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    Simplewiki feels like a small town of about 70 people where everyone knows everyone. If you see someone editing a page, you've probably seen their name before, and I like how connected this feels, and how it feels like a small volunteer project instead of a huge interactive website like enwiki.

    I like to satirically make jokes when appropriate, so try not to take them seriously.

    I am blocked indefinitely on enwiki for disruptive editing, and sometimes I make mistakes on here. Please tell me when I do something wrong so I don't to it again. I actually really don't want to hurt this project and I love it, and I try hard not to make any mistakes while editing, because I am on ONESTRIKE.

    I have made 1 GA with the encouragement of Lights and freedom and plan to eventually create more. I have also updated the DYK 2 times on August 3, 2022 and September 15, 2022. It may seem small, but it's the damn front page we're talking about here.

    I also have just realized that every paragraph on this page starts with "I". I would add some variety, but I stink at making userpages. Enjoy this dumpsterfire of a userpage!

    Contributions[change | change source]


    Articles[change | change source]

    Sorted by articles I am the most to least proud of. (note that higher ones do not have to be better, ones that are short but higher than long ones are typically there only because some of the long ones were created a while ago, and I am no longer proud of them. A couple of these are here because they are actually better than their enwiki articles.) I've noticed how many of these do not have any images in their enwiki articles, but do here. For all of my created articles, see this page right here.

    • As a Bradley Winslow expert I can confirm that he is a complete chad
      Bradley Winslow (Created, GA, 7.675 times bigger than enwiki article which is a stub, simplewiki magnum opis)
    • Roxana Druse (Created)
    • Pardon C. Williams (Created, ever so slightly bigger than enwiki articles)
    • Norris Winslow (Created, 2.18 bigger than enwiki article)
    • John Francis Winslow (Created, does not have an enwiki article)
    • Willard Ives (Created, WAS 2.33 times bigger than the enwiki article until SOMEONE just so HAPPENED to EXPAND it on enwiki 4 HOURS after I did, and now it's just 1.7! (subtle, much, Go4thProsper? I will get my revenge! disclaimer: this is not a socking threat, or any threat at all actually)
    • Watertown, New York (Expanded from stub)
    • James F. Starbuck (Created)
    • Little Trees (Created, former simplewiki magnum opis, DYK from November 20, 2022 to tbd)

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    Congratulations on getting Bradley Winslow to GA! Lights and freedom (talk) 23:46, 12 November 2022 (UTC)
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