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Ivan P. Clarin
— Wikipedian —
Ivan Earl 2020.jpg
NameCanlubang Wikipedian
BornIvan Earl P. Clarin
(1996-07-30) July 30, 1996 (age 25)
Calamba City, Laguna Province, Philippines
NationalityFilipino Philippines
Height1.66 m (5 ft 5+12 in)
Education and employment
EducationAMA Computer College - Calamba (2018–2020)
Contact info

Ivan P. Clarin or fully Ivan Earl Clarin, i was born on July 30, 1996 in Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines is a Wikipedian in the Tagalog version since last August 2017, i've been in last November 2013 in the Wikipedia, i am student from the campuses of AMA Computer University 2nd year level, previously in 2018.

tl Ang manggagamit na ito ay katutubong tagapagsalita ng Tagalog.
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2017-18 Best of Love Once Upon a Kiss (2015) Jayson Aquino, Eloisa Almazon & Annable Rubino
2017 The Thirdeye The Thirdeye (2014) PZ Lopez, Charlotte Blase, Krystal Jordan, Annielvin Bongolon, Danica Quezon & Mark Dj Gananan
Moonchasers La Luna Sangre (2017) PZ Lopez, Charlotte Blase, Krystal Jordan, Jepoy & Mary Anne Alolor, Jomarie Quilojano, Argie Tabojara & Jifrey Tahindaki
2016 Wrong Turn Philippines Wrong Turn (pelikulang serye) (2003-14) Jayson De Guzman, Emmalou Almazon, Jerico Urbano, Dominic Guerra & Norbeto San Jose
2015 The Two Brothers The Half Sisters (2014) Jerick Fortezo, Cameo cast/IMall, David Versoza & Arjane Villareal
Revenge Babang Luksa (2011) Erica Jane Baguisi, Elsie & Elaine Almazon, Rolly Remulta & Robert Tuscano
All This Time All This Time (song) John Edward Magampon, JL Distor, Annaliza Febrero & Regina Grace Puedan
2014 Ship of the Dead Dead Ship (2014) Rolly Remulta, Erica Jane Baguisi & Arjane Villareal
2013 Wrong Turn 3D Wrong Turn (pelikulang serye) (2003-14) Cameo cast/NAIA-2 & Paul Oliver
Plane Dead (Dead Air II) Flight of the Living Dead (2007) Robert, Paul Oliver, Erica Jane Baguisi & Ellonora Rubino
A Love Story That Thing Called Love (2009) Joemel A., Robert, Mark Angelo De Vera & Paul Oliver
Dead Air 3D Left 4 Dead (2008) Jay Ann Dacles, Erica Jane Baguisi & Paul Oliver
Temptation of Husband Temptation of Wife (2012) Arthur Triste, Jayson Aquino, Ellonora Rubino & Wilson Punzalan
Death Toll Left 4 Dead (2008) Erica Jane Baguisi & Areanne Gabriel Andal
2012 Dead Air II Flight of the Living Dead (2007) Jeuzreel Villasante, Deardre Triste & Robert
Condo 606 Apertment 1303 (2011) Herlyn Sabando
No Mercy Left 4 Dead (2008) Arthur Triste, Jeuzreel & Joundex Villasante, Karl Jerome Intila
Dead Air Flight of the Living Dead (2007) Erica Jane & Karl Raven Baguisi, Ellonora Rubino

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