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Hello! This is me! I am a native speaker of British English. I am a Christian, who believes God is Love, with Methodist Baptist and Pentecostal background and friends and family who are Salvationist Catholic and Anglican amongst other denominations and none.

I have a long term interest in politics, disabled people, immigrants and migrants and different groups of people. I like including and helping people. I want everybody to have an easy and simple life. I want ordinary things like going to the doctor or looking at what is in food sold in the shop or understanding tax-paying and benefits to be easy. I want ease-of-use for normal life. I want it to be easy to get knowledge, education. I want it to be easy to join in with knowing about and choosing the people in power and what what they do.

I am interested in all kinds of needs for help. Needs can be social, as when older people or parents become isolated within a community with few friends to support them, or who grow up without knowing a lot of things that I am very glad I know and that help me live well. I am also a person who has had mental health problems. Many people do struggle to live full lives through depression or other mental health issues. Sometimes I feels sad for people when cultural difficulties between groups or using English as an additional language makes life hard. Being a child can be hard too, and there are things children could learn about but do not get the chance to. These are all reasons I want to write on this Simple English Wikipedia.

I try to be open and unbiased. I hope to make Simple English articles that are full and not dumbed-down, but that do stick to Simple English. Sometimes I find sticking to Simple English difficult - so help me out and let me know when I fail!