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NameFusion Sub
Country United Kingdom
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time
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Joined20 October 2022
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Rollbacker21 June 2023
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Fusion Sub is the alias of a southern British man on the internet.

Fusion Sub also owns a channel on video sharing platform YouTube.[1]

You will almost always see me use Day-Month-Year dates in comments because I just find it easier.

I aren't going to create any new articles any time soon as most of my articles aren't very large.

Originally, due to factors I don't know, sometimes it would log me out while editing and would force me to use the IP address however (thankfully) that issue has been fixed and I no longer use the IP address (and even then I never used it for vandalism thankfully, unlike some other people on the IP).

Contact[change | change source]

If (for some reason) you can't contact me via my talk page, I recommend looking at the below table for the chance of replyː

Methods Chance of reply
YouTube Very Unlikely
Bluesky Unlikely
IRC Very Unlikely
Twitter Unlikely
Email Likely
Reddit Quite Unlikely

Please try to reach out via my talk page first and then try these other options.

Signatures[change | change source]

Current[change | change source]

- FusionSub (Talk page) (Contributions)

(Global) -FusionSub (talk)

Former[change | change source]

The Blue Era[change | change source]

20/10/2022-07/06/2023: FusionSub (talk)

07/06/2023-09/06/2023: FusionSub (Talk page) (Contributions)

Wikipedia Articles Created[change | change source]

The Euston shooting that happened in early 2023.[2]

The 2023 Sudan conflict that is currently ongoing.[3]

The Serbian drive-by shootings that happened the 4th May.[4]

The Emilia-Romagna floods.

The planned Great British Railways that is expected to become the main rail operator in early 2024.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service run by Microsoft.

The former ITV franchise Associated Television.

ITV company ITV Channel Television.

First ITV station Associated-Rediffusion.

The SDTV standard 576i.

The ITV Colour Strike.

The Counter-Piracy Operation Atalanta.

The British law Television Act 1954.

The Eurozone Crisis.

The British Political party British Democratic Party.

The short-lived Wales (West and North) Television.

The Scottish-Gaelic Television Channel BBC Alba.

The IBA series Engineering Announcements for the Radio and Television Trade (shortened to Engineering Announcements)

The unfortunate 2023 Lebanon mosque shooting.

The Very high frequency range.

The Ghana Independence Act 1957 that made Ghana independent.

The software Windows for Pen Computing.

The cancelled Windows 10X.

Other Accounts[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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