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Welcome Ship lovers and Navy Freaks alike to my page,Thanks for taking the time to visit! :-)[change | change source]

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Luis Santos24
— Wikipedian  —
NameLuis M. Santos
Born24 June 2000
Tampa, Florida
Country United States of America
RacePuerto Rican
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Account statistics
First edit2010 (IP User)
Edit count1,997

Naval Enthusiast, Ship lover,Proud to be an American,Proud Supporter of the Armed Forces!(Yes,even the Coast Guard, they are important too!)

Member of the World War II Task Force and the Military History WikiProject, and Wikiproject Ships, Ex-Volunteer crewman aboard SS American Victory.

I'm ALWAYS free to discuss naval topics, or for help with naval articles. Remove my hard work, then we have a problem. Barnstars and ribbons are more than appreciated, although not begged for.

Interests:Naval Vessels, Fighter Aircraft, Military, Ships, Guns, Submarines, Naval Warfare, United States Navy

My Work[change | change source]

Favorite Ship Classes,United States:

What I am currently doing on Wikipedia!

  • Ship Specification/Description edits
  • Military Article edits
  • Warship Article edits
  • Minor/Major Military Edits
  • Grammar/Stub Patrol
  • Anti-Vandalism/Anti-Hoax Patrol

Area of Expertise

  • United States Naval Vessels, 1940-present
  • Modern Surface Warfare Combatants
  • Naval Architecture

Awards[change | change source]

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