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I edited on Wikitravel off-and-on for several years. After a few anonymous edits here, I decided to make an account and contribute more actively. I did that for several years, then took an extended break. I teach English at a university in Japan, and found it was quite easy to create a Simple English Wikipedia page if I am already grading/adapting English Wikipedia content for use with students.

Alternate account

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I used an alternate account User:ELTted for editing with students and presenting SEWP to language teachers. I never voted or commented from that other account. It was strictly for editing articles that my students or workshop participants were working on.

Useful tools

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Common complexity that is not needed and suggestions

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A few simple changes here and there can help. The verb to be is often the simplest way to write something

  • Former: use retired, was, or used to be
  • It is found in/It lies in/is located in: use It is in.
  • ...in the northwestern part of France: use in northwest France
  • It has a population of 1,200: use The population is 1,200.
  • ...a large number...: use many
  • ...situated...
    • ...situated in...: use in
    • ...situated by...: use by
    • ...situated near...: use near
  • ...the process by which...ː use how
  • For politicians and government or military officers, "served as": use was