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  गीता Brothersun - dispelling the clouds of ignorance   Bienvenue - Willkommen - Bienvenidos - Dobrodošli - Welcome - Добро пожаловать - 歡迎 Simple.en account for Brothercanyouspareadime which is a publicly declared sock of Geof Account for Geof Bard.

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Purpose[change | change source]

Simple English W. editing

Why?[change | change source]

The reason is to help people who are ESL (learnging English) or have disabilities. Unfortunately, some people are very mean and nasty about helping because they are sad inside. Geof wants to help them see that it is wrong to look down on people who have disabilities or who are learning English.

So he made up these names for writing articles to help people:

  • Brothersun just for simple wikipedia
  • Brothercanyouspareadime for English wikipedia.

Why Brother can you spare a dime ?[change | change source]

Brother can you spare a dime is the name of a song. It cre

So why don't you edit as Brothercanyouspareadime?[change | change source]

Because some people don't know the song!!!

People who speak Spanish or French or Portugese or German or Chinese or Russian or Japanese or Korean.

And some people even think that the account is for panhandling!

Because of these reasons, Brothercanyouspareadime is mainly just for the regular English Wikipedia Project.

= . (Dot)[change | change source]

Security: Since public computers (which I use) can have password-stealing trojans or keyloggers installed, users may register an alternative account to prevent the hijacking of their main accounts.

My essays[change | change source] Example.jpg

Just in case[change | change source]

Hash protection: A hash has been created to protect this account utilizing 792a5ff2fd36bcfd60abcca32e2800071de588c2 bigdadstatementuptoandincludingthetwoadmonitions

My Books[change | change source]

Nuclear Power Plants Made Simple

A Reource for Workers, Students and Activists

.[change | change source]

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Other WMF (partial list)[change | change source]

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