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— Rollbacker Pangender —
BornIndianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana
Preferred pronounAny
CountryUnited States United States
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, French, Luxembourgish
Time zoneEST
Current timeCurrent time for UTC-4 is 13:40
EthnicityLuxembourgish American
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
ReligionApathetic agnostic
PoliticsSocial democrat
AliasesInferno46, BombardmentArmy
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Joined18 September 2022
First edit18 September 2022
Extended confirmedyes
SignatureInfernoGaming46 (IG46)
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Hi! I’m InfernoGaming46 (IG46) and I frequently edit the Simple English Wikipedia. You’ll likely see me in the background working on articles about stuff I'm interested in or reverting vandalism. I am also a rollbacker, which allows me to revert vandalism much quicker.

Areas of interest[change | change source]

These are some (but certainly not all) of the topics I will edit or create pages for relatively often.