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Introduction[change | change source]

Hi. I'm Fuhvah. I joined Simple Wiki almost 3 years ago, but didn't really start to edit until I was home sick for nine months. With an attic apartment, no TV, only a cat to accompany me, and being too sick to go out, my stir-craziness was reaching Jack-Nicholson-In-The-Shining levels, until I rediscovered Simple Wiki. It has absolutely saved my sanity over the past nine months.

I've worked on a lot of medical articles, because they help me keep my knowledge up for when I can (hopefully) become an EMT again. I've also ended up doing a lot of articles on terrible things in history, like genocides and war crimes, because I think it's important to have that information for our readers... even if those articles are "wicked depressing," as we say in my neck of the woods. However, I'll work on anything. When I need a break or don't know what to do, I'll try to work on backlogs.

I'm willing to help with anything. Drop me a line if I can help, or if you have any suggestions for me.

Statistics[change | change source]

  • Click here to see a list of the articles I've created.
  • Click here to see more detail about my edits on Simple Wiki.

And yes, if you actually look at these statistics, you will confirm that I have had no life over the past 9 months.

Pages I can never find when I need them[change | change source]