
disperse (2): Lichen, Peterloo Massacre.
displace (1): Monterey Pop Festival.
display (2): Crich Tramway Village, Slideshow.
displeasure (1): Cognate.
dispute (5): Christianity, Death penalty, Dogma, Fall Out Boy, India.
disqualification (1): WrestleMania X.
disregarded (1): Yoghurt.
disrupted (1): Cultural Revolution.
dissatisfaction (1): Pandita Ramabai.
dissenter (1): Bill Harry.
dissertation (1): Linnean Society of London.
dissipating (1): Tropical Storm Grace.
dissipation (1): Tropical Storm Peter.
dissolve (5): Alkali, Cytosol, Liqueur, Solvent, The Lightning Thief.
dissolved (1): Sydney.
distal (1): Metacarpus.
distance (3): Danaus eresimus, Seed dispersal, Waggle dance.
distillate (1): Fuel oil.
distillery (1): Whiskey.
distinct (3): Heraldry, Kingdom of Kerma, Torres Strait Islanders.
distinction (2): Maine, Warren.
distinguish (7): Color blindness, Gastropoda, Magnitude, Slide, Subshrub, Swing Life Away, Urdu.
distinguishing (2): Race, Race.
distort (3): Perspective, Sahelanthropus tchadensis, Strabo.
distract (1): Muse.
distraction (1): Luna Lovegood.
distress (3): F-sharp minor, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Wrongful life.
distribute (2): Dew Process, The Beatles.
distributed (1): Statistics.
distribution (1): Apple Records.
disturbance (2): My-Otome, Typhoon Tip.
disturbed (1): Neal Cassady.
disunity (1): Prince Josias of Coburg.
ditch (1): Evelina.
ditill (1): Dew.
dive (1): Dive bomber.
diverge (1): Accommodation.
diverse (3): Mudskipper, Upper Cretaceous, Wisconsin.
diversity (5): Brewery, Harry Nilsson, Ohio State University, South Africa, Utah.
divide (5): Bastide, County, Eel, Italy, Romania.
divider (1): Knot.
divine (2): Divine grace, Spirituality.
division (1): County.
divorce (2): Jack Kerouac, Michael Jackson.
do (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
doctrine (1): Utah.
document (29): Biometrics, Computer program, Copyleft, Copyright, Data migration, Digital object identifier, Edit, Expert system, GNOME, Home page, Instrument, Kissing, List of words about computers, Mail, Maltese language, Mary II of England, Passport, Peerage, Policy, Ratify, Script, Soap, Speciality contract, Spirit, Text editor, Walther von der Vogelweide, Web browser, Will, William Byrd.
documentary (2): Bill Harry, Jeff Lynne.
domestic (3): Bureau of Economic Analysis, Chinchilla, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
domesticate (1): Oat.
domesticated (1): Banker horse.
dominance (2): Cuban Missile Crisis, Rabbit.
dominant (3): Jean Balukas, All-Stars, Palau.
dominate (1): Spanish Empire.
domination (3): Billy Graham, Christianity, Liberty.
doo-wop (1): Little Anthony and the Imperials.
dossier (1): Pete Seeger.
double (1): Linus Pauling.
double entendre (1): Smothers Brothers.
doubling (1): Phil Spector.
doubt (4): Bisexual pornography, Dogma, Evelina, The Brothers Karamazov.
download (1): Mydoom.
downstream (1): List of crossings of the River Thames.
draft (4): Arlo Guthrie, Midnight Cowboy, Patton, Reception history of Jane Austen.
drafting (1): John W. Foster.
dragged (1): Sullivan Bay.
dragon (1): The Sandman.
drain (2): Asclepias tuberosa, Ocean pollution.
drastic (1): Australian megafauna.
draw (1): Leo Belgicus.
drawers (1): Underwear.
dream journal (1): Jack Kerouac.
dreamy (1): Luna Lovegood.
dress (1): Undercover.
drift (1): Rope.
drifter (1): Jack Kerouac.
dripping (1): Drop.
drive (1): Anna Kournikova.
drive-thru (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
driver (1): Neal Cassady.
driver's license (1): Jack Kerouac.
drop off (1): Shark.
drought (1): Sunspot.
drown (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
drum roll (1): Fill.
dry (8): Alberta, Coat, Food preservation, Hawaii, Herbarium, List of simple adjectives, Southwestern United States, Summer.
dry spell (1): Glen Campbell.
ductile (9): Carbon steel, Compressive stress, Deformation, Gadolinium, Gold, Lanthanum, Niobium, Platinum, Silver.
duet (4): Bill Medley, Billy Preston, Hank Williams Jr., Jennifer Warnes.
dull (1): Dull.
dump (1): Ocean pollution.
duo (4): Abbey Road Studios, Crosby, Jerry Lewis, Marcy Levy.
duplicate (1): Recognition signal.
duration (1): Waggle dance.
dust jacket (1): DJ.
duty (4): Anna Karenina, Freikorps, Jane Eyre, Negligence.
dwell (3): Eel, Nomadic people, Solomon's Temple.
dynamite (1): Alfred Nobel.
dystopian (1): Government.
earliest (2): Control of fire by early humans, Kofun period.
early (5): Adjective, Baby, Jeong Yak-yong, List of simple adjectives, True Jesus Church.
earn (1): Whitey Wistert.
earnest (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
earphone (1): Crystal radio.
earthen (19): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Kofun.
earthquake (2): Kamakura period, Kofun period.
easy (1): Hurricane Vince.
eavesdropper (1): Euphemism.
eccentric (2): Jeff Goldblum, The Brothers Karamazov.
eclectic (2): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground, Wicca.
economic (2): Williamstown, World Bank.
economy (1): Guy de Maupassant.
edible (5): Cabbage, Carrot, Dashi, Shiitake mushroom, Wakame.
edict (2): Book of Esther, Edicts of Ashoka.
editing (1): Wikipedia.
edition (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
editor (1): Encyclopaedia Hebraica.
effect (9): Feedback, Insolation, Karma, Linus Pauling, Magnetism, Platinum, Public finance, Recording studio, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
effective (2): Mary II of England, Simon Fraser University.
effects (1): Phengophobia.
efficient (1): Airbus A330.
effort (1): Yellow Submarine.
effortless (1): Guy de Maupassant.
ejection (1): Plinian eruption.
elaborate (1): Geisha.
elasticity (1): Tree.
elder (1): Solomon's Temple.
elect (55): Alan Duncan, Alan Johnson, Alistair Darling, Andrew Lansley, Andrew Mitchell, Andy Burnham, Anne Begg, Ben Bradshaw, Bobby Dodd, Caroline Spelman, Cheryl Gillan, Chris Grayling, David Davis, David Miliband, David Mundell, David Willetts, Des Browne, Diane Abbott, Douglas Alexander, Ed Balls, Ed Miliband, Eric Pickles, Francis Maude, Frank Doran, Geoff Hoon, George Osborne, Gerald Howarth, Harriet Harman, Hazel Blears, Herman Hickman, Hilary Benn, Hywel Francis, Jack Straw, Jacqui Smith, James Purnell, Jeremy Hunt, John Denham, John Hutton, John Reid, Keir Hardie, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Nick Clegg, Nick Herbert, Oliver Letwin, Owen Paterson, Patrick McLoughlin, Paul Murphy, Peter Ainsworth, Philip Hammond, Ruth Kelly, Shaun Woodward, Theresa May, Theresa Villiers, William Hague.
elected (1): Charles Foster.
election (1): Romania.
elegance (2): Catherine Morland, Emma.
element (4): Air pollution, Anglicisation, Beam, Bending.
elevation (7): Alabama, Colorado, Guadalajara, Silversword, South Africa, South Asia, White Butte.
eligible (2): Jean Balukas, Top Heatseekers.
eliminate (3): Battle royal, Professional wrestling match types, Victoria line.
eliminated (1): Royal Rumble.
elite (3): SS-Verfügungstruppe, Sniper, Taifa.
elope (1): Marilyn Monroe.
embarrass (2): Joe Byrne, The Brothers Karamazov.
embarrassed (1): World Bank.
embarrasses (1): The War of the Simpsons.
embarrassing (1): I've Got a Secret.
embarrassment (2): Nina Wang, Taboo.
embers (1): Baking.
embrace (2): Hug, Strawberry Fields Forever.
embryonic (1): Axillary bud.
embryos (1): Axolotl.
emergency (1): Jack Kerouac.
emigrate (1): Béla Bartók.
emit (1): Hydrogen sulfide.
emotion (2): Villette, War and Peace.
emperor (1): War and Peace.
emphasis (2): Aeschylus, Urdu.
emphasize (1): Book of Esther.
empirical (2): Physical law, Seismic design.
employee (3): Shift work, Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, USB flash drive.
employment (1): Alexis Herman.
emulate (1): Rise Against.
en:TBD (1): Super Bowl.
en:activity (1): Ohio State University.
en:affiliate (1): WWE NXT.
en:counseling (1): Ohio State University.
en:cryptic (1): Runes.
en:deconstructivism (1): Ohio State University.
en:donate (1): Ivan Bloch.
en:endogenous' (1): Tree.
en:eulogy (1): Runes.
en:exogenous (1): Tree.
en:gemynd (1): Mind.
en:heritage (1): Runes.
en:mysticism (1): Runes.
en:published (1): Have You Been to the Beach Lately?.
en:renovate (1): Shea Stadium.
en:review (1): Impossible II.
en:rogue (1): Impossible II.
enact (1): Act of Parliament.
enactment (1): Act of Parliament.
enamored (1): Bart the Daredevil.
encase (1): Pearl.
encircle (1): Military engineer.
encode (1): Genome.
encompasses (1): Sacred dance.
encounter (3): Books of Kings, Wizard's First Rule, Wu Cheng'en.
encourage (5): Books of Chronicles, Cape May Bird Observatory, Lufthansa, Reception history of Jane Austen, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
encouraged (1): Brush with Greatness.
encrypt (1): FreeOTFE.
endeavor (1): Project.
endemic (8): Black-breasted Puffleg, Blue-capped Hummingbird, Cycas, Lake Baikal, Pieridae, Rat, Swine influenza, Tuatara.
enemy (2): Ben Hall, Recognition signal.
energy (3): Anna Karenina, Dworshak Dam, War and Peace.
enforce (1): Police.
enforced (1): Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.
engrave (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
engraving (1): John Calvin.
enhanced (3): Halo 2, Halo 3, Utah.
enjoy (1): Solomon's Temple.
enlisting (1): The Way We Was.
enmity (1): Tezcatlipoca.
enormous (1): Bastide.
enrolled (1): Romania.
enrolling (1): Brush with Greatness.
ensemble (1): Variety show.
ensifer (1): Ensiferum.
ensue (1): Little Rock Nine.
entangle (1): Bolas.
enter (2): Ingonish, Wristband.
enterprise (1): Taito Corporation.
entertain (2): Reception history of Jane Austen, The Monkees.
entertainer (2): Clown, Talk show.
entertainment (1): Chuck Barris.
enthusiasm (2): Eric Cartman, Jane Seymour.
enthusiastic (1): Star Trek.
enthusiasts (1): Crich Tramway Village.
entice (1): Geisha.
entire (1): Whaling.
entirely (1): Colorado.
entity (1): Nation state.
entourage (1): Magical Mystery Tour.
entrance (2): Good Friday, Kingsway tramway subway.
entrpeneur (1): Grameen Bank.
entrusted (1): Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb.
environment (1): Human.
epidemic (1): Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
epilogue (1): Yellow Submarine.
episode (1): The Monkees.
epitaph (1): Dean Martin.
eponymous (1): Re-Education.
equal (1): National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
equipment (25): Blue box, Borrowdale, Bunsen burner, Eve Online, Firefly, Fishburn, GI, Golden Grove, Hardware, Harrier Jump Jet, Hennes & Mauritz, Hiking, Irukandji jellyfish, Jackie Chan, Laboratory, Means of production, Mining, Nation of Islam, Nike, Online, Port, Racquet, Serenity, Torchwood, Waterworld.
equivalent (2): Alternative, Pantheism.
ergonomic (1): Keyboard.
erode (2): Hurricane Vince, Volcano.
erotic (1): Sylvester Stallone.
erotion (1): Mangrove.
erratically (1): Typhoon Tip.
error (1): Mutation.
erupt (1): Mud volcano.
eruptions (1): Mud volcano.
escape (4): American Airlines Flight 11, Frederick Ward, French Revolution, Wizard's First Rule.
escape artist (1): Doug Henning.
escarpment (1): South Africa.
especially (1): Christianity.
essay (1): Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.
essential (2): Cream, Panama.
establish (4): Christianity, Powderfinger, Reception history of Jane Austen, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
established (6): Anthony Principi, Edo period, Hazel R. O'Leary, Kamakura period, Kōan, National Diet Library.
establishment (2): Democratic Republic of Georgia, Hank Williams Jr..
estate (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
esteem (2): Dignity, Freedom of the City.
estimate (6): Alabama, American Robin, Colorful Puffleg, Dan Kelly, Hurricane Grace, Maronite Church.
estimated (4): Colorado, Maine, Rickrolling, Tropical Storm Grace.
estimates (3): Colorado, Maine, Utah.
estimation (1): Venus.
eternal (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
ethnic (2): Romania, Slut.
ethnically (1): History of Christianity.
evacuation (1): Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
evaluation (1): Movie criticism.
evangelical (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
evaporate (1): Evaporating basin.
event (2): Wizard's First Rule, Wristband.
eventually (3): Adams, Bart vs. Thanksgiving, Oh Brother.
evidence (5): Asteroid belt, Control of fire by early humans, Dan Kelly, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Lawsuit.
evident (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
evil (2): The Brothers Karamazov, The Magic Flute.
exact (2): Jean Balukas, Lemon.
exaggerate (1): Potato chip.
exalt (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
examine (1): Giant squid.
examine/examination (1): Test.
excavation (1): Solomon's Temple.
excavations (1): Prehistoric Armenia.
exceed (2): Communes of Romania, Muscatine.
excel (1): Fireproof.
excellence (2): German Cross, Paste.
excellent (1): Anne Boleyn.
excelsior (1): List of U.S. state mottos.
exception (5): A-sharp minor, Adult, Basic English, Cephalopod, Copyright.
excess (1): Medical Renaissance.
exchange (3): Pearl Islands, Sylvester Stallone, The Crepes of Wrath.
exchanging (1): BookCrossing.
excited (1): Blue Jay.
exciting (1): Red Hot Chili Peppers.
exclude (1): Bastide.
exclusive (2): Capitol Records, Linda McCartney.
exclusively (1): Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
execution (2): Gao Shun, The Beatles.
executive (1): Historic Scotland.
exercise (1): History of the United States.
exhaust (1): Renewable energy.
exhaustion (2): Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, The Monkees.
exhibit (2): Biface, Crich Tramway Village.
exhibition (4): Bill Harry, Cowboy Jimmy Moore, Jean Balukas, Pablo Picasso.
exhibits (1): Joseph Goebbels.
exile (4): Crime and Punishment, Iranian coup d'etat, Romania, The Brothers Karamazov.
exist (6): Christianity, Cookie, God, Mud volcano, New York City Housing Authority Police Department, The Brothers Karamazov.
existence (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
exists (1): Control of fire by early humans.
expand (4): A Brief History of Time, Bobby Dodd Stadium, Christianity, History of Christianity.
expanse (1): Outer space.
expansion (3): Control of fire by early humans, Portman Road, Tensile stress.
expect (3): Fireproof, James Branch Cabell, Regional Municipality of York.
expedition (1): Torres Strait.
expel (3): Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Bohuslav Martinů, Captain of Köpenick.
expenditure (1): European Union budget.
expense (1): Whaling.
expensive (5): Carom billiards, Cruise ship, Douala, Hermann Göring, Music stand.
experience (11): Abraham Lincoln, Bart the Genius, Bloc Party, Frances Burney, International Space Station, Joe Biden, Kurt Warner, Monarch, Surface gravity, The Monkees, Tibetan Book of the Dead.
experiencing (1): Brunswick.
experiment (1): Charles Ives.
experimental (1): Lou Reed.
expert (6): Charles Spence Bate, Chemical warfare, César Cui, List of events in 2004, Pronoun, Talk show.
expert witness (1): Recording engineer.
explain (2): Nuclear physics, Science.
explanation (2): Definition, K.I.S.S..
explode (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
exploit (3): Leo Tolstoy, Pornography, Reception history of Jane Austen.
exploratory (1): Rabbit.
explore (4): Kyneton, Solomon's Temple, Torres Strait, Voyager program.
explorer (1): Wisconsin.
explosion (1): Laws of war.
explosive (1): Firework.
export (1): Piracy in the Caribbean.
expose (4): Air pollution, Butterfly, Hypothermia, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
exposure (6): Cancer, Jack Kerouac, Kennel cough, Monsters vs. Aliens, Rosie O'Donnell, Variety show.
express (2): Freedom of assembly, Milton Keynes.
extend (8): Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Chiton, County council, Funnel cloud, London Underground 1967 Stock, Pluto, Taurus mountains, Victoria line.
extends (1): Maine.
extension (6): Butterfly, Gordon Brown, Monarch, Queen, Staff, Woodford tube station.
extensions (1): Lepidoptera.
extensive (2): Languages of Iran, Panama.
extent (1): New Kingdom.
extinct (1): Conch.
extinction (1): Numbat.
extra (2): Ayn Rand, Frank O'Connor.
extraordinarily (1): Autism.
extratropical (2): Maine, Subtropical cyclone.
extravagant (1): Libra.
extreme (9): Africanized honeybee, Evelina, Homophobia, Jane Austen, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Outer space, Pterosaur, Sea snake, The Brothers Karamazov.
exuberance (1): Rose.
eye of the beholder (1): Ugliness.
eye-witness (1): Joseph Goebbels.
fabric (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
facere (1): Sanctification.
facilities (4): Maine, Mass Rapid Transit, Panama, Railway station.
facility (6): Kitakyūshū, Let It Be, Neal Cassady, Portman Road, Soap made from human corpses, Tikal.
faction (1): Democratic-Republican Party.
fad (4): Glen Campbell, Lysergic acid diethylamide, Strawberry Fields Forever, Tibetan Book of the Dead.
failed (2): Charles Foster, Peace.
faint (2): The Magic Flute, Viceroy butterfly.
fairground (1): The Beatles.
faith (15): Betrayal, Catharism, Coat of Arms of Pakistan, Das Lied der Deutschen, Experiment, Five solas, Freedom of religion, Kurt Warner, Marco Pantani, October 31, Persuasion, Satan, Serenity, Søren Kierkegaard, White.
fake (3): Catherine Morland, George Foreman Grill, Moon.
fall (1): Hello.
fame (2): List of Jupiter's moons, Sherwood Anderson.
famous (5): Baseball glove, Gepids, Leo Belgicus, Shipping Forecast, Tour de France.
fan (37): A Weekend in the City, Air, Angel, Angels & Airwaves, Asiatic peafowl, Brush, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffyverse, Care Bears, Chicago, Crystal Kay, Eric Clapton, F.C. United of Manchester, Fight song, Firefly, Freddie Mercury, Gandhi, Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, Henrik Lundqvist, Hikaru Utada, House, Ipswich Town F.C., Jet engine, John Mayhew, Lift, Mickie James, Mulan, N. T. Rama Rao, Property, Psychedelic rock, Qi Yuwu, Runaways, Serenity, Smile, Ted King, The Secret of NIMH, Xavier Rudd.
fancy (2): Fancy rat, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
fancy (1): Captain Jack Harkness.
fantastic (1): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
farthing (1): Isaac Watts.
fascinate (1): Belinda.
fascination (1): Tibet.
fashion (1): Maria Edgeworth.
fashion designer (1): Paul McCartney.
fashion model (2): George Harrison, Twiggy Lawson.
fastidious (1): Pride and Prejudice.
fatal (1): Berlin Wall.
fate (1): One Fish.
father figure (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
fatherland (2): List of national anthems, Poland.
favor (2): Hezekiah, Treaty of Versailles.
favorable (1): Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
favorite (3): Edward II of England, Henry VI of England, Monarch.
favour (1): Herbert von Karajan.
fear (3): Antibiotics, Islamophobia, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
feature (8): Bambi, Book of Esther, Peripheral equipment, Similarity, Teletubbies, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Walrus, Wizard's First Rule.
features (4): Control of fire by early humans, Mud volcano, Utah, Wisconsin.
fecund (1): Fecundity.
federal (2): Matthew Shepard Act, United States.
fee (1): Car.
feeble (1): Belinda.
feed (1): Seed dispersal.
feedback (1): Lou Reed.
feeling (1): Onryō.
fellatio (1): Profanity.
felony (1): Salem Witch Trials.
feminine (2): Antarctica, Hebrew numerals.
ferment (1): Pickled cucumber.
ferocious (1): Battle of Hastings.
fertile (2): Colombia, East Anglia.
fertility (1): Momotarō.
fertilization (2): Ocean, Ocean pollution.
festival (1): Moomba.
fetch (1): Dog.
fiber (1): Hagfish.
fibre (1): Wood grain.
fibrous (1): Ligament.
ficken (1): Conficker.
fickle (1): The Marriage of Figaro.
fiction (2): Henry James, Legend.
field (2): Linus Pauling, Sun Life Stadium.
fierce (5): David, Fiddler crab, Gray Whale, Orca, The Brothers Karamazov.
fight (1): Leo Belgicus.
fighter (1): American Airlines Flight 11.
figurative (1): Connection.
figurehead (1): Emperor Shōwa.
filter (3): Gray Whale, Iron, Mangrove.
final (2): Kurt Warner, War and Peace.
finalize (1): Marilyn Monroe.
finally (1): Monarch.
financial (2): Gainsharing, When Flanders Failed.
fingerpicking (1): The Beatles.
fingerprint (1): Arlo Guthrie.
finish (3): Anna Kournikova, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Racing.
finite (2): A Brief History of Time, Universe.
fire (1): Bud Carson.
fire (3): Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Sexual orientation, The Sims.
firm (5): Alexis Herman, Apple, Bird nest, Hazel R. O'Leary, Medical Renaissance.
first (1): Adjective.
fiscal (1): Edmund S. Phelps.
fiscally (1): Federalist Party.
fist (2): Bastide, Pearl.
fixed (2): Adjective, Professional wrestling.
flagrant (1): Marilyn Monroe.
flamboyant (1): Elton John.
flammable (1): Bunsen burner.
flashback (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
flask (1): Piracy in the Caribbean.
flat (2): Bastide, Plateosaurus.
flattery (1): Persuasion.
flavour (1): Yoghurt.
flaw (1): Choi Kyu-ha.
flee (2): Mary II of England, The Masque of the Red Death.
fleet (1): Piracy in the Caribbean.
flex (1): Sickle-cell disease.
flexibility (1): Geisha.
flexible (2): Butterfly, Plesiosaur.
flip (1): Kim Yu-Na.
flip side (1): Yellow Submarine.
flirt (7): Emma, Evelina, L'incoronazione di Poppea, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, The Beatles, Wozzeck.
float (4): Jellyfish, Mashiro Kazahana, My-Otome, Seed dispersal.
flow (2): International Space Station, Lava.
fluid (1): Irukandji jellyfish.
fluster (1): Louise Goodman.
focus (3): Cloud Cult, Kurt Warner, Power.
folate (1): Peanut butter.
font (1): MICR.
fool (2): Ben Hall, Whitey Wistert.
forbid (1): Copyleft.
forceps (1): Sylvester Stallone.
forebear (1): Aurochs.
forefather (1): Human evolution.
foreign (13): Abidjan, Ambassador, Anthony Powell, Audiolingual method, BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Jimmy Carter, Language reform, North Korea, President of the United States, Roseraie de L'Haÿ, SS-Verfügungstruppe, South Africa, Suikoden.
foresight (1): Emma.
foreskin (1): David.
forgery (1): Neil Aspinall.
forget (1): Common scold.
forgive (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
forgiveness (1): Billy Graham.
forlorn (1): Catherine Morland.
form (1): Template.
formal (3): A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Adrian Boult, Reception history of Jane Austen.
formalised (1): Urdu.
formally (3): Enthronement, Sovereign state, Urdu.
format (2): Amplitude modulation, Master recording.
formation (2): Coral, Winter waterspout.
formations (1): Wisconsin.
formed (1): Crich Tramway Village.
former (3): Federico Peña, Hazel R. O'Leary, Hershel W. Gober.
formerly (1): King's Men.
formula (1): The Monkees.
fortress (1): Hellenistic art.
fortuitous (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
fortune (2): Cecilia, Marx Brothers.
forward (1): Hit.
fought (1): Brunswick.
foul (1): Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
found (6): Andrew George Scott, Italy, New York Philharmonic, Norfolk Island, University of Durham, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
foundation (1): Signing Time!.
fourth (1): Tree.
foxhole (1): Crystal radio.
fragile (1): Cookie.
fragment (2): Ancient Greek boxing, Bronze.
fragments (1): Control of fire by early humans.
frame (2): Krusty Gets Busted, Kōan.
frantically (1): Radio Bart.
fraternity (1): World history.
free (1): BBC News.
free association (1): Jack Kerouac.
freedom (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
freelance (1): Clown.
frequent (1): Adjective.
friction (1): Let It Be.
friend (1): Recognition signal.
fright (2): Dan Kelly, Hagfish.
front (8): Against, Apron, Back, Golden Retriever, Hair, Head, Mitre, NTI-splint.
frontier (1): History of the United States.
frontiersman (1): Davy Crockett.
frozen food (1): Smokey Robinson.
frustrate (2): Cecilia, The Beatles.
frustration (1): Fireproof.
fugitive (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
fulfill (1): Christianity.
full (1): Adjective.
full-time (1): Ayn Rand.
fumble (1): Kurt Warner.
fume (1): Jogging.
fun (8): Amateur radio, Exercise, Hobby, Leisure, Lucid dream, Mockery, The Prince and the Pauper, Tourism.
function (5): Apoptosis, Edo period, Health, Kamakura period, Portuguese Man o' War.
functioning (1): Kamakura.
fundamental (5): Constitution of Romania, Harmonic, Harmonics, History of Christianity, Interharmonic.
fundraiser (1): Salvation Army.
furious (1): Franco-Prussian War.
furlough (1): Franz Josef Strauß.
fuse (1): Vertebral column.
fuselage (1): Airbus A330.
futility (1): WarGames.
gag (1): Kennel cough.
gallant (1): Belinda.
gallery (3): Hellenistic art, Joni Mitchell, Vincent van Gogh.
galvanize (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
gamble (2): The Queen of Spades, War and Peace.
game (1): Fight song.
gap (1): History of the United States.
garden party (1): Strawberry Fields Forever.
garnish (1): Pico de gallo.
gather (2): Human, Jam session.
gathering (1): Geisha.
geld (1): Weston-on-Trent.
gender (1): Utah.
general (3): Alabama, Jack Adams, Pascal's Triangle.
general store (1): Abraham Lincoln.
generate (2): Radio wave, Welding.
generation (3): Feudalism, Patton, Rafael Nadal.
generations (2): Race, Race.
generosity (1): Villette.
generous (2): Erasmus Darwin, War and Peace.
genre (4): BBC Three, Dave Mackintosh, Glen Campbell, Hank Williams.
gentle (2): Belinda, The Brothers Karamazov.
gentleman (2): La bohème, Pride and Prejudice.
genuine (1): Rise Against.
genus (1): Genre.
germinate (3): Annual plant, Germination, Seed dispersal.
germination (1): Germination.
gesticulate (1): Chopsticks.
get (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
ghen (1): Chaos.
giant (1): Giga.
gifted (1): Autism.
girder (1): Irn-Bru.
girl group (1): Linda McCartney.
girlfriend (1): Justin Timberlake.
girth (1): Tree.
give (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
glamor (1): Pride and Prejudice.
glance (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
gland (1): Bird nest.
glazed (1): Carrot cake.
gleefully (1): When Flanders Failed.
global (1): Human.
globe (1): Ball lightning.
gloominess (1): Major depressive disorder.
gloomy (1): F-sharp minor.
glow (2): Jellyfish, The Brothers Karamazov.
gnaw (1): Seed dispersal.
go (1): Basic English verbs.
goal (2): Nation of Islam, SS-Verfügungstruppe.
gofer (1): Recording engineer.
gong (1): The Gong Show.
goo (1): Drosera.
good (2): Charles Spurgeon, Good.
gore (2): Ahab, Motion Picture Association of America film rating system.
gorge (1): Bart the Daredevil.
gossip (1): Encyclopedia Dramatica.
gourmet (1): Supabarn.
govern (3): Edo period, Kamakura period, Silhak.
government (1): United States.
grab (1): Classical Athens.
grace (2): Divine grace, Geisha.
graceful (1): Belinda.
gracile (1): Human evolution.
gradual (1): Green tea.
graduate (42): Adele, Alexander Graham Bell, Andy Warhol, Balliol College, Barry Switzer, Benjamin W. Lee, Billy Graham, Charlotte Moore Sitterly, Chun Doo-hwan, Cowley, David Boreanaz, Death of Tina Watson, Eve Ensler, George M. Dallas, George Martin, Grady Sizemore, Heath Ledger, James A. Michener, James Branch Cabell, Jessie Redmon Fauset, Jill Bilcock, John Piper, John Willock Noble, John Winter, Joss Whedon, Justina Casagli, Kurt Warner, Leonid Azkaldian, Mae Jemison, Martin Amis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mateo Alemán, Petr Shelokhonov, Qi Yuwu, The Electric Company, The Graduate, Tony Kahn, Undergraduate, Wayne Rogers, William Harvey, William Wordsworth, Woodstock Festival.
graduated (1): William H. H. Miller.
graduation (1): Shia LaBeouf.
grafted (1): Treehouse of Horror II.
grandchild (1): Ranma ½.
grandfather (1): William Sterndale Bennett.
grandson (1): Agrippa I.
granny glasses (1): Strawberry Fields Forever.
grant (2): Jack Kerouac, Ueno Park.
graphic (1): Edward Bawden.
grasp (1): Velcro.
gratification (1): Profanity.
gratitude (1): Rose.
gravestone (1): F. Scott Fitzgerald.
grazier (1): Stockman.
grease paint (1): Clown.
great (1): Adjective.
great-grandchild (1): Billy Graham.
green card (1): John Lennon.
grenade (1): Whaling.
grief (2): Victor Hugo, William S. Burroughs.
grind (2): Feudalism, Recycling.
groin (1): Black Death.
groove (2): Crete, Sand dollar.
group (3): Amor asteroid, Eurasian Avars, SS-Verfügungstruppe.
group (1): Sentence.
grove (1): Monarch.
grow (3): Apple, Farmer, Harvest.
gruff (1): Joan Rivers.
guarantor (1): New York Philharmonic.
guardian angel (1): Smothers Brothers.
guardrail (1): Tropical Storm Barry.
guaruntee (1): Grameen Bank.
guess (1): I've Got a Secret.
guest (5): Bill Harry, Lionel Richie, Makalani, Niihau, The Sunday Night Project.
guide (3): Handbook, Middle school, Wizard's First Rule.
guilt (1): Parsifal.
gumbo (1): Smokey Robinson.
guru (1): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
guy (1): Kurt Warner.
gymnasium (1): New Castle.
habit (1): Nose-picking.
habitat (1): Mangrove.
habitation (1): History of Tamil Nadu.
half (6): Divorce, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Red dwarf, Season, Side, Western Hemisphere.
hallucinate (1): Thomas Midgley.
handle (2): Butterfly, Tap.
handle (1): Tray.
hang (1): Kaspar Hauser.
happened (1): Charles Spurgeon.
harass (1): The Beatles.
hard (8): Adjective, Glass, Helmet, List of simple adjectives, Metal, Physical property, Polypore, Simple.
hardwood (1): Wisconsin.
harm (2): Adolf Hitler, Antibiotics.
harmful (1): World Bank.
harmony (1): Green tea.
harpoon (2): Inuit, Whaling.
harsh (3): Harthacanute, Kennel cough, The Brothers Karamazov.
harvest (3): Feudalism, Pearl, Seed dispersal.
hatch (3): Monarch, Shark, Weedy sea dragon.
hate (1): A Christmas Carol.
hatred (2): Islamophobia, Judaism.
haul (1): Walrus.
haunches (1): Lion.
have (3): Basic English verbs, Cognate, Verb.
headquarter (1): Colorado.
headquarters (2): East Bengal, SS-Verfügungstruppe.
headset (1): Crystal radio.
heal (1): Fire Emblem.
health (1): Catherine Morland.
heathen (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
heckle (1): Smothers Brothers.
hedge (1): Communication.
height (1): Isaac Watts.
heir (12): Edward III of England, Elizabeth I of England, Frederick, Henry Frederick, Inheritance, Invitation to William, Julius Caesar, Marie of Boulogne, Mary II of England, October 22, Prague, Women's voting rights in the United States.
heiress (4): Cecilia, Linda McCartney, Oldfield Thomas, Paris Hilton.
heirloom (1): Bart's Dog Gets an F.
hello (1): Teletubbies.
hemorrhage (2): Jack Kerouac, Stuart Sutcliffe.
hereditary (3): Genome, Kingdom of Castile, Raja.
heritage (2): Midwestern United States, Reception history of Jane Austen.
heroine (2): Catherine Morland, Cecilia.
heyday (1): Doug Henning.
hide (4): Dan Kelly, Gaucho, Moondyne Joe, Steve Hart.
hierarchy (1): Rabbit.
high (1): Glory.
highlight (1): Glen Campbell.
highlight (1): Muse.
hinder (1): Achlorhydria.
hip (1): Kim Yu-Na.
hippie (1): Jack Kerouac.
hire (1): Bud Carson.
hires (1): Bart the Murderer.
historically (1): Brunswick.
hit (1): John Winter.
hit record (6): Chuck Barris, Compilation album, Freddy Cannon, Herman's Hermits, Recording engineer, Tom Evans.
hoax (1): Unidentified flying object.
hoist (1): Bamberg.
hollow (5): Adjective, Fullerene, Pipe, Quetzalcoatlus, Soap bubble.
holy (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
homage (2): Spirituality, William Shakespeare.
home front (1): Patton.
home video (1): Yellow Submarine.
homeowner (1): Financial crisis of 2007–2010.
hometown (2): Beatles for Sale, John Lennon.
homework (1): Deadline.
homogeneous (1): The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
honest (3): Alberto Contador, Ben Hall, War and Peace.
honesty (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
honor (4): David, Parade, The Brothers Karamazov, Whitey Wistert.
honorific (1): Balti language.
honors (2): John Willock Noble, Ohio State University.
hooligan (1): Vuvuzela.
hope (2): Common scold, The Great Gatsby.
horizon (2): Monarch, Ocean.
horizontal (6): Calculus, Differential calculus, Duke Nukem 3D, Jupiter, Monarch, Vinculum.
horror (6): Carmen, Evelina, Jane Eyre, Northanger Abbey, The Brothers Karamazov, Treaty of Nantes.
hose (1): Pipe.
host (51): Alex Jones, Amanda Bynes, Andrew Denton, August 7, Beppe Grillo, Blockbusters, Bob Barker, Breakout, CBeebies, Card Sharks, Carolina Gynning, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Davina McCall, Des Lynam, Eddie Brock, FNMTV, Family Feud, Fear Factor, Giada De Laurentiis, Green tea, January 29, Jessica Alba, Joan Rivers, June 3, Justin Lee Collins, Lissa Explains it All, Lorraine Kelly, Louise Goodman, M.C. Hammer, Manchester Regional Arena, Margaret Taylor, Marie Picasso, Mickie James, Monogenea, Noel Edmonds, Parasitism, Paul Harvey, Pete Wentz, Political asylum, Rod Serling, Stacy London, Stephen Colbert, Tapeworm, The Daily Show, The Gong Show, The Price is Right, The Sunday Night Project, Tom Brokaw, Tony Kahn, Tour of Britain, Trinny Woodall.
hostility (1): Hatred.
hosts (1): The Crepes of Wrath.
hotel (1): Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
house arrest (1): Galileo Galilei.
household name (1): Burgess Hill.
hover (1): Moth.
how-to book (1): Recording engineer.
hub (1): Spoke.
huge (1): Gray Whale.
humanity (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
humid (1): Root.
humidity (1): Congo Rainforest.
humiliate (2): Marco Pantani, The Brothers Karamazov.
humiliates (1): Lisa's Pony.
humiliation (1): Nudity.
humorous (1): I've Got a Secret.
hunchback (1): Lady Mary Grey.
hunger (2): Irish Potato Famine, Tantalus.
hungry (3): John Caesar, Orthoptera, Sullivan Bay.
hurry (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
hurt (1): David.
hybrid (2): Bengal cat, Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.
hybridized (1): Big Max.
hyge (1): Mind.
hypocrite (1): Bill Gothard.
hypodigm (1): George Gaylord Simpson.
hypothermia (1): Cardiac arrest.
hypothesis (4): Indo-European people, Joan of Arc, Lemma, Scientific method.
hypoxia (1): Cardiac arrest.
iconic (1): Che Guevara.
idea (1): Evelina.
ideal (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
identical (1): Jaroslaw Kaczynski.
identification (2): Mug shot, Wristband.
identified (2): Emperor Jimmu, Kamakura.
identify (4): American Airlines Flight 11, Birdwatching, Irukandji jellyfish, Unidentified flying object.
identity (2): Marie Curie, Punjabi people.
ignited (1): Typhoon Tip.
ignorance (3): Catherine Morland, Pandita Ramabai, Reception history of Jane Austen.
ignorant (1): Yoghurt.
ignore (3): John Milton, Majority rule, The Brothers Karamazov.
illegal (4): Alexis Herman, Bill Ayers, Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment, Parking.
illegitimate (3): Emma, Eric Clapton, The Brothers Karamazov.
illuminate (1): Blackpool tramway.
illusion (1): The Matrix.
illustrated (1): Mrs Beeton.
illustration (1): Color blindness.
image (1): Flower Power.
imagery (1): Yellow Submarine.
imaginary (1): Shardik.
imagination (1): Catherine Morland.
imagine (1): Hugh Capet of France.
imitate (1): Velcro.
immediately (1): Bart the Daredevil.
immigrant (1): Kennedy Family.
immigration (2): Alabama, John Lennon.
imminent (2): Evacuation, Shipping Forecast.
immune (2): Alabama, Survivor.
impact (4): Alex Fraser, American Airlines Flight 11, Aristarchus, Truthout.
impartial (1): Amnesty International.
imperial (1): Korean magpie.
impetuous (1): War and Peace.
impious (1): Imp.
implements (1): Control of fire by early humans.
implied (1): Sovereign state.
imply (1): Philology.
impolite (1): Evelina.
importance (1): Palaeolithic.
important (7): Adjective, Bobby Dodd, Coat of arms, Control of fire by early humans, Disney's Nine Old Men, Linus Pauling, Norman Jay Coleman.
impossible (3): Crich Tramway Village, Poanes zabulon, Whitey Wistert.
impostor (1): Captain of Köpenick.
impound (2): Parking, The Beatles.
impress (1): The Telltale Head.
impression (1): Saturday Night Live.
imprison (1): John Churchill.
improve (2): Joseph Chamberlain, Neville Chamberlain.
improved (1): Control of fire by early humans.
improvement (1): Portman Road.
improvisation (1): The Monkees.
improvise (2): Jack Kerouac, Let It Be.
imprudence (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
impulse (1): Mania.
impulsive (1): Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
in (1): Pronoun.
inadequate (1): South Africa.
inappropriate (1): Begging the question.
incarcerated (1): Oba Chandler.
incidence (1): Cancer.
incident (1): Tim Hortons.
inclination (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
include (4): Birth certificate, Pieridae, Purple Mountain Observatory, Vital record.
including (1): Maronite Church.
incompetence (1): Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.
incomprehensible (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
inconsistent (2): Make It or Break It, RAID.
incorporate (3): British Army, Mountain Brook, Nickel Creek.
incorporated (2): Irvine, Sydney.
incorporation (1): Brunswick.
increase (13): Air pollution, Alabama, Baseball uniform, Bat, Colorado, Control of fire by early humans, Growth, Human, Maine, Portman Road, Squall, Starfish, Tropical Storm Barry.
increases (3): Apple juice, Blue Jay, Utah.
increasing (1): Utah.
indelible (1): Neal Cassady.
independant (1): Craig C. Mello.
independence (3): Anne Boleyn, Anne of Denmark, Treaty of friendship and alliance between the Government of Mongolia and Tibet.
independent (6): Bernard Hinault, Epping Ongar Railway, Gas, Health, Recording studio, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
indestructible (1): Superman.
index (1): Encyclopaedia Hebraica.
indictment (1): Jeffrey Archer.
indirect (2): Geography of Romania, Romania.
individual (7): Actias luna, American Robin, Blue Jay, Eurytides marcellus, Kricogonia lyside, Middle school, Monarch.
induction (4): Bobby Robson, Maureen Tucker, Pete Seeger, Sterling Morrison.
industria (1): Curitiba.
industrial (1): Crayola.
industrialism (1): Mrs Beeton.
industry (4): Air pollution, France, Ocean, Utah.
infamous (1): John Lennon.
infancy (1): Jan van Riebeeck.
infatuated (1): Life on the Fast Lane.
infect (1): Trail of Tears.
infected (1): Keystroke logging.
infection (1): Drosera.
inference (1): Strict construction.
infirmity (1): Health.
inflammable (1): Laws of war.
inflammatory (2): Encyclopedia Dramatica, Nigger.
inflate (1): Life vest.
inflated (1): Inuit.
influence (19): Air pollution, Anne Boleyn, Baptist, Billy Sunday, Christianity, Dave Grohl, Film noir, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hell, How to Grow a Woman from the Ground, Joe Principe, Martin Luther, Sherwood Anderson, Spirituality, Tangerine Dream, The Beatles, The Brothers Karamazov, Tim LaHaye, Woody Guthrie.
influences (1): Statistics.
influential (3): Che Guevara, George Graham, Massive Attack.
inform (1): Movie.
informal (3): CBBC, Jam session, Slang.
information (2): Dan Kelly, Wizard's First Rule.
infrastructure (1): Epping Ongar Railway.
infuriate (1): Bart's Dog Gets an F.
ingest (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
ingestion (1): Gribble.
ingredient (13): Banana bread, Beer, Butter cake, Calzone, Carrot cake, Chocolate cake, Cocktail, Cream pie, Food processing, Oat, Pepper spray, Soda bread, Steeping.
inherent (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
inheritable (1): Gene expression.
inheritance (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
inherited (1): Urdu.
inhibit (1): Taifa.
inhibition (1): Avoidant personality disorder.
inhumane (1): Torture in the United States.
initial (3): Alexis Herman, Chess, Chess notation.
initially (1): Little Rock Nine.
initiator (1): Woodrow Wilson.
injection (1): Oba Chandler.
injunction (2): Strict construction, Tort.
injury (3): Bart the Daredevil, Firework, Frederick.
inland (1): Tropical Storm Barry.
inlet (1): Oregon Inlet.
innate (1): Tabula rasa.
innocence (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
innocent (2): Belinda, Moondyne Joe.
innovation (5): Anne of Denmark, Ayn Rand, Inca rope bridge, Rubber Soul, Taito Corporation.
inoculation (1): Smallpox.
inquisitor (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
insane (1): Thomas Midgley.
inscribe (1): Stele.
inscription (1): Edicts of Ashoka.
insertion (1): List of sex positions.
insight (4): Lysergic acid diethylamide, Reception history of Jane Austen, Tibet, Tomorrow Never Knows.
insist (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
insolence (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
inspect (2): Jeong Yak-yong, Neville Chamberlain.
inspected (1): Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish.
inspiration (5): Christianity, Johnny Shines, Malcolm X, Neal Cassady, Rise Against.
inspire (4): Jeong Yak-yong, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Yoko Ono.
inspired (2): I'm Not There, Psycho.
inspiring (1): Lisa's Substitute.
instability (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
install (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
installed (1): Antivirus software.
installment (2): Perry Rhodan, Southampton Corporation Tramways.
instance (2): East Bengal, Rickrolling.
instant (1): Maria Edgeworth.
instinct (1): The Monkees.
institute (1): Pablo Picasso.
instruction (4): Interactive Fiction, Solomon's Temple, Value, Yoko Ono.
instrument (1): Bat.
insulator (1): Baked Alaska.
insult (2): Evelina, The Brothers Karamazov.
integrate (1): Victoria line.
integration (1): Cultural assimilation.
integrity (4): Romanian War of Independence, Sergei Eisenstein, Palau, Truthout.
intellect (2): Pandita Ramabai, The Brothers Karamazov.
intellectual (1): The Beatles.
intelligence (1): Bart the Genius.
intelligent (1): Silhak.
intense (4): Jeff Goldblum, Thunderstorm, Tikal, Waxing.
intensify (1): Typhoon Tip.
intensity (2): Battle of Okinawa, Muscatine.
intention (1): Fireproof.
interact (5): A Hard Day's Night, Clown, Earth, Nouakchott, Sovereign state.
interaction (3): Frank O'Connor, Jupiter, Strong nuclear force.
interactions (1): Social studies.
interchangeable (1): Recording studio.
interest (4): C. Everett Koop, Edmund Hillary, Giant squid, Victoria of the United Kingdom.
interfere (2): A Brief History of Time, Emma.
interference (2): Amplitude modulation, Recording studio.
intergovernmental (1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
interior (1): Soda bread.
intermediate (3): Chloroform, Epping Ongar Railway, Mount Abram.
international (4): Badfinger, Pizza, Rickrolling, World Baseball Classic.
internship (1): Craigslist.
interrelated (1): List of noncommutative topics in mathematics.
interrogation (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
interrupt (2): American Airlines Flight 11, Garden dormouse.
intersect (1): Parallel.
intersection (1): Cross section.
interurban (1): Blackpool tramway.
intervention (1): Little Rock Nine.
interview (1): Whitey Wistert.
intimacy (1): Valentine's Day.
intimate (1): Underwear.
intimidate (1): Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
intolerance (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
introduce (1): Mario Kart Wii.
introduction (1): Presidents' Trophy.
introspective (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
intuitive (1): Observer effect.
invade (4): Neville Chamberlain, Romania, Western Front, Yellow Submarine.
invalid (1): Mary II of England.
invent (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
invention (1): Butter cake.
inversions (1): Utah.
investigate (5): Airbus A330, Anglerfish, Matthew Shepard Act, Torture in the United States, Unidentified flying object.
investigation (9): A Mathematician's Apology, Accident, Alexis Herman, Chun Doo-hwan, Detective, Federico Peña, Oba Chandler, Ocean pollution, Undercover.
investigator (1): Mario R. Capecchi.
investment (1): John Lennon.
investors (1): Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.
invisible (8): Albert Einstein, Binary star, Black hole, Das Rheingold, Götterdämmerung, Siegfried, Smoke, The Hobbit.
invitation (2): Takamagahara, The Way We Was.
invite (5): Bloc Party, Cecilia, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Invitee, Guatemala.
invoke (2): Dante Alighieri, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
involve (3): Electrophysiology, Racing, The Brothers Karamazov.
involved (1): Tribute.
involvement (2): Gainsharing, Reception history of Jane Austen.
involving (1): Enthronement.
iridescent (3): Blue-throated Hummingbird, Brown Inca, Gray-tailed Mountain-gem.
irridescent (1): Venezuelan Sylph.
irritate (3): Bug, Villette, Vuvuzela.
irritation (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
is (1): Sentence.
isolate (2): Chess, Recording studio.
isolated (1): Sainte-Marie-Outre-l'Eau.
isolation (2): Bohuslav Martinů, History of the United States.
isotopes (1): Dancin' Homer.
issue (2): Hurricane Vince, Provost.
issued (1): Coat of arms.
issues (1): Utah.
italic (6): De, I, Pe, Sha, Te, Tse.
item (3): Palau, Panama, Pearl Islands.
jacket (1): Neal Cassady.
jagged (1): Lava.
jailor (1): Kaspar Hauser.
jam session (2): Single, Sterling Morrison.
jamboree (1): Country music.
jargon (1): Heraldry.
javelin (2): Classical Athens, Mycenae.
jealousy (1): Lulu.
jerk (1): Shark.
jiggle (1): Mr. Blobby.
jingle (2): Happy Xmas, Revolver.
join (2): Joinery, Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
jolt (1): Jogging.
journal (1): Wisconsin.
judge (2): Lawsuit, Palau.
judoka (1): Masahiko Kimura.
juggling (1): Clown.
juices (1): Lepidoptera.
jumble (2): Felt, Lava.
junior (1): Geisha.
junk (1): A Hard Day's Night.
jury (2): Judge, Lawsuit.
just (1): Pride and Prejudice.
justice (20): Baldur, Das Lied der Deutschen, G8, Government, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Hannibal, Horae, Judaism, Judiciary, Jurisdiction, Jury nullification, Karma, Ma'at, Medical ethics, Mstislav Rostropovich, Peace, Philosophy, Roman Forum, Seven deadly sins, The Brothers Karamazov.
justification (1): A Mathematician's Apology.
justify (4): Canonisation, Epping Ongar Railway, Maine, Victoria line.
juvenile (2): Neal Cassady, Prison.
keen (1): Whitey Wistert.
keep (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
kennel (1): Berlin Wall.
keyboard (1): Apple Corps.
keyhole (1): Kofun.
kick the bucket (1): Metaphor.
kill (2): Aberfan, The Brothers Karamazov.
kiloliter (1): Cubic metre.
kind (2): Belinda, The Brothers Karamazov.
king (1): Victoria of the United Kingdom.
kinks (1): Colorado.
kiss-off (1): Phil Spector.
knead (1): Soda bread.
knight (1): Paul McCartney.
knot (1): Hagfish.
knowledge (2): Maria Edgeworth, Medical illustrator.
known (1): SS-Verfügungstruppe.
label (2): Jons Jacob Berzelius, Monarch.
labor (2): Jack Kerouac, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
laborer (1): Neal Cassady.
labyrinth (1): Crete.
lack (2): B-17 Flying Fortress, Life Less Frightening.
lady (1): Courtly love.
lahar (1): Mount St. Helens.
laid (2): Monarch, Solomon's Temple.
laissez-faire (1): Ayn Rand.
lampoon (1): Encyclopedia Dramatica.
land (1): Wernher von Braun.
landfall (1): Subtropical cyclone.
languid (1): F-sharp minor.
lank (1): Catherine Morland.
lapel (1): Léo Delibes.
large (1): Chauvet Cave.
lasagna (1): Baking.
lasso (1): Gaucho.
last (15): Asuka period, Bun'ei, Bun'ō, Einin, Enkyō, Kagen, Kengen, Kenji, Kōan, Kōan, Kōchō, Shōan, Shōgen, Shōō, Tokuji.
lasted (3): Emperor Kameyama, Emperor Senka, Vietnam.
lasted (4): Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei.
latch (1): Seed dispersal.
later (1): Shipping Forecast.
lateral (2): Cork cambium, Vascular cambium.
laud (1): Tibet.
launch (1): Gerard K. O'Neill.
law and order (1): Chaos.
layer (3): Neptune, Subtropical cyclone, Whaling.
layout (1): Template.
lead (1): FM Static.
leader (2): Freikorps, Kurt Warner.
leak (2): Airbus A330, Bruise.
learn (1): Practice.
lease (2): Blackpool tramway, Taito Corporation.
least (1): Hit.
leeway (1): Shipping Forecast.
leftover (2): Subtropical cyclone, Yellow Submarine.
legal (1): Coat of arms.
legally (1): Tree.
legend (33): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Legend.
legislature (1): Seal of Alabama.
legitimate (1): Mary II of England.
length (1): Walrus.
lenient (1): Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
lens (1): Optical disc drive.
let (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
lethal (2): F-sharp minor, Mutation.
liability (1): Warsaw Convention.
libel (1): Tort.
liberation (1): Tibetan Book of the Dead.
lift (1): Rope.
light (1): Scone.
lighthouse (1): Williamstown.
likely (1): Potential.
likeness (2): John Wayne, Yellow Submarine.
likewise (1): BookCrossing.
limestone (1): Crystal Cave.
limit (4): Classical Athens, Neville Chamberlain, Phengophobia, Seed dispersal.
limp (1): Joseph Goebbels.
linguistics (1): Pronoun.
linguolabial (1): Blowing a raspberry.
link (1): Rose.
liquid (1): Corrosive substance.
liquor (1): Li Bai.
literal (1): Allegory.
literary (1): Leo Tolstoy.
literary device (1): Sentimentality.
literature (2): Horror movie, The Brothers Karamazov.
litter (1): Bastide.
little (1): Victoria of the United Kingdom.
live action (1): Yellow Submarine.
liveliness (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
lively (1): Pride and Prejudice.
local (2): Air pollution, Colorado.
locate (1): Bat.
located (3): Maley & Taunton, Utah, Washington.
location (10): Business, Digital object identifier, Mansfield, Maple Ridge, Pacific Grove, Prince Edward Island, Region, Site, Stratford-upon-Avon, Vancouver.
lockjaw (1): Sea snake.
lodge (1): Nepal.
lodger (1): Neil Aspinall.
log (2): Spoke, Whale.
logbook (1): Manatee.
lollig (1): LOL.
loneliness (1): Revolver.
lonely (1): Mountain.
loom (1): Mesoamerican chronology.
lore (1): Druid.
loss (1): Bobby Dodd.
loud (1): Muse.
love song (1): Rubber Soul.
lover (1): Anchises.
lower (2): Lower house, Mining feasibility study.
lowercase (6): Be, I, Pe, Sha, Te, Tse.
loyal (1): Republic of Taiwan.
lure (2): Music, Parsifal.
luxuries (1): The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale.
luxurious (1): Malus.
luxury (10): Courtesan, Geisha, Jaguar, Sentimentality, Survivor, Palau, Panama, Uniform, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, William S. Burroughs.
lymphoma (1): Sterling Morrison.
lyric (1): Yellow Submarine.
macerate (1): Steeping.
machine (1): Seed dispersal.
mad (1): Catherine Howard.
magician (1): Mal Evans.
magistrate (1): Druid.
magnate (1): Paris Hilton.
magnesium (1): Peanut butter.
magnetic (1): MICR.
magnetic tape (1): Mellotron.
magnitude (1): Mount St. Helens.
mahood (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
maintenance (3): Car, Hudson Motor Car Company, United States Department of War.
major (2): Crime and Punishment, Tisza.
majority (1): Norwegian Nobel Committee.
make (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
malformed (1): Joseph Goebbels.
malicious (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
mallet (1): Maureen Tucker.
management (2): Cambuslang railway station, May Pang.
manager (2): A Hard Day's Night, Terry Butcher.
managing (1): Federico Peña.
managing director (1): Neil Aspinall.
maneuver (6): Facebuster, Khalid ibn al-Walid, List of professional wrestling terms, Powerbomb, Powerslam, Superkick.
manipulate (1): Recording engineer.
manipulation (4): Management, Persuasion, Signal processing, Palau.
manner (1): Japanese traditional dance.
mansion (2): George Harrison, Phil Spector.
mantra (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
manual (1): Recording engineer.
manual (2): Kamikaze, Simplified English.
manufacture (1): Treaty of Nantes.
manufacturer (1): Hudson Motor Car Company.
manuscript (3): Book of Ezra, The Lightning Thief, Vision of Ezra.
many (1): Drosera.
many (1): Pronoun.
march (3): Freikorps, Make Poverty History, Parade.
margin (1): Monarch.
marine (1): Ocean pollution.
mariner (1): World history.
marital (1): Some Enchanted Evening.
maritime (1): Shipping Forecast.
mark (2): Equality, Heraldry.
market (1): Food processing.
maroon (1): Piracy in the Caribbean.
marriage (1): Beyoncé Knowles.
marsvin (1): Guinea pig.
masculine (1): Hebrew numerals.
masculinity (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
masquerade (1): The Cask of Amontillado.
massacre (8): Adana massacre, Armenian Genocide, Armenian-Tatar massacres, Columbine High School massacre, Dajabón River, December 22, Virginia Tech massacre, Wehrmacht.
massive (1): Tree.
mastering (1): The Beatles.
masterpiece (2): Phil Spector, Reception history of Jane Austen.
masterpieces (1): Leo Tolstoy.
masturbation (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
match (1): Fight song.
mate (2): Giant Panda, Whitey Wistert.
material (4): Atom, London Underground 1967 Stock, Mutation, Wristband.
matriculated (1): Joseph Goebbels.
matriculation (1): Munshi Premchand.
matter (1): A Brief History of Time.
mature (6): Alyosha Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, Giant Panda, Growth, Monarch, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
maturity (2): Geisha, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
maximum (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
meal (1): Cereal.
meal (1): Oatmeal.
mean (1): Sentence.
meaning (2): Coat of arms, Freikorps.
measure (2): Hot sauce, Thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
medical (1): Medical illustrator.
megahertz (1): Shortwave radio.
megaton (1): Mount St. Helens.
mein (1): Pride and Prejudice.
melancholy (1): F-sharp minor.
melody (1): Culture of ancient Rome.
member (7): Brendan Fraser, Heinz Auerswald, Pieridae, Pluto, Romania, Siding Spring Observatory, Whitey Wistert.
members (1): Cloud Cult.
membership (1): Christianity.
membrane (1): Orthoptera.
memoir (8): Chuck Barris, Jack Kerouac, Marshfield Dreams, May Pang, Neal Cassady, Patton, The Beatles, The Gong Show.
memorabilia (1): Jason Earles.
memorial (3): Hillsborough disaster, Jack Kerouac, Kansas Turnpike.
mental (7): Bedřich Smetana, Edgar Cayce, Experience, Idea, Mind, Running, Tabula rasa.
mention (1): Song of Songs.
mentioned (1): Paper clip.
mentor (2): Daniela Hantuchová, The Brothers Karamazov.
menu (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
merchandise (3): Franchise, Franchising, Yoshi.
merchant (1): Bobby Dodd Stadium.
mercy (3): Canon, David, Evelina.
merely (1): Health.
merge (3): Act of Union 1800, Adams, New Statesman.
merits (1): Yoghurt.
merry (1): Francisco de Goya.
mesmerize (1): Monsters vs. Aliens.
message (7): Broadcasting, Flag, Lock, Medium, Meteor burst communication, Mime, Nickel Creek.
messenger (1): Recording engineer.
metal (1): Inner core.
meteorology (1): Neptune.
method (1): Divination.
methodology (1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
methods (1): Lisa's Substitute.
metropolis (1): Curitiba.
metropolitan (1): Utah.
microphone (1): Recording engineer.
microscopic (3): Green algae, Optical disc drive, Protist.
middle name (1): John Lennon.
mild (1): Nouakchott.
milestone (1): Recording artist.
militia (1): Bill Ayers.
mimic (2): Blue Jay, Communication.
miner (7): April 26, Crofton, Gold rush, October 10, Salvador Allende, Víctor Jara, William Randolph Hearst.
minimum (3): Little Ice Age, Scottish Premier League, Women's basketball.
minister (2): Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Sushun.
ministries (1): Ministry of National Defense.
minor (1): Freikorps.
minor pentatonic (1): Blues.
minority (4): Alexis Herman, Allen Ginsberg, Cultural assimilation, Romania.
minted (1): Agrippa I.
minus (1): Integer.
mirage (1): Unidentified flying object.
mirror (1): Bloody Mary.
misanthropic (1): F-sharp minor.
mischievery (1): Imp.
miserable (1): John Caesar.
missionary (3): California wine, Mali, Mark David Chapman.
mistake (1): Whitey Wistert.
mistress (1): Jane Eyre.
mistrial (1): Phil Spector.
mistrust (1): Social capital.
mix (1): Wikipedia.
mixing (1): Master recording.
mixing board (1): Recording engineer.
mixture (1): Gas.
mob (3): Culture of ancient Rome, History of the United States, July Revolution.
mobile recording (1): Recording engineer.
moccasin (1): Cypripedioideae.
mock (4): Frances Burney, Grimké sisters, Louis XVI of France, The Brothers Karamazov.
modal verb (1): Infinitive.
model (2): Sparta, Universe.
moderate (1): Mahmoud Abbas.
moderated (1): Maine.
modern (5): Cephalopod, Entente cordiale, Frances Burney, Keir Hardie, Sculpture.
modern (1): Pronoun.
modesty (1): Marilyn Monroe.
modification (1): Seismic retrofit.
modified (1): Portuguese Man o' War.
modify (2): Artifact, Fleshy fruits.
moist (3): Peanut butter, Soda bread, Winter storm.
moisture (1): Utah.
molecule (1): Gerhard Ertl.
molt (2): Horseshoe crab, Orthoptera.
molten (1): Inner core.
monarch (1): Victoria of the United Kingdom.
monastery (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
mongrel (1): Africanis.
monophasic (1): Defibrillator.
monophonic (2): Master recording, Yellow Submarine.
moral (3): Belinda, Reception history of Jane Austen, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
morale (2): Let It Be, Spirituality.
morbid (2): Everton F.C., The Brothers Karamazov.
mortal (1): Anchises.
mortify (1): Pride and Prejudice.
mosaic (1): Thin film transistor liquid crystal display.
motley (1): Jester.
motor oil (1): Hudson Motor Car Company.
mottled (2): Gray Whale, Muscatine.
motto (23): Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Auckland Grammar School, Bedfordshire, Bermuda, Burkina Faso, California Institute of Technology, Coat of arms of the Soviet Union, Das Lied der Deutschen, Hampshire College, Hawaii, Herm, Klingon Language Institute, List of U.S. state mottos, Live Free or Die, Luxembourg, Maryland, NASA, Queen's Park F.C., Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sealand, U.S. 1st Infantry Division, United States Virgin Islands.
mound (2): Fire ant, Kofun.
mount (1): Herbarium.
mourn (2): John Lennon, Wristband.
moved (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
movement (1): Italy.
mucilage (1): Drosera.
mug (1): Sylvester Stallone.
mugger (1): Color of the day.
multi-media (1): Xbox 360.
multinational (1): Curitiba.
multiple (1): Starfish.
multitrack (1): Recording studio.
multitrack recording (1): Recording engineer.
munchies (1): Cannabis.
municipalities (1): Maine.
municipality (3): Kamakura, Maine, Unincorporated area.
murder (3): Catherine Morland, Death of Tina Watson, The Brothers Karamazov.
murk (1): Shark.
music publisher (1): The Monkees.
music score (1): Yellow Submarine.
musician (1): Record label.
musicology (1): Tiny Tim.
muster (1): Ticket of leave.
musty (1): The Bad Beginning.
mute (1): Flying Solo.
mutter (1): Jean Balukas.
mutual (2): North Atlantic Treaty, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
mysterious (2): Irish Republican Brotherhood, Wizard's First Rule.
mystery (16): Edward V of England, Film noir, Advent Children, Firefly, Isaac Asimov, John Mayhew, Kaz II mystery, Lilian Jackson Braun, Meg Ryan, Peter Falconio, Purple, Serenity, The 4400, Tor Books, Veronica Mars, Warhammer 40,000.
mystery tour (1): Magical Mystery Tour.
mystery:mysterious (1): Enma.
myth (1): Legend.
mythical (1): Godzilla.
naive (1): Warrior Princess.
narration (3): Lady Susan, The Beatles, The Point!.
narrative (2): Neal Cassady, Reception history of Jane Austen.
narrow (3): Glans penis, List of simple adjectives, Urethra.
nasal (1): Midwestern United States.
national (1): Utah.
nationalism (1): Book of Esther.
nationalize (1): Iranian coup d'etat.
native (35): Alfalfa, Apocynum cannabinum, Asclepias amplexicaulis, Asclepias asperula, Asclepias californica, Asclepias cordifolia, Asclepias curassavica, Asclepias curtissii, Asclepias eriocarpa, Asclepias erosa, Asclepias fascicularis, Asclepias humistrata, Asclepias incarnata, Asclepias nivea, Asclepias purpurascens, Asclepias speciosa, Asclepias subverticillata, Asclepias syriaca, Asclepias tuberosa, Asclepias verticillata, Banana, Calotropis gigantea, Cirsium, Conyza canadensis, Cynanchum laeve, Dipsacus fullonum, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Frangipani, Guava, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sarcostemma clausum, South Africa, Syringa vulgaris, Trifolium pratense, Vernonia gigantea.
native (1): Native.
nativity (1): Nativity scene.
natural (2): Hesperomannia arbuscula, Reddish Hermit.
naturalized (1): Igor Shpilband.
navigable (1): Strait.
navigation (1): Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.
navigator (1): Avro Vulcan.
near (1): Simplified English.
nearby (1): Ben Hall.
negative (4): Electric field, Sentimentality, Uncle Tom's Cabin, War and Peace.
negative charge (1): Particle.
negotiate (2): Acts of Union 1707, The Beatles.
negotiation (4): February 29, Jack Kerouac, Max Weber, World Bank.
neighbor (1): Pseudonym.
neighborhood (2): Chang'an, Jamaica.
neighbour (1): Dan Kelly.
nephew (10): Aunt, Cousin, Family, George Clooney, History of Saudi Arabia, John Tavener, Julius Caesar, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Screwtape Letters, Uncle.
nervous (1): Rise Against.
net (2): Anna Kournikova, Daniela Hantuchová.
network (2): Hurricane Ismael, Television network.
network (1): Italy.
neutral (1): Dogma.
neutral charge (1): Particle.
neutrality (1): Utah.
nevertheless (1): F-sharp minor.
news column (1): Derek Taylor.
niche (1): Ecological niche.
nickname (3): Area 51, Everton F.C., Iranian coup d'etat.
niece (6): Aunt, Cousin, Emily Donelson, Family, Henry VI of England, Uncle.
night (21): Aardvark, Antarctic Circle, Atmosphere, Awake, Comet, Cuckoo clock, Day, Diurnal, Equinox, Floodlight, Halifax Regional Municipality, Leopard, Meteor, Nocturnal, Nyx, Orthoptera, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Sleep, Tristan und Isolde, Wombat, Year.
night watchman (1): Jack Kerouac.
nl:cavia (1): Guinea pig.
nobility (1): Leo Tolstoy.
noble (1): Richard I of England.
nomad (1): Felt.
nomenclature (1): Non-vascular plant.
nominate (43): AFL Goal of the Year, Aaron Kwok, Avril Lavigne, Big Brother, Blowup, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bridget Fonda, Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Candice Bergen, Cold Mountain, Derrick Pierce, Donald McAlpine, Editors, FM Static, Forrest Gump, Geir Ivarsøy, Glenn Close, Green Day, Heath Ledger, Henrik Lundqvist, Henry Ian Cusick, Jack Black, Jamiroquai, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Jessica Alba, Jill Bilcock, Joss Whedon, Keira Knightley, Lavatory – Lovestory, Linnean Society of London, Marcia Cross, Monarch, Moulin Rouge!, Neil Patrick Harris, Nickel Creek, North Mississippi Allstars, Paste, Qi Yuwu, Queens of the Stone Age, Roy Scheider, Stone Sour, Supreme Court of the United States, Tony Award for Best Musical.
nominated (1): Leo Tolstoy.
nomination (3): Hershel W. Gober, Joe Biden, Under the Rainbow.
non-fiction (1): Ayn Rand.
normal (7): Adjective, Alyosha Karamazov, Chaos, Mining feasibility study, Property, The Brothers Karamazov, Waxed paper.
northern (3): Actias luna, Monarch, New York State Route 308.
notable (11): Amor asteroid, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cape May Bird Observatory, Eric Walter Elst, Hopwood, Inning, Joss Whedon, Kōan, Medical illustrator, Shirley Temple, Spacewatch.
noted (1): Jeremiah McLain Rusk.
notion (1): Particle size.
notoriety (2): Reception history of Jane Austen, Yoko Ono.
notorious (1): Some Enchanted Evening.
novella (1): Ayn Rand.
novice (1): Recording engineer.
nuclear (1): Andrei Sakharov.
nucleus (1): Linus Pauling.
nudge (1): Carom billiards.
nuisance (1): Driftwood.
numb (1): Sea snake.
nurture (1): Tabula rasa.
nutrient (1): Drosera.
nymph (1): Orthoptera.
oath (2): Joan of Arc, Pope Gregory VII.
obedience (4): Bart's Dog Gets an F, Christianity, Guru Angad Dev, Kamikaze.
object (38): Addition, Application, Ball, Carbon dating, Cohesion, Container, Depth, Dice, Dimension, Document, Earmuffs, Elephant, Euclid, Event, Factory, Handheld, Height, Inclined plane, Jerk, Key, Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research, Meteor shower, Method, Moment, Paint, Personal property, Phrasal verb, Picture, Set theory, Size, Speed, Surface, Theft, Transparency, Vector, Volume, Weapon, Width.
objective (2): Bureau of Economic Analysis, Carom billiards.
obligation (1): Passenger.
oblong (1): Cupuaçu.
obscenity (1): Louis XVI of France.
observe (3): Astronomy, Medical illustrator, Rabbit.
observer (1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
obsesquious (1): Frances Burney.
obsessed (1): Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
obsession (1): Jack Kerouac.
obsolete (4): Blu-ray Disc, Computer, Mellotron, Monterey Pop Festival.
obstacle (1): Ditch.
obstruction (1): Marilyn Monroe.
obtain (2): Geography of Romania, Spheroid.
obverse (1): In God We Trust.
obvious (4): Elephant, Eurytides marcellus, Hypothermia, Ocean pollution.
occasion (1): Mount St. Helens.
occasionally (1): Head.
occupation (1): Artist.
occupied (1): King.
occupy (1): Chauvet Cave.
occupying (1): Prince Josias of Coburg.
occur (2): Battle of Uhud, Neolithic Revolution.
of (1): Sentence.
off (1): Prussian blue.
offense (1): Kurt Warner.
offensive (1): Polo.
offer (2): Kurt Warner, Mydoom.
office clerk (1): Pat Paulsen.
officer (1): Operation Ichi-Go.
official (12): Flag of Australia, Heraldry, Hershel W. Gober, Order of St Michael and St George, Romania, Seal of Alabama, Signing Time!, South Africa, Stamp Act, Vexillology, Wizard's First Rule, WrestleMania XXVII.
officially (1): Utah.
often (3): Command, Recognition signal, Wristband.
old-fashioned (1): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
oldest (1): Tree.
oldie (2): Gary Lewis, Little Anthony and the Imperials.
oldies (1): Herman's Hermits.
omit (1): Books of Chronicles.
omnipotent (1): Treehouse of Horror II.
omniscent (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
omnivorous (1): Blue Jay.
on (1): Prussian blue.
on purpose (1): Bobby Dodd.
one-liner (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
ongoing (1): Colitis.
onlooker (1): Portman Road.
onset (1): Stroke.
ooze (1): Lava.
open (1): Adjective.
operate (3): Crich Tramway Village, Direct democracy, London Underground 1967 Stock.
operated (1): Bad Tölz.
operation (2): Recognition signal, United States Department of War.
ophthalmology (1): Ibn al-Haytham.
opiate (1): Opium poppy.
opponent (2): Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
opportunity (2): History of the United States, Second-class citizen.
oppose (3): Alexis Herman, Speed Racer, Palau.
opposition (1): Palau.
option (1): Desiro.
optional (2): Carrot cake, Flag of Washington.
oral (3): India, Methotrexate, Theanine.
oral sex (1): Profanity.
oratorio (1): Paul McCartney.
orbit (2): Amor asteroid, Dyson sphere.
ordain (2): George Foreman, John Foxe.
order (1): Freikorps.
ordinary (3): Fire extinguisher, Health, How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
ordinary professor (1): Augusto Righi.
ordinate (1): Cartesian coordinate system.
ore (1): Aue-Schwarzenberg Rural District.
organic (2): Organic compound, Supabarn.
organisation (1): Children in Need.
organise (1): Derby Carriage and Wagon Works.
organization (5): Chess master titles, Freikorps, Lawsuit, Military organization, Potential National Hockey League expansion.
organize (7): Ashurbanipal, ChessBase, Henry the Navigator, Hurricane Grace, María Isabel Carvajal, Panama, Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
organized (1): Typhoon Tip.
oriented (1): Fireproof.
origin (10): Assyrian Church of the East, Cancer, Carom billiards, Chocolate brownie, Lemon, Romania, Shortwave radio, South Africa, Toy, Vuvuzela.
original (7): Assyrian Church of the East, Deux-Sèvres, Nickel Creek, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium, Teletubbies, Three Men and a Comic Book.
origins (1): Urdu.
ornament (3): Drosera, Folly, Opium poppy.
ornate (1): Music stand.
orphan (1): Cecilia.
oscillate (1): Tide.
outcast (1): Kyle Broflovski.
outcome (1): Ayn Rand.
outcry (1): Shipping Forecast.
outlaw (1): Gaucho.
outlet (2): Capitol Records, Chain store.
outrage (1): Rise Against.
overcrowding (1): Victoria line.
overdub (3): Jeff Lynne, Let It Be, Phil Spector.
overexposure (2): Glen Campbell, Neal Cassady.
overhaul (1): Victoria line.
overlap (3): Asuka period, Books of Kings, Deafness.
overpopulation (1): Human.
overprescribe (1): Revolver.
overproduction (1): New Deal.
overseas (1): Powderfinger.
oversee (1): Mary Hopkin.
overthrow (1): Romanian Revolution of 1989.
overview (1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
ovoviviparous (2): Shark, Skate.
own (2): EBay, Mitre.
owner (1): Feudalism.
pace (3): Give It All, The Brothers Karamazov, The Lightning Thief.
pacifist (1): Linus Pauling.
package (2): Uncle Tom's Cabin, United Parcel Service.
pad (2): Palau, Tiny Thompson.
paddle (1): Sea snake.
pail (1): Soap made from human corpses.
pain (1): Ibuprofen.
painter (1): Francisco de Goya.
pair (1): Anna Kournikova.
pale (2): Kamikaze, Reception history of Jane Austen.
pamper (1): Chihuahua.
pamphlet (1): Louis XVI of France.
panegyric (1): Procopius.
panel (1): Cicada.
panic (2): Charles Spurgeon, The Brothers Karamazov.
panorama (1): Hill.
pantheon (2): Religion of Ancient Egypt, Viking Age.
pantomime (1): Ayn Rand.
pantry (1): Chopped.
pants (1): Underwear.
papaya (1): Papaya.
paperwork (1): Paper clip.
parallel (2): Railway track, Vanishing point.
paralyze (1): Sea snake.
paralyzed (1): Stephen Hawking.
paranormal (1): The Othersiders.
parapet (1): Roof.
parcel (1): Stephens City.
pardon (1): Justification.
pardoned (1): Kōchō.
parent (1): Ben Hall.
parenthesis (2): Infix notation, Karen Carpenter.
parish (3): Coptic Catholic Church, Daughter, Sunderland.
parody (2): Saturday Night Live, The Brothers Karamazov.
parole (3): John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, The Beatles.
parrilla (1): Sarsaparilla.
participate (2): Rise Against, South Africa.
particularly (1): Earth.
partisan (3): Benito Mussolini, Soldier, Wehrmacht.
partner (2): Codeshare agreement, Ranma ½.
party (2): Lawsuit, Romania.
party piece (1): The Gong Show.
parvenu (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
pass (2): Kurt Warner, Wizard's First Rule.
passenger (2): Airbus A320, Airbus A380.
passion (6): Cecilia, Empathy, Pentaport Rock Festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Vicar of Wakefield, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
passivism (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
password (1): Pseudonym.
pastry (1): Korean cuisine.
patch (2): Bruise, Monarch.
patent (1): Maley & Taunton.
paternal (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
path (1): Monarch.
pathos (1): Empathy.
pathway (1): Trade route.
patience (1): War and Peace.
patient (20): Arthur Conan Doyle, Clinic, Cowpox, Harold Shipman, House, Intensive care unit, John Bodkin Adams, Medicine, Nurse, Obfuscation, Olfactory system, Padded cell, Pediatrics, Prescription, Resuscitation, Serial killer, Surgery, Tender is the Night, Theme Hospital, Wristband.
patriarch (1): Tikhon of Zadonsk.
patriarchy (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
patriotism (1): Jack Kerouac.
patron (2): Crich Tramway Village, Joan of Arc.
pay (3): Ana Ivanović, Anna Kournikova, Professional baseball.
peak (3): Balkan Mountains, Hanami, Munro.
peasant (2): Maria Edgeworth, The Brothers Karamazov.
pedantic (1): Leo Tolstoy.
peer (1): Alexis Herman.
pellet (4): Fiddler crab, Hail, Palla, Recycling.
pen name (1): Jeong Yak-yong.
penetrate (4): Pelagic zone, The Brothers Karamazov, Wernher von Braun, Woodland.
penetration (1): List of sex positions.
penisula (1): Saxons.
people (128): Advertising, Advisor, African-American people, Agreement, Air gun, Albania, Alberta, Alcoholic proof, Antibiotics, Audience, Austria-Hungary, Avignon, Baikal, Balloon, Batman, Bogotá, Boson, Business, Caregiver, Catalonia, Census, Certificate, Chain, Chemical compound, Chino Hills, Christopher Benfey, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Citizenship, Cognitive science, Computer, Conference, Contract, Date, Defense, Demonym, Final Fantasy VII, Dungeons & Dragons, Dutch, Enemy, England, Family, Fidel Castro, Freerunning sleep, Friend, Galatasaray S.K., Garlic, Government, Group, Hanoi, Haze, Heaven, Hierarchy, Hiking, Homer Simpson, Huascarán, Independence, International Nuclear Event Scale, Israel, Joseph Smith, Operation Genesis, Karma, Ketchup, Kingdom, Ku Klux Klan, Learning English, Logic, Madness, The Gathering, Makalani, Mall, Market, Martin Bryant, Mass, Miracle, Newcastle, Office, Olomouc, Open Site, Opinion, Oracle bone, Order, Organization, Otter, Panhandle, Passenger car, Perfume, Pizza, Plebiscite, Pompeii, Popular, President, Protest, Protestant Reformation, Pseudonym, Public, Queensland, Real-time strategy, Reputation, Rhetoric, Ritual, Robot, Roe, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sapporo, Scarcity, Secret, Seed, Senate, Silver, Singapore, Smallpox, Social worker, Something Awful, Spacecraft, Spamming, Split Tours, The Phantom Menace, Stethoscope, Superhuman, Taipei County, The White Stripes, Typewriter, Uninhabited, Volkach, Water, Weekend, Windows Neptune, Wyoming.
perceive (1): Neuroscience.
perceptibly (1): Blue Jay.
perennial (2): George Harrison, Pat Paulsen.
perfect (1): Pride and Prejudice.
perfection (1): Pygmalion effect.
perform (2): Computer performance, Rise Against.
performance (3): Bart the Lover, Rehearsal, Palau.
performance artist (1): Clown.
performer (1): Rehearsal.
performing arts (1): Paul McCartney.
periodically (1): Merit badge.
periphery (1): Spinal cord.
permanent (8): Antarctica, Bart the Murderer, Detachment, Edmund S. Phelps, Neolithic Revolution, Ocean, State Library of Victoria, Tabula rasa.
permission (7): Copyright, Jack Kerouac, Jessica Alba, Norfolk Island, Open content, Philip Gidley King, Ticket of leave.
perpendicular (2): Bastide, Mosque.
persecute (1): Treaty of Nantes.
persecution (2): Paul the Apostle, Witch.
persist (1): Hurricane Grace.
personal (1): SS-Verfügungstruppe.
personal assistant (5): Derek Taylor, John Lennon, May Pang, Neil Aspinall, Peter Shotton.
personnel (1): Romania.
perspective (1): Song of Songs.
persuade (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
persuasion (1): Persuasion.
petition (2): Cognate, Muhammad Yunus.
phase (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
pheenomenon (1): Music.
phenomena (1): Leonardo da Vinci.
phenomenon (5): Christendom, Photoelectric effect, Rickrolling, Utah, Winter waterspout.
philanthropy (1): Powderfinger.
philosophical (1): Revolver.
phlebitis (1): Jack Kerouac.
phony (2): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Monkees.
photograph (1): Mona Lisa.
physical (8): Cancer, Christianity, Elijah, Erich von dem Bach, Health, Mind, Signing Time!, Wii.
physical comedy (1): Clown.
physiognomy (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
pianist (1): Mrs Beeton.
picaninny (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
picnic (1): Tree.
piebald (1): Timpani.
pierce (1): Sea snake.
piety (1): Christianity.
pigmentation (1): Horseshoe crab.
pillar (1): God in Christianity.
pillow (1): Fairy.
pilot (1): Hello.
pilot episode (1): The Monkees.
pincer (1): Medical Renaissance.
pioneer (3): Country music, Hank Williams, Hudson Motor Car Company.
pit (1): Edible dormouse.
pitch (2): Bat, Roof.
pivot (1): Pipe organ.
pizza (1): Uncle Daddy.
place (5): Arcade, Group, Mathematics, Sacred, Uninhabited.
plain (1): Scandinavia.
plaintiff (1): Lawsuit.
plane (1): Hello.
plant (1): Air pollution.
plaster (1): Crete.
plate (1): Giant squid.
play (1): Season.
play-on-words (1): Bloc Party.
player (4): Bobby Dodd, Hit, Interactive Fiction, Trade.
pleasant (5): Bastide, I Vow to Thee, Leo Tolstoy, Muscatine, Yoghurt.
please (2): Belinda, Pride and Prejudice.
pleasure (1): Evelina.
pledge (1): Blackpool tramway.
plot (2): Fairy, Reception history of Jane Austen.
plow (1): Donkey.
pluck (1): Guqin.
plug (3): Device controller, George Foreman Grill, Virgin Atlantic Airways.
plumage (1): Blue Jay.
plume (1): Mount St. Helens.
plunder (1): Muhammad al-Qaim Bi-Amrillah.
plural (1): Monarch.
pluralize (1): Keyboard instrument.
pod (1): Dolphin.
poems (1): Ordinary Things.
poetic (1): I Am Wings.
poetically (1): Urdu.
poetry (5): Buried Alive, Have You Been to the Beach Lately?, Moving Day, Ordinary Things, Relatively Speaking.
pogrom (1): Nuremberg.
pointy (1): Paper clip.
poisonous (1): One Fish.
polemicist (1): John Milton.
policy (5): Austen Chamberlain, Joseph Stalin, Romania, Utah, World Bank.
polite (3): Adrian Boult, Behavior, Moondyne Joe.
politeness (1): Urdu.
political (1): System of a Down.
politician (2): Herbert Backe, Kennedy Family.
politics (1): Murder.
poor (5): Adjective, Millard Fillmore, Oliver & Company, Salvation Army, The Prince and the Pauper.
pop star (2): Linda McCartney, Tiny Tim.
popular (10): Carom billiards, Chinese chess, Cool, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pandita Ramabai, Panama, The Monkees, Tiny Tim, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Women's basketball.
popularity (6): Charles Spurgeon, Harry Potter, Lee Soo Young, Lou Reed, Rise Against, The Great Gatsby.
popularize (1): Doug Henning.
population (5): Feces, Fishing, Monarch, Pacific Grove, Silesia.
populist (1): History of the United States.
populous (1): Durban.
porch (1): Bird nest.
pore (1): Niobe.
portal (2): Halo 2, Halo 3.
portico (1): Solomon's Temple.
portmanteau (1): Wikipedia.
portray (1): Mary II of England.
pose (1): Nudity.
position (1): Horseshoe crab.
positive (5): Alyosha Karamazov, Billy Graham, Lisa's Substitute, Particle, The Simpsons Hit & Run.
possess (1): Maine.
possibility (1): Ed Gein.
possible (19): Adjective, Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Legend.
post (1): Charles Foster.
post-production (1): Abbey Road Studios.
postdoctoral (1): Craig C. Mello.
posthumous (1): Flora Thompson.
posture (1): Communication.
potable (1): Vättern.
potential (1): A&M Records.
power (2): Fountain of Youth, Wizard's First Rule.
powerful (1): Omi.
practical (2): Baseball uniform, Uniform.
practice (1): Christianity.
practiced (2): John Willock Noble, William H. H. Miller.
praise (4): Bloc Party, Green Day, Palau, Victor Hugo.
pre-order (1): Bloc Party.
preach (1): Charles Spurgeon.
precede (1): Italy.
precipitation (1): Air pollution.
precise (1): Scandinavia.
predator (3): Hagfish, Hammerhead shark, Mimicry.
predict (2): Erasmus Darwin, Pluto.
predicted (1): Tropical Storm Grace.
prediction (2): A Brief History of Time, Linus Pauling.
predictions (1): Stephen Hawking.
preface (1): William Wordsworth.
preference (1): Schulze method.
preferred (1): Blue Jay.
pregnant (1): Shark.
prehistoric (1): Montrichard.
prejudice (2): Pride and Prejudice, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
preliminary (1): Federico Peña.
premiere (2): The Beatles, The Graduate.
premium (1): Virgin Atlantic Airways.
prepackage (1): Frozen dinner.
preparation (1): Carrot cake.
prepare (4): Alberto Contador, International Space Station, Season, Victoria line.
prepared (1): Green Day.
prequel (9): A New Generation, Dominica, Fire Emblem, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Last of the Summer Wine, Midquel, Reception history of Jane Austen, Sequel, A Link to the Past.
presence (2): Samuel, Solomon's Temple.
present (5): Adjective, Athena, Fictional universe, Future, Verb.
presentation (1): Geisha.
preservatives (1): Butter.
preserve (1): Mesolithic.
president (1): Lisa's Substitute.
press agent (2): Brian Epstein, Derek Taylor.
press conference (1): The Monkees.
pressure (5): Fireproof, Gordon Brown, Pacific Ocean, Paper clip, Romania.
prestige (4): Middle Persian, Russian Empire, Social status, Taifa.
pretend (4): Color of the day, I've Got a Secret, Panama, The Brothers Karamazov.
pretender (1): Prince of Orange.
prevent (1): Brundtland Commission.
prevention (1): Kennel cough.
prey (8): Bird nest, Drosera, Hagfish, Hermit crab, Orca, Sea snake, Shark, Walrus.
pride (3): Korean magpie, Uncle Tom's Cabin, White émigré.
primaries (1): Blue Jay.
primary (2): Jerry Brown, Utah.
primitive (1): Europa.
principle (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
print (9): Cyrillic alphabet, Edvard Munch, Evidence, Korea, Model, Negative, Norwegian language, Paper, Utamaro.
priority (2): Hyderabad, Profanity.
private (7): Ann Radcliffe, Desiro, Edible dormouse, Evelina, Palomar Observatory, Schola Cantorum, Sun Life Stadium.
privilege (6): Application, Bastide, City, Doronpa, John Winter, Patronage.
prize (1): Baking.
probable (19): Adjective, Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Legend.
probably (1): Monarch.
procedure (1): Medical illustrator.
process (23): Chess, Chess and computers, Condensation, Creating, Feedback, Freezing, God's eye view, Iron, Junker, Moral purchasing, Negative, Now, Project management, Ratify, Raw material, Reforesting, Scar, Science, Sterilisation, Structure, Urbain Grandier, Waste heat, William Harvey.
processed (1): MICR.
procession (1): Pipe organ.
processor (2): Monsters vs. Aliens, Recording studio.
proclamation (1): Edict of Milan.
produce (2): Ecosystem valuation, Firework.
product (6): Biface, Conservation of mass, Feudalism, I've Got a Secret, Maine, Recycling.
production (1): Appeal to Reason.
products (2): Maine, Plant sap.
profess (1): Licinius.
professional (9): Firework, Goran Ivanišević, Medical illustrator, Paper clip, Pete Sampras, Reception history of Jane Austen, Recording engineer, Sania Mirza, Talk show.
professionally (1): Medical illustrator.
profile (1): Beam.
program (3): Alabama, Merit badge, Talk show.
progress (4): Ana Ivanović, Animal testing, Daniela Hantuchová, Serpent.
prohibition (1): Geisha.
project (3): Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research, Scenario, Spacewatch.
prominent (1): Suzerainty.
prominently (2): Dead Putting Society, Seal of Alabama.
promiscuous (1): Jack Kerouac.
promise (3): Bart the Daredevil, David, Triple Alliance.
promote (7): CBBC, Chess, Frugivore, Pete Seeger, Take Me Away, USB flash drive, Vince McMahon.
prone (1): Rolex.
proof (18): Ad hominem, Baking, Combinatorial game theory, Copyright, Euclidean geometry, Europa, Experiment, Extraterrestrial life, Fact, Four color theorem, Fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Lemma, Myth, Otherkin, Persuasion, Postulate, September 11 attacks, Song of Songs.
propaganda (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
propagation (1): Seed.
properties (2): Neutron star, Oat.
property (2): Complementarity, Electrophysiology.
propose (5): Kurt Warner, Mongolic languages, Sergei Eisenstein, Vexillology, Victoria line.
prose (1): Jack Kerouac.
prosecute (2): John Lennon, Matthew Shepard Act.
prosperity (1): History of the United States.
protect (4): Africanized honeybee, Cephalopod, Quokka, Water buffalo.
protected (1): Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
protection (1): Bunker.
protege (1): Badfinger.
protegé (1): Woody Guthrie.
protest (7): Elijah, Golaniad, India, Plastic Ono Band, Rise Against, Romania, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
protests (1): Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment.
protocol (2): Internet Relay Chat, Shipping Forecast.
prototype (1): Hydropower.
protrusion (1): Adam's apple.
proud (1): Emma.
province (1): Korean cuisine.
provision (1): Local Government Act 1985.
provisional (1): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
proximity (1): Alabama.
proxy (2): Cuban Missile Crisis, Proxy server.
psychiatrist (1): Bart Gets an F.
psychological (1): Transwoman.
psychotic (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
pub (1): Crich Tramway Village.
public office (1): Doug Henning.
public relations (1): Derek Taylor.
public service (1): Talk show.
public service announcement (1): Phil Spector.
publication (2): Stephen Hawking, Template.
publications (1): Mrs Beeton.
publicist (1): Bill Harry.
publicity (2): J. D. Salinger, Millvina Dean.
publish (11): Allen Ginsberg, Bangui, Belinda, Evelina, Francesca Lia Block, Linnean Society of London, Challenge of the Warlords, The Simpsons Hit & Run, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Wizard's First Rule, World Bank.
published (13): Buried Alive, Flying Solo, Grandpa Never Lies, Hello, I Am Wings, Joseph Goebbels, Ordinary Things, Relatively Speaking, The One O'Clock Chop, The Sandman, The Wall Street Journal, Twilight Comes Twice, Uncle Daddy.
pucker (1): Bat.
puerile (1): Chuck Barris.
puff (1): Hypothermia.
pulling (1): Donkey.
pulp (1): Mill.
pulse (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
punish (3): Mary II of England, Reconstruction of the United States, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
punishing (1): Bart the Murderer.
punishment (2): Deportation, Troll.
purchase (3): Kuwait, Product stewardship, Trade.
pure (1): Green tea.
purge (2): Charles I of England, Vomit.
purity (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
purpose (7): Application, Knowledge, Mug shot, Murder, The Point!, Time limit, Victoria line.
purse (1): Kaspar Hauser.
pursue (3): Fireproof, Merit badge, Nickel Creek.
purveyor (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
put (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
put (1): Sentence.
quack (1): Medical Renaissance.
quadrennial (1): United States presidential election.
qualify (1): Scottish Premier League.
quality (5): Air pollution, Autofocus, Coffee, Fire ant, International General Certificate of Secondary Education.
quarter (1): Belfast Quarters.
quartet (1): Crosby.
queen (1): Victoria of the United Kingdom.
question (1): Ed Gein.
questionnaire (1): Arlo Guthrie.
quick (1): Bat.
quiet (3): Adjective, List of simple adjectives, Mute.
quirky (1): Tomorrow Never Knows.
quit (1): Bobby Robson.
qullchanni (1): Colchane.
quote (3): Copyright, Edmund Stoiber, The Jungle.
quoted (1): Leo Tolstoy.
race (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
racism (1): History of the United States.
radiant (1): Teletubbies.
radiate (1): Pipe organ.
radio announcer (1): The Gong Show.
radula (1): Chiton.
raft (1): Solomon's Temple.
rag (1): Obsidian.
raga (1): George Harrison.
rage (1): Uzziah.
raise (2): Farmer, Monarch.
raised (1): Charles Foster.
rally (2): Bart the Daredevil, Romania.
ram (1): Dolphin.
random (2): Chaos, All-Stars.
range (1): Airbus A330.
rank (7): Chess, Grand Cross, Jean Balukas, Linus Pauling, Order of St Michael and St George, Record chart, University of Nottingham.
ranked (1): Wisconsin.
rape (1): The Magic Flute.
rare (15): Bastide, Coelacanth, Color blindness, Diamond, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Indium, Myocardial infarction, Niobium, Piracy in the Caribbean, Rhenium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Shuttlecock, Tantalum, Winter waterspout.
rascal (1): Francis Poulenc.
ratify (1): Treaty of Paris.
ration (1): Sullivan Bay.
rational (1): Mind.
ravine (2): Babi Yar, Rambla de las Ovejas.
raw (2): Bloc Party, Roe.
rawhide (1): Gaucho.
razor blade (1): Crystal radio.
react (4): Coma, Ivan Regen, Nervous system, Soda bread.
reaction (2): Lysergic acid diethylamide, The Beatles.
ready (1): Adjective.
reaffirm (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
real estate (1): John Lennon.
realistic (1): Gran Turismo.
reality (2): Buddhism, Shinee.
realize (3): Charles Ives, David, Joseph Chamberlain.
realizes (3): Radio Bart, Saturdays of Thunder, The Way We Was.
rearm (1): Neville Chamberlain.
reason (11): Argument, Brain, David Hume, James Cook, Logic, Mars, Organ, Serenity, The Republic, Truthiness, Väki.
rebellion (1): East Bengal.
rebirth (2): Lysergic acid diethylamide, Tibetan Book of the Dead.
rebuke (2): Ahab, John Knox.
recall (1): Mind.
receive (4): Bobby Dodd, Linus Pauling, List of sex positions, Spamming.
receiver (2): Shipping Forecast, Shortwave radio.
recent (1): Toronto subway and RT.
reception (1): Revolver.
recess (1): Victoria line.
recession (3): History of the United States, Specialized English, Williamstown.
recipe (1): Linda McCartney.
recipient (1): Grant.
reciprocally (1): Knight.
reciprocate (1): Driveshaft.
recite (2): Muslim history, Pi Day.
recluse (2): Howard Hughes, Jack Kerouac.
recognize (6): Books of Kings, Herbarium, Recognition signal, Romania, Signal, Stephens City.
recommend (1): Bart Gets an F.
recommendations (1): Big Max.
reconcile (3): Christianity, May Pang, Yoko Ono.
reconciliation (2): Neal Cassady, Susanoo.
reconstruction (2): Runes, Vexillology.
record (5): Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Bloc Party, Geography of Romania, Kurt Warner, Medical illustrator.
record (1): Everybody's Changing.
recorded (1): Wisconsin.
recording (2): Recording artist, Recording engineer.
recording artist (1): Recording engineer.
recording deck (1): Recording engineer.
recording session (1): Strawberry Fields Forever.
recording studio (2): George Harrison, Recording engineer.
recording tape (1): Yellow Submarine.
recount (1): Leo Tolstoy.
recover (6): Alberto Contador, Austen Chamberlain, Billy Graham, Coma, Fidel Castro, Health.
recovered (1): Control of fire by early humans.
recovering (1): All-Stars.
recovery (2): Allentown, Health.
recruit (1): Bobby Dodd.
rectum (1): Profanity.
recurring (2): Bart Gets Hit by a Car, There's No Disgrace Like Home.
redeem (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
redemption (2): David Boreanaz, Warrior Princess.
reduce (5): Insulation, Kitakyūshū, Maronite Church, Mining feasibility study, Nymphalidae.
reel-to-reel (1): Jeff Lynne.
refer (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
reference (3): Maidenhead, The Telltale Head, Treehouse of Horror II.
references (1): Some Enchanted Evening.
referred (1): Utah.
refine (1): Powderfinger.
refining (1): Utah.
reflex (2): Itch, Sea snake.
reform (3): Belinda, John Calvin, Romania.
refrigerator (1): Chopped.
refugee (1): Pandita Ramabai.
refurbish (1): London Underground 1967 Stock.
refuse (4): Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Robson, Iranian coup d'etat, Jean Balukas.
refused (1): Joseph Goebbels.
regenerate (1): Axolotl.
region (3): Maine, South Africa, Utah.
regional (1): Maine.
register (3): Dog, Scottish Fold, Trademark.
registered (1): Children in Need.
reglarize (32): Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Annei, Emperor Bidatsu, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Jimmu, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kimmei, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Suizei, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Sushun, Emperor Yomei, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū.
regular (2): A Brief History of Time, Adjective.
regulate (1): Inns of Court.
regulated (2): Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Tribute.
regulation (1): South Africa.
rehearse (2): Powderfinger, Radiohead.
reign (28): Books of Kings, Emperor Ankan, Emperor Ankō, Emperor Buretsu, Emperor Chūai, Emperor Hanzei, Emperor Ingyō, Emperor Itoku, Emperor Kaika, Emperor Keikō, Emperor Keitai, Emperor Kenzō, Emperor Kōan, Emperor Kōgen, Emperor Kōrei, Emperor Kōshō, Emperor Ninken, Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Richū, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Seinei, Emperor Senka, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Sujin, Emperor Yūryaku, Empress Jingū, Mary II of England, Victoria of the United Kingdom.
reinforce (2): Fireproof, Mimicry.
reject (3): American Robin, Atheism, Christianity.
rejection (3): Avoidant personality disorder, Baptist, Fireproof.
rejects (1): The Way We Was.
rejuvenation (1): Momotarō.
relate (4): Air pollution, Lift Coefficient, Phoenix, Troödon.
related (1): Shipping Forecast.
relation (1): Romania.
relationship (4): Affair, I Am Wings, Mary II of England, War and Peace.
relative (1): Hammerhead shark.
relax (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
relaxation (2): Autogenic training, Autonomic nervous system.
release (16): Across the Universe, Apoptosis, Billy Graham, Bloc Party, Butterfly, Dan Kelly, Jessica Alba, Kurt Warner, Lucy Lawless, Powderfinger, Rise Against, Second War of Scottish Independence, Song of the South, The Simpsons Hit & Run, Timpani, Wizard's First Rule.
released (1): Castoreum.
relevant (1): Bureau of Economic Analysis.
reliability (3): Reception history of Jane Austen, Self-Monitoring, Solid.
reliable (2): Freikorps, Mrs Beeton.
reliance (2): Flag of Maine, Tikal.
relic (1): Tribute.
relieve (2): Ibuprofen, Victoria line.
reluctance (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
rely (1): Romania.
remain (3): Asteroid belt, Identity, Imperial Household Agency.
remains (1): Evolution.
remake (2): George A. Romero, Strawberry Fields Forever.
remaster (1): Yellow Submarine.
remastered (1): Master recording.
remedt (1): Victoria line.
remedy (1): Doug Henning.
remixing (1): Yellow Submarine.
remnant (1): Ligament.
remnants (1): Hurricane Grace.
remote (4): Ben Hall, Dan Kelly, Marie Byrd Land, Sturt National Park.
remove (3): Baseball uniform, Joseph Stalin, World Bank.
rename (1): Sun Life Stadium.
rendering (1): Duke Nukem 3D.
renegotiate (1): Let It Be.
renovating (1): Old Money.
renovation (1): La Scala.
renown (1): Glory.
rent (1): The Vicar of Wakefield.
repair (3): Crich Tramway Village, Janitor, Portman Road.
repeat (3): Mr. Blobby, Schulze method, Vinculum.
repel (1): ALPHA Collaboration.
repelled (1): Kamakura period.
repent (1): Church music.
repertoire (1): Hank Williams.
replace (6): Bobby Dodd, David, Green Day, Iranian coup d'etat, Kurt Warner, Rise Against.
replica (1): Davy Crockett.
report (4): Anna Kournikova, The Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Tom's Cabin, WrestleMania XXVII.
reportage (1): Curitiba.
represent (12): Australian Recording Industry Association, Bill Harry, Coat of arms, Davy Crockett, Document, Flag of Arizona, Flag of Colorado, Flag of Maine, Flag of Utah, Linda McCartney, Numeral, Senate.
representation (1): TRANSNET Gewerkschaft.
represented (1): World Bank.
representing (1): Aquila.
reprise (1): Red Hot Chili Peppers.
reproduction (2): Drosera, Seed.
reputation (5): Blue Jay, Hank Williams, Smothers Brothers, Tort, Yellow Submarine.
require (1): Bastide.
requirement (1): Merit badge.
rescue (1): The Magic Flute.
research (4): Antarctica, Online Computer Library Center, Social sciences, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
resent (1): Let It Be.
reserve (3): Frances Burney, Geography of Romania, Romania.
resident (3): Doronpa, Kricogonia lyside, Second-class citizen.
resident alien (1): John Lennon.
residential (1): Heinz Auerswald.
residue (1): Catalyst.
resign (11): Herman Hickman, Iranian coup d'etat, Joseph Chamberlain, Mahmoud Abbas, Neville Chamberlain, Peter Shotton, Sarah Palin, Sean Parnell, South Korea, The Brothers Karamazov, WarGames.
resignation (1): Rice Riots of 1918.
resist (1): London Underground 1967 Stock.
resolution (4): High-definition television, Liquid crystal display, Saturn, United Nations.
resolve (3): Dialectic, First Council of Nicaea, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
resolving (1): The War of the Simpsons.
resort (3): Azuga, Coachella Valley, Venus.
resource (4): Antarctica, Energy, Human, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
resourceful (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
resources (1): Seal of Alabama.
respect (12): America's Army, Angels & Airwaves, Arabian horse, Bowing, Dignity, List of emotions, Old age, Posthumous name, Pride, Romanian War of Independence, Socrates, The Brothers Karamazov.
respectability (1): Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.
respectively (1): Nucleobase.
respond (1): Kurt Warner.
response (2): Battle of the Bands, Nickel Creek.
responsibilities (1): Polo.
responsibility (7): Birthday, Chun Doo-hwan, Hermann Göring, Operation Ichi-Go, President, Panama, The Brothers Karamazov.
responsible (2): Adjective, Pablo Picasso.
rest (3): Against, Psychoneuroimmunology, Shabbat.
restless (1): Neal Cassady.
restore (3): Crich Tramway Village, Fountain of Youth, Hezekiah.
restraint (1): Avoidant personality disorder.
restrict (1): Aspirator.
restricted (3): Black-breasted Puffleg, Sooty Barbthroat, Venezuelan Sylph.
restriction (4): Carom billiards, Free content, Parking, Scottish Premier League.
restrictions (1): Bicycle.
restrictiveness (1): Utah.
result (15): David, Difference, Function, Goal, Hard science, Hypersonic, Karma, Norman Jay Coleman, Nuclear reaction, Ocean pollution, Pellagra, Probability experiment, Romania, Scar, Social capital.
resulted (1): Control of fire by early humans.
resulting (2): Bart the Murderer, Treehouse of Horror II.
results (1): Utah.
resumé (1): Sterling Morrison.
retail (1): Chain store.
retain (1): Masonary.
retardation (1): Trisomy.
retch (1): Kennel cough.
reticence (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
retire (1): Miguel Indurain.
retired (1): Igor Shpilband.
retirement (1): Dean Martin.
retouching (1): Let It Be.
retribution (1): Freedom of speech.
retro (1): The Beatles.
return (1): Monarch.
reunion (2): Rage Against the Machine, WWE Extreme Rules.
reunite (1): Like Father.
revenge (25): Ana Ivanović, Arshak II, Astyanax, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Erinyes, Film noir, Flaming Moe's, Freikorps, Gilbert Thomas Carter, Hannibal Lecter, Human death, Kristallnacht, List of InuYasha characters, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Medieval commune, Onryō, Serial killer, Seven deadly sins, Social capital, The Cask of Amontillado, The Count of Monte Cristo, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Vidar, Wernher von Braun, Wozzeck.
revenue (3): Cork oak, European Union budget, United States Department of the Treasury.
reverberation (1): Recording studio.
reverse (1): Prussian blue.
reversion (1): Reform.
review (2): Jack Kerouac, Reception history of Jane Austen.
revise (1): Reception history of Jane Austen.
revival (3): Buxton, Carom billiards, The Strokes.
revives (1): Brush with Greatness.
revolt (2): Mary II of England, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
revolution (1): Iranian coup d'etat.
rhinestone (1): Glen Campbell.
rhyme (2): Isaac Watts, Orange.
rhythm (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
ribbed (1): Butterfly.
rich (10): Amateur, Courtesan, Elegance, List of simple adjectives, M.C. Hammer, Oiran, Port Royal, Richard Branson, Uniform, Welfare state.
ridge (1): Horsetail.
ridiculous (1): Muse.
riff (2): Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar.
righteous (1): Good Friday.
rightous (1): Jehovah's Witnesses.
rigid (2): Ancient Greek boxing, Sickle-cell disease.
ripe (1): Roe.
risk (1): Hypertension.
ritual (2): India, Mongols.
rival (6): Garry Kasparov, Kōan, L'incoronazione di Poppea, Phil Spector, University of Southern California, William Shakespeare.
rivalry (4): John McEnroe, Susanoo, Thirty Years' War, University of California.
road manager (2): Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall.
road trip (2): Hudson Motor Car Company, Jack Kerouac.
roadkill (1): A Writing Kind of Day.
roam (1): Mountain.
rob (1): John Vane.
robbed (1): Queanbeyan.
robbery (3): Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, June 15.
robe (1): Judge.
robust (2): Human evolution, USB flash drive.
rock band (1): Revolver.
rod (2): Fibrous protein, Spoke.
roll (1): Tongue.
romantic (1): The Beatles.
romanticize (1): Joni Mitchell.
rookery (1): Penguin.
rookie (1): Kurt Warner.
room (2): Padded cell, Warwick Castle.
root (2): Cognate, Nickel Creek.
rot (4): Bird nest, Compost, Ichthyosaur, Yomi.
rotate (2): Rotor, Walrus.
rotation (1): Supercell.
rough (1): Assyrian Church of the East.
round (1): Chauvet Cave.
route (2): Middle Ages, Virgin Atlantic Airways.
routine (1): Revolver.
row (1): Pascal's Triangle.
royalties (1): Peter Shotton.
royalty (3): Bobby Darin, Recording artist, Single.
rude (8): Ass, Avril Lavigne, Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Shit, Simple, Sirens, Spamming, The Brothers Karamazov.
rudeness (1): Taboo.
ruin (2): Coba, Marco Pantani.
ruining (1): Bart's Dog Gets an F.
rule (3): Ancient Greek boxing, Austria-Hungary, Victoria of the United Kingdom.
rumor (6): David Boreanaz, John Mayhew, Song of the South, All-Stars, Wonder Woman, The Last Stand.
rumour (6): Ad hominem, Ariel Sharon, Citizen Kane, Haunted house, Heath Ledger, Mashiro Kazahana.
run (3): Cross-country race, Quick, Western States 100.
runner-up (1): Jean Balukas.
running mate (2): Pat Paulsen, Tiny Tim.
runny (2): Air pollution, Volcano.
runoff (1): Pesticide.
rural (1): Grameen Bank.
sacred (2): Jordan River, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
sacrifice (15): Ahab, Altar, Andromeda, Bollywood, Cassiopeia, Cecilia, Fall of Man, Finnish paganism, Hannibal, Help!, Holocaust, Jesus, Kamikaze, List of religions, Sistine Chapel.
safe (1): Jaws.
safety (3): Color of the day, Feudalism, Hudson Motor Car Company.
saftey (1): Color of the day.
sale (1): Craigslist.
salesperson (1): Midnight Cowboy.
sallow (1): Catherine Morland.
same (3): Adjective, Difference, Similarity.
sample (1): Moon.
sanctificare (1): Sanctification.
sanctuary (2): Monarch, Solomon's Temple.
sandbar (1): Hurricane Ismael.
sane (1): Apostasy in Islam.
sanity (1): David.
sap (1): Manna.
sarcasm (4): Ahab, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, O RLY?, The Brothers Karamazov.
sarcophagus (1): Hallstatt culture.
satchel (1): Coffee.
satellite radio (1): Talk show.
satire (1): The Vicar of Wakefield.
satisfy (3): Alexandrine Tinné, Manna, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
savants (1): Prehistoric Armenia.
save (1): Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.
savoury (4): Bun, List of garden plants, Pie, Pudding.
say (3): Basic English verbs, Edward Bawden, Verb.
scabies (1): Medical Renaissance.
scale (3): Linus Pauling, The Sandman, Volcanic Explosivity Index.
scandal (1): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
scar (1): Joseph Stalin.
scare (1): Hannibal Lecter.
scared (1): John Vane.
scat (1): Jack Kerouac.
scatter (3): Seed dispersal, Spectroscopy, Whitey Wistert.
scattered (1): Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
scavenger (1): Polychaeta.
scenario (2): Lysergic acid diethylamide, WarGames.
scenery (1): Scenario.
scenic (2): Crich Tramway Village, Universidad de ciencias de la informática.
scent (1): Monarch.
schedule (5): American Airlines Flight 11, Geisha, Great Leap Forward, Jean Balukas, Lufthansa.
scheduled (1): WrestleMania XXVII.
scheme (2): Color blindness, The Vicar of Wakefield.
scholar (5): Frances Burney, Germaine Greer, Medical illustrator, Pandita Ramabai, Yi I.
scholarship (3): Jack Kerouac, Primary source, Prix de Rome.
schoolgirl (1): Mary Hopkin.
scientist (1): Hypersonic.
scold (1): The Vicar of Wakefield.
scoop (1): Gray Whale.
score (2): Hit, Polo.
scorn (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
scout (1): Tiny Thompson.
scraggy (1): Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb.
scratch (2): Itch, Seed dispersal.
scratchy (1): Bird nest.
screen (1): Female.
scribe (1): Vision of Ezra.
scroll (2): Elizabeth Cross, Jack Kerouac.
season (1): Eurytides marcellus.
seasons (1): Grandpa Never Lies.
seat (2): Abingdon-on-Thames, Federal Government of the United States.
seclusion (1): World history.
secret (3): Belinda, Clandestine chemistry, Wizard's First Rule.
secretary (1): John Milton.
secrete (2): Bartholin's gland, Endocrine gland.
secretly (1): Isaac Watts.
section (2): Intensive care unit, Portman Road.
sector (1): Wernher von Braun.
secular (3): Church music, Gilles Binchois, John Dunstaple.
secularize (1): St Michael's Church.
secure (1): Operation Ichi-Go.
security (17): Adware, Internet Explorer, Iran, Liese Prokop, List of emotions, List of words about computers, Lock, Michael Jeffery, Mogadishu, Schutzstaffel, Secret, Voyager, The Brothers Karamazov, UNIX, United Nations General Assembly, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Windows NT.
security guard (1): Mark David Chapman.
sediment (2): Control of fire by early humans, Oat.
seduce (2): The Brothers Karamazov, The Graduate.
seduction (1): Neal Cassady.
see (1): Basic English verbs.
seem (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
segment (3): Callosamia promethea, Convex set, Pieridae.
segregate (1): Martin Luther King.
segregated (1): Little Rock Nine.
segregation (1): Second-class citizen.
seize (1): Tokugawa Ieyasu.
select (1): Bobby Dodd.
selected (1): Professional baseball.
selection (1): Sortition.
selective (1): Cell growth.
self esteem (1): Craig C. Mello.
self-contained (1): Scuba diving.
self-interest (1): Jean Balukas.
self-sufficient (1): Libra.
selfish (1): Eric Cartman.
sell (4): Baking, Free content, Value, Wristband.
selling (1): Copyleft.
semester (1): Billy Graham.
semi (1): Chocolate chip cookie.
semi-professional (1): Goole.
send (2): Basic English verbs, Verb.
senility (1): A Writing Kind of Day.
senior (2): Federico Peña, Geisha.
sensibility (1): Rise Against.
sensitive (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
sensitivity (1): Clitoral glans.
sentimental (2): The Vicar of Wakefield, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
separate (8): Adjective, Alabama, Intensive care unit, Marie Curie, Nation of Islam, Neal Cassady, Phrasal verb, Valais.
separation (1): Thermal expansion.
sequel (8): Books of Kings, Duke Nukem 3D, Homer Alone, Hugh Jackman, James Branch Cabell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reception history of Jane Austen, The Lightning Thief.
sequence (2): Duke Nukem 3D, Yellow Submarine.
serial number (1): The Beatles.
series (1): NBA Finals.
serious (2): Adjective, By the Way.
sermon (1): Charles Spurgeon.
serrate (1): Obsidian.
serrated (1): Green turtle.
serve (1): New York City Police Department.
service (2): German Cross, Mail.
services (1): Crich Tramway Village.
servile (1): Profanity.
session musician (1): Opeth.
settle (1): History of the United States.
settlement (3): Apple Records, History of the United States, Juneau County.
settler (2): Oklahoma, Whittier.
settlers (1): Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
severe (5): Colitis, Einin, Kamakura, Thunderstorm, Wrongful life.
sewer (1): Air pollution.
sexy (2): Anna Kournikova, Jessica Alba.
shade (1): Baseball uniform.
shallow (3): Dolphin, Dugong, The Brothers Karamazov.
shame (1): Pride and Prejudice.
shanty (1): Hobo.
share (1): India.
shave (1): Wozzeck.
shaving (1): Iron.
shed (4): Butterfly, Monarch, Solomon's Temple, Thunderstorm.
sheet (1): Hurricane Ismael.
shell (1): Lithosphere.
shellac (1): Single.
shelter (1): Thunderstorm.
sheltering (1): Lisa's Pony.
shin (1): Monarch.
shine (1): Superb Bird of Paradise.
shipping (1): Shipping Forecast.
shoal (1): Squid.
shock (4): Emma, Evelina, Hypersonic, The Brothers Karamazov.
shock jock (1): Talk show.
shoot (1): Gerard K. O'Neill.
shore (2): Hurricane Ismael, Kampala.
short story (1): Jack Kerouac.
shortcomings (1): Victoria line.
shortcut (1): New York State Route 308.
shortwave (1): Talk show.
shoulder (3): Kurt Warner, Leonardo da Vinci, Violin.
shout (1): Kamikaze.
show business (1): Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
showcase (1): Country music.
shred (2): Leadbeater's Possum, Leaf blower.
shrewd (1): Marilyn Monroe.
shrine (1): Mycenae.
shrink (2): Jordan River, Reception history of Jane Austen.
shroud (1): Bier.
shut up (1): STFU.
shutter (1): Pipe organ.
shuttle (1): London Underground 1967 Stock.
shy (1): Avoidant personality disorder.
sibling (1): Napoleon I of France.
side effect (1): Lysergic acid diethylamide.
side project (1): How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.
siege (2): Operation Ichi-Go, Symphony no 7.
sieve (1): Tunicate.
sighting (1): Kricogonia lyside.
sign (2): Romania, Romanian War of Independence.
signal (1): Recognition signal.
signature (1): Maureen Tucker.
significance (1): Leo Tolstoy.
significant (1): Wind shear.
silly (1): Cecilia.
similar (1): Italy.
similarity (1): Human evolution.
simple:Main Page (1): Wiktionary.
simple:cheap (1): Geisha.
simple:crown (1): Toyota Camry.
simple:extra (1): Allowance.
simple:master (10): Bushido, Don Giovanni, Germaine Greer, Higher education, Jane Eyre, Museum in Bielsko-Biała, My-Otome, Ronin, The Master, Wario.
simple:media (1): Digital media.
simple:modern (1): Fencing.
simple:obey (1): Bicycle.
simple:proportion (1): Planetary core.
simple:resource (1): Great Leap Forward.
simple:spouse (7): Ball and chain, Funeral Blues, Polygamy, Posthumous name, Sister-in-law, Social network, Widow.
simple:tire (1): Bicycle.
simple:tread (1): Bicycle.
simple:unlawfully (1): Manslaughter.
simulation (1): WarGames.
simulcast (1): John Lennon.
sincerity (1): The Brothers Karamazov.
singalong (1): Country music.
singer-songwriter (1): Without You.
singular (1): F-sharp minor.
sink (3): Basin, Convection, Measure.
sinkhole (2): Cenote, Tropical Storm Barry.
sitar (1): Ravi Shankar.
situation (1): Kennel cough.
size (1): Thomas and Friends.
skid row (1): Hobo.
skiffle (1): Peter Shotton.
skill (2): Baking, Hit.
slab (2): Fishstick, Stele.
slander (2): Tort, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
slant (1): Lectern.
slapstick (1): The Monkees.
slate (1): Roof.
slave (1): Serfdom.
sleep (1): Chauvet Cave.
sleeve (1): Wristband.
slide (2): Barrel organ, Portamento.
slime (1): Hagfish.
slimy (1): Nattō.
slip (1): Underwear.
slipper (1): Cypripedioideae.
sliver (1): Fishstick.
slope (5): Calculus, Differential calculus, Duke Nukem 3D, Roof, Volcano.
sloppy (1): Uncle Tom's Cabin.
slot (1): Groove.
sludge (1): Ocean pollution.
slurred (1): Sylvester Stallone.
slush (1): Europa.
small (1): Blood orange.
smalls (1): Underwear.
smoking (1): Ayn Rand.
smooth (1): Adjective.
snarky (1): Encyclopedia Dramatica.
snort (1): Kennel cough.
snowmobile (1): Inuit.
snub (1): Jean Balukas.
social (1): Sparta.
social cause (1): Pete Seeger.
social study (1): Silhak.
socialite (1): Midnight Cowboy.
society (7): Children in Need, Energy, Evelina, Linnean Society of London, Oliver Goldsmith, Social studies, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
socket (1): Device controller.
soft (10): Apple, Chauvet Cave, Cocoa, Flatworm, List of simple adjectives, Metal, Physical property, Platinum, Scone, Strontium.
solar flare (1): Shortwave radio.
sold (1): Raisin bread.
sole (1): Mary II of England.
solecism (1): Borat Sagdiyev.
solicitor (1): William Wordsworth.
solid (1): Spectroscopy.
solute (1): Solvent.
solve (3): Linear algebra, Mathematics, Neville Chamberlain.
something (2): Coat of arms, Sentence.
somewhat (1): Apple.
songbook (1): Woody Guthrie.
soon (1): Shipping Forecast.
soot (1): Air pollution.
sophisticated (1): Obsidian.
sophistication (1): Fireproof.
sophomore (1): Bobby Dodd.
soprano (1): Marcy Levy.
sorcery (1): Tezcatlipoca.
sort (1): Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale.
sound effects (1): Recording engineer.
soundproofing (1): Recording studio.
soundstage (1): Let It Be.
soundtrack (3): Harry Nilsson, Remo Four, The Beatles.
sour (1): Milk.
source (10): Air pollution, Angeln,