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CountryUnited States
Current locationNew York
Time zoneUTC-5:00
Prayer icon.svg This user tries to do the right thing, but will likely mess up now and again. Please, trout this user if they do something wrong so they can fix it.
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I'm in ur wikipedia, Not really doing anything, if I accidentally mess up I will be punished more harshly because I am not an administrator or an experienced veteran user, as they would typically just get trouted due to the grudge against new users among Wikimedia websites. For example, when I first created my account, admittedly I made a lot of mistakes, but my first page (Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop) was reviewed by the biggest WikiVampire of all. I was shaking when I made the article because I was so stressed. They said that I could not use the "But I'm just a passionate newcomer!" excuse because I was doing "Ugly" behaviour. I was trying, I really wanted to do good, but I messed up and they cared not. In the editing summaries they said "Subpar attempt at an article". Eventually another user attempted to confront him about it in the talk page but he stood his ground. All for creating a single, messy page. He even marked it with 3 or 4 issues saying it needed to be completely rewritten, which it tells you specifically NOT to do with new users. People don't realize how much it hurts for some heartless no-emotions lawyer-acting wikivampires to practically insult you for just being passionate. Checking his profile, he had over 5,000 edits. This was in November 2021. Why is there even a "Don't bite newcomer" rule if they WON'T EVEN FOLLOW IT? Just because you edit Wikipedia doesn't mean you have to be a professional, you are supposed to be a jokester (Albeit with 2011 memes, any other humor will be scolded).
Hilarious lolcat!

I always release every file I upload, no matter what, into the public domain, for easy use in blogs, news articles, and all other forms of media without needing to ask permission. All of my uploaded files are located here.

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