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cyMae'r defnyddiwr yma'n siaradwr Cymraeg brodorol.
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My home is at Wicipedia Cymraeg (the Welsh Wicipedia) where I'm a Bureaucrat.

I have over 54,000 edits on wiki.

My children include:

A quote or two...[change | change source]

Welsh is of this soil, this island, the senior language of the men of Britain; and Welsh is beautiful.
If I may once more refer to my work. The Lord of the Rings, in evidence: the names of persons and places in this story were mainly composed on patterns deliberately modelled on those of Welsh (closely similar but not identical). This clement in the tale has given perhaps more pleasure to more readers than anything else in it.
J. R. R. Tolkien
English and Welsh; O'Donnell Memorial Lecture of 1955. [Readanybooks website; 'English and Welsh']

Bot[change | change source]

I run a Bot: BOT-Twm Crys on cy-Wiki.