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I edited on Wikitravel off-and-on for several years. After a few anonymous edits here, I decided to make an account and contribute more actively. I did that for several years, then took an extended break. I teach English at a university in Japan, and found it was quite easy to create a Simple English Wikipedia page if I am already grading/adapting English Wikipedia content for use with students.

Alternate account[change | change source]

I use an alternate account User:ELTted for editing with students and presenting SEWP to language teachers. I never vote or comment from that other account. It is strictly for editing articles that my students or workshop participants are working on.

Areas I've worked on[change | change source]

My interests on Simple Wikipedia may seem very different, but these are the things I know about, or are interested in writing about.

  • My first new page was Space opera, and my first change as a named editor was adding a link to William Gibson's Twitter account.
  • I nominated Komodo dragon as a Good Article, and it was successful with a lot of help.
  • I patrol New Pages pretty regularly.
  • I live in Japan and studied Asian history, so I try to clean up or create Japan-related pages such as region or prefecture articles and fix incorrect city/prefecture links.
  • Science fiction is one of my favorite kinds of literature. Some of the authors I've worked on include Rudy Rucker and Doris Lessing It's amazing that a Nobel Laureate in literature had such a brief page. Sadly, articles on her elsewhere are not very good or complete either.
  • My profession is language teaching, specifically EFL. There is a lot to do in this area, but it should be done carefully. I've started by reorganizing a few pages.

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