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Hello my name is Londium. I joined the simple English wikipedia on the 19th of August 2007. I would like to become a respectable contributor to Wikipedia but I know this is going to be a hard job and I intend to do my best.

My Work in simple will involve[change | change source]

  • Wikipedia:Requested articles - Creating Requested articles.
  • Special:Wantedpages - Creating pages for uncreated articles that multiple links to them.
  • I will also create and expand London and UK based articles.
  • I shall also do general tasks, such as copy editing, simplifying articles, placing wikilinks in articles, categorising articles and generally improving random articles.
  • I shall generally be doing various tasks needed on various sub pages of the Special:Specialpages.
  • Fighting vandalism - I have installed anti-vandalism tools.

Accomplishments[change | change source]

  • I have at least started an article for each of the London Boroughs.
  • I have made a London template Template:London (a bit primitive but its ok for now)

Simple English Newbie thought.[change | change source]

Maybe as a native speak of English I take for granted the wide range of vocabulary that one uses so often on a daily basis. For simple English wikipedia only a narrow range of vocabulary is meant to be used, I find that I often sit there thinking how can I make this sentence more simple using a limited range of words? It is more challenging than I thought it would be.

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