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This is supposed to made into a guideline. It treats the case of blocking "users" who come over from other wikipedias to wreak havoc here.

Introduction[change | change source]

Simple English Wikipedia is a place where anyone can edit, to help make an encyclopedia that is easy to understand. Some users who edit here came from other Wikipedias, because they had trouble with editing there, or they were blocked there. While we welcome all new editors, there are certain things that need to be made clear.

Definitions[change | change source]

  • A named user is one who logs in to edit. Named users can be identified by the username they use, their IP address is usually not visible
  • An IP editor is one who does not log in to edit. IP editors can be identified by the IPs they use.
  • Problem users are those named users that have been blocked at another project at least once, for a total length of time of 1 day or more, in the last year.

Checks for bad behaviour[change | change source]

This policy is only for named users, as it is too difficult to do for IP editors. Some of the named users get blocked because their edits are wrong (they may be vandals), or they are otherwise not helpful.

  • When the user in question is blocked for the first time, a check is done to see whether they are a problem user; in particular, the block logs of English Wikipedia are checked.
  • After their first block on this Wikipedia, a problem user will get one chance to do better. If they fail to do so, they will be blocked again, for a time of six months. From that point onwards, each block will be six months.

Re-establishing problem users[change | change source]

  • Problem users that behaved well, contributed to this Wikipedia productively and were not blocked here for a period of three months (after a block) are re-established; they are no longer seen as problem users.