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Hi, I also edit as User:KeithTyler on the English Wikipedia.


Things to know about me[change | change source]

About me and Wikipedia[change | change source]

I have helped make a lot of articles on the English Wikipedia. I have made many new articles, and have made many other articles a lot better.

Some people think I am one of the people that likes to erase articles. Other people think I want to keep all articles, even the really bad ones. I think that both are not true.

I have been using and helping with Wikipedia since May in 2004.

I use MediaWiki, which is the Wikipedia computer program, at work. I was the one to first start using it. I am trying to get the people I work with to add articles about the work my company does. I also use the MediaWiki program on some of my own web pages.

Dual License[change | change source]

I will let anyone use the words and pictures I add to the Simple English Wikipedia, except for my User page, as long as they follow the rules in the GFDL or the Creative Commons Attribution License.


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