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6238 a aardvark/M abandon/GSD abbreviate/XDGNS abbreviation/M abide ability's/I ability/SM able/EU abnormal/Y abolish/DGS abolition/M abort/GDS abortion/M about above abroad absence/M absent absolute/Y absorb/SGD abstract abstraction/M absurd abuse/DVSG abysmal academic/S accelerate accent/SM accept/GBSD acceptable/U acceptance/M access/DMGS accessible/I accident/MS accidental/Y accommodate/N accommodation/M accompany/DSG accomplish/DGS accord/MDSG accordance/M according/Y account/GSMD accountant/S accounting/M accumulate/SGD accuracy/M accurate/I accurately accusation/MS accuse/DGS accused/M accustom/DGS ace/M achieve/LGDS achievement/SM acid/M acknowledge/SDG acorn/M acoustic acquaintance/M acquire/DSG acquisition/M acronym/MS across act/MGSVD acted/A action/MAS activate/DSG active/Y activity/SM actor's/A actor/SM acts/A actual/Y acute adapt/RGDS adaptation/M adapter/M adaptor/M add/GSD addict/DVGS adding/A addition/MS additional/Y address/MGDS adequate/I adequately adhere/GSD adjacent adjective/M adjust/GLDS adjustment/MS administer/DGS administration/M administrative admiration/M admire/B admission/M admit/S admitted/Y admitting adopt/DGS adoption/M adult/S advance/DSG advantage/MES advantageous advent/M adventure/MS adventurous adverse/Y advert/S advertise/DLSG advertisement/MS advertising/M advice/M advise/RSBDGZ adviser/M advisor/S advisory advocate/SGD aerial aesthetic aesthetically affair/MS affect/DSG affected/U affection/M afford aforementioned afraid after afternoon/SM afterward/S again against age/DSGM ageing agency/M agenda/M agent/MS aggressive ago agony/M agree/DESL agreeing/E agreement's/E agreement/MS agricultural ahead aid/GSD aim/SDG air/M aircraft/M airport/M akin alarm/GDS alas albeit album/MS alcohol/M alcoholic/M alert algebra/M algebraic algorithm/SM alias/S alien/MS align/SLGD alignment/M alike alive all allegation/S allege/DSG alleged/Y allergic alleviate alliance/M allies/M allocate/DXGNS allocation/M allow/BSGD allowance/SM ally/A almost alone along alongside aloud alpha/M alphabet/M alphabetic alphabetical already also alter/GSD alteration/MS alternate/V alternative/MYS although altogether always am amateur/M amaze/DSG amazing/Y ambassador/M amber/M ambient ambiguity/SM ambiguous/U ambitious amend/LDGS amendment/M American among amongst amount/SM amp/M ample amplifier/M amuse/DGLS amusement/M an anagram/M analogous analogue/M analogy/M analyse/GSD analysis/M analyst/M analyze/SDG anarchy/M anatomy/M ancestor/S ancient and anecdota anecdote/S angel/MS anger/M angle/MS angry anguish/M animal/SM anniversary/M announce/DSLG announcement/SM annoy/GDS annoyance/M annual/Y anomaly/S anonymous anorak/S another answer/MDSG anthology/M anticipate/GDNS anticipation/M antidote/M antique/M antisocial anxious any anybody anyhow anyone anyplace anything anyway anywhere apart apathetic apathy/M apologise/SGD apologize/DSG apology/SM apostrophe/M appal/S appall/DGS appalling/Y apparatus/MS apparent/Y appeal/MDGS appear/DGES appearance/MS append/GDS appendix/M applause/M apple/M applicable applicant/MS application/M apply/SNXDG appoint/LEDSG appointment's/E appointment/SM appraisal/M appreciate/SNGD appreciation/M approach/DSG appropriate/Y approval/M approve/DSG approximate/YN approximation/M apt arbitrarily arbitrary arc/M arcade/M arcane arch/VM archaic architecture/M archive/SDGM are area/MS aren't arena/M arguable arguably argue/DSG argument/MS arise/SG arisen arithmetic/M arm/DSMG army/M arose around arrange/ASDG arrangement/SM array/MS arrest/DGS arrival/M arrive/DSG arrogance/M arrogant arrow/MS arse/M art/MS article/MS artificial/Y artist/MS artistic as ascend/DGS ash/S ashamed ashcan/M aside ask/GDS asleep aspect/MS ass/M assault/M assemble/RGSD assembler/M assembly/M assert/DGS assertion/M assess/LDSG assessment/M asset/S assign/LDGS assignment/SM assist/DGS assistance/M assistant/M associate/DSGXN association/M assort/DGS assume/DSG assumption/MS assure/ADSG asterisk/MS astronomer/S astronomy/M asynchronous at ate atheism/M atheist/MS atlas/M atmosphere/M atmospheric atom/MS atomic atrocity/S attach/MLDG attachment/M attachés attack/SGD attain attempt/GSD attend/GDS attendance/M attendant/M attended/U attention/SM attitude/SM attorney/MS attract/GSDV attraction/M attribute/DGS audible audience/MS audio/M aunt/M authentic author/SM authorisation/M authorise/SDG authorised/U authority/SM authorization/M authorize/SGD authorized/U autobiography/M automate/DSG automatic automatically automobile/SM autumn/M availability/M available/U average/M avoid/DSG await/DSG awake award/GDS aware/P awareness/M away awful/Y awkward ax/MS axe/M axiom/S axis/M baby/MS back/SDGM backbone/M background/SM backing/M backlog/M backspace backward/S bacteria bacterium bad/Y badge/M baffle/SGD bag/MS baggage/M bake/GSD balance/MDSG balanced/U ball/MS ballet/M ballot/M ban/S banal banana/MS band/SM bandwagon/M bandwidth/M bang/M bank/SM bankrupt/M banned banner/M banning bar/MS bare/Y bargain/M bark/SDG baroque/M barred barrel/M barrier/MS barring barrister/MS base/DLGSM basement/M bash/SDG basic/S basically basis/M basket/M bass/MS bastard/SM bat/M batch/M bath/M bathroom/M baths battery/SM battle/M baud/MS bay/M be/T beach/M beam/M bean/MS bear/GS beard/MSGD bearing/M beast/MS beat/NGS beating/M beautiful/Y beauty/M became because become/SG bed/MS bedroom/M beef/M been beer/SM before beforehand beg began begin/S beginner/MS beginning/M begun behalf/M behave/SDG behavior/M behaviour/M behind being/SM belief/SM believable/U believe/SZGBDR believer/M bell/SM belong/GSD belonging/M beloved below belt/M bench/M bend/GS beneath beneficial benefit/SM bent beside/S bet/SM beta/M betted better betting between beware beyond bias/MSGD biased/U biassed/U biasses biassing bible biblical bicycle/MS bid/S bidding big bigger biggest bigot/DM bigotry/M bill/SM billfold/M billion/SM bin/M binary bind/SG binding/M biochemistry/M biography/M biological biologist/SM biology/M bird/MS birth/M birthday/M biscuit/S bishop/M bit/GMS bite/S bitmap bitten bitter bizarre black/S blackboard/M blackmail/M blade/SM blame/SGDM blank/S blanket/M blast/GSMD blatant/Y bless/SGD blest blew blind/Y blink bliss/M blob/M block/DGMS blood/M bloody blow/GSD blowing/M blown blue/MS blurb/M board/SM boat/MS bob/S body/MS bog/MS bogged bogging boggle/S bogus boil/DGS bold bolt/M bomb/DGS bond/M bone/MS bonus/M book/DGSM booking/M booklet/M bookshop/S bookstore boom boost/M boot/MS border/M borderline/M bore/DSG boredom/M boring/M born borne borrow/SDG borrowing/M boss/M both/RZ bother/DG bottle/MS bottom/M bought bounce bound/S boundary/MS bout/M bow bowl/M box/SM boy/SM bracket/MDSG brain/SM brake/SM branch/MS brand/MDGS brass/M brave breach/M bread/M break/SG breakdown/M breakfast/M breaking/M breath/SGDM breathe breathing/M bred breed/SG breeding/M breeze/M brethren brick/MS bridge/SM brief/Y brigade/M bright/YTRP brightness/M brilliant/Y bring/GS broad/Y broadcast/GDS broke broken brother/MS brought Brown/M browse/DSG brush/M brutal bubble/M buck/SM bucket/M budget/M buffer/MDGS bug's bug/CS bugger/MS build/DJGS builded/A building/M builds/A built/A bulb/MS bulk/M bull/M bullet/S bulletin/M bump bunch/M bundle/M burden/M bureaucracy/M burn/SDG burnt burst/SDG bury/DGS bus/MS bush/M business/SM buss/S bust/M busy/P but butter/M button/SM buy/GSZR by bye/M bypass/M byte/SM cabbage/M cabinet/M cable/DGMS caffeine/M café cage/M cake/MS calculate/DSGNX calculation/M calculator/M calculus/M calendar/M call/ADGS caller/M calling/M calm cam/M came camera/SM camp/MS campaign/DMSG campus/M can't can/SM cancel/DGS cancelled cancelling cancer/M candidate/MS cannot canonical cant/M cap/BMS capability/SM capable/I capacity/M capital/MS capitalism/M capitalist/M captain/M capture/GDS car/DSMG carbon/M card/SM cardboard/M cards/E care/S career/SM careful/Y careless carpet/M carriage/M carrier/M carrot/MS carry/DRSG cartoon/MS cartridge/MS case/SDMG cash/M casing/M cassette/SM cast/GS casting/M castle/M casual cat/MRZS catalog/MS catalogue/SM catastrophic catch/SG categorically category/SM cater/DG catering/M cathedral/M catholic cattle/M caught causal causality/M cause/DGMS caution/M cave/M caveat/M cease/GDS ceiling/M celebrate/GNDS celebration/M cell/MS cellular censor/MGDS censorship/M cent/RMZ center/MDG central/Y centre/MDGS centreing century/SM ceremony/M certain/U certainly certainty/MU certificate/M chain/MS chair/SM chairman/M chalk/M challenge/DGS chamber/M champagne/M champion/M chance/MS chancellor/M change/DGS changed/U changeover/M channel/SM chaos/M chaotic chap/S chapel/M chapter/SM char/S character/MS characteristic/MS charge/DSG charitable charity/SM charm/MDGS chart/MRS charter/M chase/DGS chasing/M chat/MS chatted chatting cheap/TYR cheat/SDG check/MDRSG checker/M cheek/M cheer/S cheerful cheese/M chemical/SM chemist/MS chemistry/M cheque/MRS chequer/M chess/M chest/M chestnut/M chew/DGS chicken/MS chief/M child/M childhood/M childish children/M chip/SM chocolate/M choice/MS choir/M choose/GS chop/S chopped chopping choral chord/M chorus/M chose chosen Christian/M chuck/SGD chunk/MS church/MS cider/M cigarette/M cinema/M circa circle/MS circuit/MS circuitry/M circular circulate/SDGN circulation/M circumstance/SM cite/DSG citizen/SM city/SM civil civilian/M civilisation/M civilise/GSD civilization/M civilize/DGS claim/KA claimed claiming claims clarification/M clarify/SGND clarity/M clash/S class/MGSD classic/S classical classics/M classification/M classify/DSGN clause/MS clean/ZTYDRGS cleaner/M cleaning/M clear/SYDGRT clearance/M clearer/M clearing/M clever/RT cliché/M click/M client/MS cliff/M climate/M climb/GDS clinic/M clinical clip/S clipped clipping/M clipt clique/M clock/SM clog clone/MS close/GDYSRT closer/M closet/M closure/M cloth/SMDG clothe clothing/M cloud/MS club/MS clue/MS clumsy cluster/MS coach/M coal/M coarse coast/M coat/MS cobbler/S code's code/DCSG coding/M coffee/M coherent/I coin/GSMD coincide coincidence/M coke/M cold collaboration/M collapse/SGD collar/M collate/GDS colleague/MS collect/SDGV collection/AM collections college/MS colon/M colony/M color/SMDG colour/SMDG column/MS combat/M combination/SM combine/DSG come/GS comedy/M comes/M comfort/BM comfortable/U comfortably comic/S coming/I comma/MS command/SL commandment/S commence comment/DMSG commentary/M commentator/S commercial/Y commission/DGSM commit/SL commitment/MS committed committee/MS committing commodity/M common/YS commons/M communal communicate/SNDGX communication/M communism/M communist/SM community/MS compact companion/M company/SM comparative/Y compare/BSGD comparison/SM compassion/M compatibility/M compatible/I compel/S compelled compelling/M compensate/N compensation/M compete/SGD competence/IM competent/I competition/M competitive competitor/S compilation/M compile/DGRZS compiler/M complacent complain/GSD complaint/MS complement/M complementary complete/YPSDNG completeness/M completion/M complex complexity/M complicate/DGS compliment/M comply/XN component/MS compose/DGRZS composer/M composite/N composition/M compound/M comprehend comprehensible/I comprehension/M comprehensive compress/DSG compression/M comprise/DGS compromise/M compulsion/M compulsory computation/M computational compute/ZDRGS computer/M computerise/DSG computerize/SGD con/M concatenate/DGS conceal/SDG concede conceivably conceive/GDBS concentrate/DGNS concentration/M concept/SM conception/M conceptual concern/DGS concert/MS concerto/M concise conclude/DSG conclusion/MS concrete/M concur condemn/DSG condemnation/M condense/DSG condition/SMDG conditional conditioning/M condom/M conduct/MDSG conductor/M conference/SM confess confidence/M confident confidential confidentiality/M configuration/MS confirm/GD confirmation/M conflict/GSMD conform confront/SDG confuse/DGS congest/GSD congestion/M congratulate/X Congress/M conjecture/M connect/SEDG connected/U connection/SM connector/M connotation/S conscious/U consciously consciousness/M consecutive consensus/M consent/DSG consequent/Y conservation/M conservative/S consider/A considerable considerably considerate/NX consideration/M considered considering considers consist/SDG consistency/IM consistent/Y consolation/M console conspicuous conspiracy/M constant/SY constituency/M constituent/S constitute/NS constitution/M constitutional constrain/DG constraint/S construct/SGDV construction/SM consult/DGS consultancy consultant/MS consultation/M consume/SGDR consumer/M consumption/M contact/MGDS contain/SGDR container/M contemplate/DGS contempt/M contend content/MS contention/M contentious contest/M continent/M continental continual/Y continuation/MS continue/SEGD continuity/M continuous/Y continuum/M contraception/M contract/DSG contradict/DGS contradiction/M contradictory contrary contrast contravention/M contribute/DSGNX contribution/M contributor/SM contrive/GDS control/S controlled controller/SM controlling controversial controversy/M convenience/MI convenient/Y convention/SM conventional conversation/SM converse/Y convert/SDRG converter/M convey convict/DGS conviction/SM convince/GDS convincing/Y cook/MDGS cookie cooking/M cooky/S cool/DSG cooperate/N cooperation/M coordinate/SN coordination/M cope/SGD coping/M copper/M copy/SGMD copyright/M core/M corn/RZM corner/M corporate/N corporation/M corpse/SM correct/SYGD correction/MS correctly/I correlate/N correlation/M correspond/GSD correspondence/M correspondent/M corridor/M corrupt/DGS corruption/M cosmic cosmology/M cost/GYMSD cosy cotton/M cough could couldn't council/SM counsel/GDS counselled counselling count/DRGS counter/M counterexample counterpart/S countless country/MS countryside/M counts/E county/M couple/GMDS courage/M courier/M course/MS court/MS courtesy/M cousin/M cover/DEAGS coverage/M covering/M covers/M cow/MS cozy crack/SDG craft/M cramp/SDG crap/M crash/DSG crass crawl/GDS crazy cream/M create/DSNGV creation/M creator/M creature/MS credibility/M credible/I credit/MS creed/M creep crew/M cricket/M crime/MS criminal/MS crisis/M crisp/S criteria criterion/MS critic/S critical criticise/SDG criticism/SM criticize/SDG crop/MS cross/GMDS crossing/M crossroad/S crossroads/M crossword crowd/MSDG crown/M crucial crude cruel cruelty/M cruise/DSG crunch/SGD crush/DGS cry/GDS cryptic crystal/SM cs's cs/E cube/M cubic cuckoo/M cuddly cue/M culprit/M cult/M cultural culture/MS cum/S cumbersome cumming cumulative cunning cup/MS cupboard/M cure/DSG curiosity/M curious/Y curly currency/M current/Y currently/F curriculum/M curry/M curse/M cursor/M curtain/SM curve/MS custard/M custom/MRSZ customary customer/M cut/S cute cutting/M cycle's cycle/ASDG cycling/M cyclist/S cylinder/M cynic/M cynical daft daily damage/SDGM damn/DGS damnation/M damp dance/DSG danger/SM dangerous/Y dare/SGD dark/P darkness/M darling/M dash/DSG data/M database/S date/DMSG datum/M daughter/M dawn/M day/MS daylight/M daytime/M dead/SY deadline/M deaf deal/SRZG dealer/M dealing/M dealt dear death/M deaths debate/SBDGM debt/M debugged debugger debugging decade/SM decay decent decide/DSG decimal/M decision/SM deck/M declaration/MS declare/SGD decline/DGS decrease/DGS dedicate/DSG deduce/GSD deduction/MS deed's deed/I deeds deem/GDS deep/RYT defeat/DGS defect/VSM defence/V defend/DGS defense/MV deficiency/S define/ADSG defined/U definite/YVI definition/SM defy degradation/M degrade/GD degree/MS deity/M delay/DG delete/GNSD deletion/M deliberate/Y delicate delicious delightful delimiters deliver/SDG delivery/M delta/M delusion/M demand/DGS demented demise/M democracy/M democratic democratically demolish/GDS demonstrate/DSGXN demonstration/M denominator/M denote dense/F density/M dentist/M deny/GDS department/MS departmental departure/M dependant/M dependence/MI dependent/M deposit depression/M deprive/DSG depth/M depths deputy/M derivative derive/SDG derogatory descend/GDS describe/GSD description/MS descriptive desert/DGMS deserve design/RZ designate/DGS designer/M desirable/U desire/BDGS desk/M desktop despair desperate/Y despise despite destination/M destine/DSG destroy/SDG destruction/M destructive detach/DSG detail/GD detect/DBGVS detection/M detective/M detector/M deter determine/DSG deterrent/M detract devastate/GDS develop/DLRZGS development/MS deviation/M device/S devil/M devious devise/DGS diagnosis/M diagnostic/S diagnostics/M diagonal diagram/MS dial/SMGDJ dialect/MS dialled dialling/S dialog/M dialogue/M diameter/M diary/M dice dictate dictator/M dictatorship/M dictionary/MS did/U didn't die/DS dies/M diesel/M diet/M differ/DGS difference/MS different/Y differential differentiate difficult difficulty/MS dig/TS digged digging digit/SM digital dignity/M dilemma/M dim dimension/SM dimensional dine/DRGS dinner/M dip diplomatic dire direct/IYV directed directing direction/MI directions directive/SM director/SM directory/SM directs dirt/M dirty disable/DSG disaster/MS disastrous disc/M discard/DG discharge disciplinary discipline/M disclaimer/M disco/M discount discourage/GDS discovery/SM discrepancy/M discrete/N discretion/M discriminate/GDNS discrimination/M discuss/SDG discussion/MS disease/S disguise/SDG disgust/GSD dish/MS disk/M dismal disorder disposal/M dispose/B dispute disrupt disruption/M dissertation/M distance/SM distant distasteful distinct/VY distinction/MS distinguish/GSD distort/GDS distortion/M distract/SGD distress/SDG distribute/DSNG distribution/M district/M disturb/GSD disturbance/M ditch/M ditto/M dive/DSG diverse diversity/M divert/SDG divide/DSG divine division/SM divorce/M do/UG Doctor doctor's doctors doctrine/M document/GDMS documentary documentation/M documented/U dodge doe/S does/U doesn't dog/MS dogma/M doing/M dole/M dollar/SM domain/M domestic dominant dominate/SGD don't don/S donate/DSGXN donation/M done/FU doom/MGDS door/MS dose/SM dot/MS dotted dotting double/DSG doubt/SM doubtful doubtless down downhill downright downstairs downwards dozen/S draft/MDGS drag/SM dragged dragging dragon/M drain/SMDG drama/M dramatic dramatically drank drastic drastically draught/MGSD draw/JSG drawback/SM drawing/M drawn dread/GSD dreadful dream/DSGM dreamt dreary dress/GDS dressing/M drew drift drill/M drink/SG drip/S dripped dripping/M drive/SRZG drivel driven driver/M drop/MS dropped dropping/M drove drown/DSG drug/SM drum/SM drunk/N dry/SGD dual dubious duck/MS due/M duff/M dug dull duly/U dumb dummy/M dump/SDG dumpster duplicate/GNDS duplication/M duration/M during dust/M dustbin/M dusty duty/SM dying dynamic/S dynamically dynamics/M each eager/YM eagle/M ear/MYSH early/TR earn/DSG earning/M earth/M ease/EM easier easily east/M eastern easy/TU eat/RGNS eater/M eating/M eccentric echo/DMGS echoes ecological ecology/M economic/S economical/Y economics/M economy/SM edge/SM edit/GDS edition/MS editor/SM editorial educate/SGDN education/M educational effect/MVS effective/YP effectiveness/M efficiency/MI efficient/Y effort/SM egg/MS ego/SM eh eight/M eighteen/M eighth either elaborate elderly elect/DGS election/MS electoral electorate/M electric electrical electricity/M electron/M electronic/S electronically electronics/M elegant element/MS elementary elephant/SM elevator/S eleven/M eligible eliminate/SDG elite/M elitist/M else elsewhere em's em/C embarrass/LDSG embarrassment/M embed/S embedded embedding emerge/SGD emergency/M eminent/Y emit emotion/SM emotional/Y emphasis/MGSD emphasise emphasize/SDG empire/M empirical employ/DZSRGL employed/U employee/MS employer/M employment/UM empty/DSG emulate/N emulation/M emulator/MS enable/DSG enclose/DGS encode/GDS encounter/SGD encourage/SGDL encouragement/M end/JSDMG endeavor endeavour ending/M endless/Y enemy/MS energy/M enforce/SDG engage/GDS engine/MS engineer/MDGS engineering/M England/M English/M enhance/LGSD enhancement/M enjoy/BSGDL enjoyment/M enlarge/SGD enlighten/LSDG enlightenment/M enormous/Y enough enquire/DGS enquiry/MS ensure/DSG entail/S enter/SDG enterprise/M entertain/GLSD entertainment/M enthusiasm/M enthusiastic entire/Y entirety/M entitle/DGS entity/MS entrance/M entry/MS envelope/SM environment/SM environmental envisage/DGS envy/M epic/M episode/MS equal/YS equality/IM equate/NX equation/M equilibrium/M equip/LS equipment/M equipped equipping equivalent/S era/M erase/SDRG eraser/M ergo err erroneous error/SM escape/DGS esoteric especially essay/MS essence/M essential/Y establish/LDSG establishment/SM estate/M estimate/DSNG estimation/M eternal eternity/M ethic/S ethical ethnic etymology/M Europe/M evaluate/NDSG evaluation/M even/GJSDY evening/M event/SM eventual/Y ever every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evidence/M evident/Y evil/S evolution/M evolutionary evolve/DGS exact/Y exaggerate/DSG exam/SM examination/M examine/RSGD examiner/M example/MS exceed/DGS exceeding/Y excellent except/DSG exception/SM exceptional/Y excess/MV excessive/Y exchange/GSD excite/DLSG excitement/M exclamation/M exclude/SDG exclusion/M exclusive/Y excuse/S execute/SVBDNG execution/M executive/M exempt exercise/DSG exhaust/GVDS exhibit exhibition/M exist/DGS existence/M exit/GDMS exotic expand/SGD expansion/M expect/DGS expectation/MS expected/U expedition/M expenditure/M expense/MSV experience/GMDS experienced/I experiment/SMGD experimental/Y experimentation/M expert/MS expertise/M expire/GDS expiry/M explain/SDG explained/U explanation/MS explanatory explicit/Y explode/SGD exploit/DMGS exploitation/M exploration/M explore/DSG explosion/SM explosive exponential export/M expose/SGD exposure/M express/DSG expression/SM expressway/SM extant extend/DGS extension/SM extensive/Y extent/MS external/Y extinction/M extra/S extract/GSD extraction/M extraneous extraordinarily extraordinary extreme/SY extremist/M eye/MS eyen eyesight/M eyne fabric/M face/DMSG facilitate facility/SM facing/M fact/MS factor/SM factory/MS factual/Y faculty/MS fail/DGS failing/M failure/MS faint/TR fair/RYTP fairness/M fairy/M faith/M faithful fake fall/SMNG fallacious fallacy/M false fame/M familiar/U familiarity/M family/MS famine/M famous/I fan/MS fancy fantastic fantasy/SM far farce/M fare/M farewell/M farm/MRZ farther farthest fascinate/SGD fascist/M fashion/BDMGS fast/TR fat/M fatal fate/M father/MS fatuous faucet fault/CMS faulty favor/MBGDS favorite/S favour/MDBGS favourite/S fear/SMDG feasibility/M feasible feat/M feature/SDGM fed federal fee/MDS feeble feed/GS feedback/M feeding/M feel/JGS feeling/M feet/M fell fellow/MS felt female/S feminist/S fence/CM fender/MS festival/M fetch fever/M few/RT fiber/MS fibre/MS fices ficoes fiction/M fictional fiddle/DSMG field/MS fierce fifteen/M fifth fifty/M fight/GSR fighter/M figure's figure/FGDS file's/K file/DMGS files/K fill/SGD filling/M film/DGMS filter/DGSM filthy final/YS finalise/GDS finalize/SDG finance/SM financial/Y find/GJS finding/M fine's fine/FDGASTC finer finger/MS finish/DGS finished/U finite/IC fire/SMGD firework/S firing/M firm/FS firmly first/Y fiscal fish/MDSG fishing/M fit/KSM fitted fitting five/MR fiver/M fix/GSD fixing/M fizzy flag/MS flagged flagging flame/MS flash/MDGS flashing/M flat flavor/M flavour/M flaw/GSMD fleet/M flesh/M flew flexibility/M flexible/I flight/M flip/S flipped flipping float/DGS flood/MDGS floor/SM floppy flour/M flow/RZGDS flower/M flown fluctuation/S fluent fluffy fluid/M flush/DSG flute/M fly/DGS foam/M focus/M fog/M fold/DZGSR folder/M folk/MS follow/SDGRZ fond/M font/MS food/MS fool/DMGS foolish foot/M football/M footnote/SM for/TH forbad forbade forbid/S forbidden forbidding force/MDSG forcibly forecast/GDS foreign/RZ foreseeable forest/SM forever forgave forget/S forgetting forgive/SG forgiven forgot forgotten fork/M form/RGMDS formal/YI format/SM formation/IM formatted formatting formed/IA former/Y forms/AI formula/MS formulae formulation/M forthcoming fortnight/M fortunate/YU fortune/M forty/M forum/M forward/DSG forwarding/M fossil/M fought foul found/DGS foundation/MS founded/U fountain/M four/MH fourteen/M fraction/MS fragile fragment/SM frame/MS framework/M frank/Y frantic fraud/M freak/MS free/SYD freedom/M freeing freeway/MS freeze/SG French/M frequency/SM frequent/I frequently fresh/A friction/M friend/MSY friendly/U friendship/M frighten/GSD fringe/M frivolous frog/MS from front's front/F frown/SDG froze frozen fruit/SM frustrate/DSGN frustration/M fry/SGD fudge/M fuel/M fulfil/S fulfill/GSD full/TR fuller/M fully fume/S fun/M function/DMSG functional functionality fund/GMDS fundamental/Y fundamentalist/M funeral/M funny/TR fur/M furniture/M furry further furthermore furthest fuse/AM fusion/FM fuss/M fussy futile future/M fuzzy gain/SDG galactic galaxy/M game/SM gang/M gap/MS garage/M garbage/M garble/SDG garden/MS gas/M gasoline/M gasp gate/SM gateway/M gather/GDS gathering/M gave gay gear/GMSD gender/M gene/SM general/Y generalisation/SM generalise/GDS generalization/SM generalize/DSG generate/C generated generates generating generation/MS generator/MS generic generous genetic/S genetically genetics/M genius/M genocide/M genre/M gentle gentleman/M gentlemen gently genuine/Y geographical geography/M geology/M geometry/M gesture/M get/S getting ghastly ghost/M giant/M gibberish/M gift/MS gig/M gin/M girl/SM girlfriend/M give/SG given glad/Y glance glass/MS glean/DGS global/Y glorious glory/M glossy glove/S glow/SMDG glue/M gnome/M go/GM goal/MS goat/M God/M gods goes going/M gold/NM goldfish/SM golf/M gone good/SP goodbye/M goodie goodness/M goody/S gorgeous gospel/M gossip/M got gotten govern/GLSD government/MS governor/M gown/M grab/S grabbed grabbing grace/M grade's grade/CS gradual/Y graduate/GNMDS graduation/M graffiti graffito grain/M grammar/M grammatical grand/S grandfather/M grandmother/M grant/SDG graph/M graphic/S graphical graphics/M graphs grasp grass/M grateful/Y gratuitous/Y grave/M gravitational gravity/M gray greasy great/RYT greed/M greedy green/M grew grey grid/M grief/M grim grind/SG grip/MS groan/M gross/SY ground/MS group/SMDG grouping/M grow/GSH grown growth/M guarantee/MDS guaranteeing guard/DGS guess/GSD guest/MS guidance/M guide/GSD guideline/S guilt/M guilty guinea/M guitar/M gulf/M gullible gum/M gun/SM gut/SM gutter/M guy/SM ha habit's habit/IS hack/RSDZG hacker/M had hail/M hair/SM haircut/M hairy half/M hall/MS halt/DMSG halve/S halves/M ham/M hammer/M hand/SDMG handbook/M handful/M handicap/M handle/RSGMD handler/M handling/M handy hang/GDS hanging/M hangover/M happen/GSD happening/M happily happiness/M happy/TRP hard/XRTNY hardback/M harden/GD hardship/M hardware/M hardy harm/M harmful harmless harmony/M harsh has hash/M hassle/M hasten hasty hat/GSMD hate/S hatred/M have/G haven't havoc/M hay/M hazard/SM hazy he/M head/DZMGSR headache/M header/M heading/M headline/MS health/M healthy/U heap/M hear/GS heard hearing/M heart/MS heartily heat/MDGS heaven/MS heavily heavy/RT heel/S height/MS held helicopter/M hell/M hello/M helmet/M help/GDS helpful/U helping/M helpless hence henceforth her herd/M here hereby heresy/M heritage/M hero/MS heroes heroic heroin/M herring/MS herself hesitate heterosexual/M hexadecimal hey hid/DG hidden hide/S hideous/Y hiding/M hierarchical hierarchy/M high/RTY highlight/GSMD highway/MS hilarious hill/MS him himself hindsight/M hint/GDMS hip/M hire/GDS his historian/S historic historical/Y history/M hit/S hitherto hitting ho/Y hobby/M hog/M hold/ZRGS holder/M holding/M hole/MS holiday/SM hollow home/MS homosexual/M homosexuality/M honest/E honestly honesty/M honey/M honor/MDGS honorary honour/SMGD hook/DGMS hope/SGMD hopeful/Y hopeless/Y horde/S horizon/M horizontal/Y horn/M horrendous/Y horrible horribly horrid horrific horrify/DGS horror/M horse/MS hospital/SM host/SM hostile hot hotel/M hour/MS house/MDGS household/M housing/M how however huge/Y huh hum human/S humane humanity/M humble humbly humor/M humorous humour/M hundred/MS hung hungry hunt/DGS hunting/M hurry hurt/SG husband/M hut/M hydrogen/M hyphen/M hypocrisy/M hypocrite/M hypocritical hypothesis/M hypothetical hysterical I ice/M icon/SM id/M idea/SM ideal/MYS idealistic identical/Y identification/M identifier/M identify/NSRDGZ identity/M ideological ideology/M idiom/M idiosyncratic idiot/SM idiotic idle if ignorance/M ignorant ignore/SDG ill/TPR illegal/Y illiterate illness/M illogical illusion/M illustrate/GXDSN illustration/M image/MS imaginary imagination/M imaginative imagine/SGD imbalance/M immature immediate/Y immense/Y imminent immoral immortal immune impact/M impair/DSG impend/DGS imperative imperfect imperial impersonal implausible implement/SGMD implementation/SM implication/M implicit/Y imply/GNXSD import/DSG importance/M important/Y impose/SGD impossible impractical impress/DSVG impression/MS imprison/GSD improbable improve/DSGL improvement/SM impulse/M in inability inaccuracy/S inadvertently inane inappropriate incarnation/M incentive/M inch/MS incidence/M incident/SM incidental/Y inclination/M incline/SGD include/SDG inclusion/M inclusive income/M incomplete inconsistency/S inconsistent inconvenience/GDS inconvenient incorporate/DGS incorrect increase/GSD increasing/Y incredibly increment/M incur/S incurred incurring indefensible indent independent/Y indeterminate index/GMDS indicate/XNDSGV indication/M indicator/SM indices indictment/M indistinguishable individual/YS induce/DSG induction/M indulge/SDG industrial industry/MS ineffective inefficient inertia/M inevitable inevitably infallible infant/M infantile infect/DGS infection/M infelicity/M infer inference/M inferior inferiority/M infinite/Y infinity/M inflation/M inflict influence/GDMS influential info/M inform/G informative infrastructure/M infringement/M ingenious ingredient/S inhabit/DG inhabitant/S inherent/Y inherit/GSD inheritance/M inhibit/SGD inhibition/M initial/YS initialisation initialise/GDS initialization initialize/GDS initiate/SDGV initiative/M inject injure/GDS injury/S ink/M inner innocence/M innocent innovation/M innovative input/M inquire/DSG inquiry/MS insert/DGS insertion/M inside insidious insist/DGS insistence/M insofar inspect/DGS inspection/M inspiration/M inspire/DSG instal/S install/SDG installation/MS instance/S instant/MY instead instinct/M institute/XN institution/M instruct/DGS instruction/MS instrument/MS instrumental insult/DSG insurance/M intact intake/M integer/MS integral integrate/DSNG integration/M integrity/M intellect/M intellectual intelligence/M intelligent intense/VY intensity/M intent/M intention/MS intentional/Y inter/T interact/VDGS interaction/MS interactive/Y intercourse/M interest/GSMD interesting/Y interface/GMDS interfacing/M interfere/DSG interference/M interim interior/M intermediate intermittent internal/YS international interpret/SDRG interpretation/MS interpreter/M interrogate interrupt/GDS interruption/MS intersection/MS interval/MS intervene/DGS intervention/M interview/MDSG intimate intrinsic intrinsically introduce/DSG introduction/M introductory intuitive invade/GDS invalid/M invalidate invariably invasion/M invent/GSD invention/MS inventor/M inverse invert/DSG invest/L investigate/GXSND investigation/M investment/M invitation/M invite/DSG invoke/GDS involve/DLSG involvement/M ion/MU irate iron/M ironic irony/M irrational irrelevant irrespective irresponsible irritate/SDNG irritation/M is island/SM isn't isolate/SNGD isolation/M issue/MSGD it/MUS item/SM its itself jack/M jacket/MS jail/M jam/S jammed jamming jargon/M jazz/M jealous jeans jelly/S jerk jest/M jet/M job/SM John/M join/GDS joint/YMS joke/MDSG jolly journal/MS journalist/S journey/M joy/M judge/SLDGM judgement/MS judgment/MS juice/M jump/GSD junction/MF jungle/M junior junk/M jury/IM just justice/IM justifiable justifiably justification/M justified/U justify/SDNG juvenile keen keep/RGS keeper/M keeping/M ken/M kept kernel/M kettle/M key/GMDS keyboard/SM keystroke/MS keyword/SM kick/DSG kid/SM kidded kidding/M kidnap/DGS kidnapped kidnapping kidney/M kill/DGRS killer/M kind/YSP kindness/M king/MS kingdom/M kiss kit/MS kitchen/M knee/MS knew knife/M knight/M knock/DGS know/GS knowledge/M known/U lab/S label/DMGS labelled labelling labor/M laboratory/M labour/M lack/MDSG lad/M ladder/M lady/SM lag/R lager/M laid lain lake/M lamp/M land/MDSG landing/M landlord/M landscape/M lane/M language/SM large/TYR lark/M laser/SM last/SDG late/YTR latter laugh/GD laughing/M laughs laughter/M launch/DSG lavatory/M law/MS lawn/M lawyer/SM lay/SZGR layer/M layout/M lays/C laziness/M lazy/P leach lead/SDRZG leader/M leadership/M leaf/M leaflet/SM league/M leak/M lean/DGS leaning/M leant leap learn/SDG learning/M learnt least leather/M leave/GDS leaves/M leaving/M lecture/MZDGRS lecturer/M led left leg/SM legal/Y legend/M legendary legible legislation/M legitimate/Y leisure/M lemon/M lend/SG length/M lengths lengthy lenient lens/SM lent lesbian/M less/UT lesser lesson/SM lest let/S lethal letter/MS letting level/S liability/MA liable/A liaison/M libel/M liberal liberty/SM librarian/M library/SM licence/GMDS license/SGMD lid/M lie/DS lied/M lies/A life/M lifestyle lifetime/M lift/SDG light's light/CSGDT lighter/M lighting/M lightly lightning/MDS like/DEGS likelihood/M likely/U likewise liking/M limb/S limit/GMSD limitation/SM limited/U line/GDSM linear linguistic lining/M link/SMDG linkage/M lion/M lip/S liquid/M liquor lisp/M list/JSMXDNG listen/GDR listener/M listing/M lit/R liter/M literal/Y literary literate literature/M litre/M litter/M little live/YDTGSR liver's liver/C lives/M load/MSDRG loader/M loading/M loan/MS lobby/M local/YS locate/NGXDS location/AM lock's lock/SUGD lodge/M log/SM logged logging/M logic/M logical/Y logo/M lonely long/TR look/SDG loop/SM loophole/M loose/Y lord/MS lorry/SM lose/SG loss/SM lost lot/S loud/YTR lousy love/YSRZGD lover/M low/ZTR lower/DG loyal luck/M luckily lucky/U ludicrous/Y luggage/M lump/MS lunatic lunch/M lunchtime/M lung/MS lurk/GDS lust/M luxury/M lying lyric/S machine/MS machinery/M macintosh/M mad/P made madness/M magazine/SM magic/M magical magnetic magnificent magnitude/M mail/DGSM mailbox/M main/AS mainframe/S mainly mains/M mainstream/M maintain/GDS maintenance/M maize/M major/M majority/M make/ZSGR maker/M making/M male/S malfunction malicious man/MS manage/LDZRGS management/M manager/M mandate/M mandatory mangle/SDG mania/M manifestation/M manifestly manifesto/M manipulate/NGDS mankind/M manned manner/M manning manpower/M manual/SY manufacture/SRGZD manufacturer/M many map/MS mapped mapping/M march margin/MS marginal/Y marital mark's mark/SAGD marker/MS market/DMSG marketing/M marking/M marriage/M marry/DGS marvellous marvelous mask/M mass/SV massive/Y master/SM match/DGMS mate/M material/MS mathematical/Y mathematician/MS mathematics/M matrices matrix/MS matter/SM mature maximise maximize maximum/M may maybe mayor/M maze/M me meal/MS mean/JGS meaning/M meaningful meaningless means/M meant meantime/M meanwhile measure/LSDGM measurement/SM meat/M mechanic/S mechanical mechanism/MS media/M mediaeval medical medicine/M medieval medium/S meet/GJS meeting/M megabyte/S melody/M melt member/MS members/A membership/M memorable memory/MS men/M mend/SDG mental/Y mentality/M mention/DGS menu/MS mercury/M mercy/M mere/Y merge/SGD merit/SM merry mess/DGMS message/MS messy met/ZR metal/M metaphor/M meter/M method/MS metre/MS metric metro/MS mice/M microcomputer/S microprocessor/M microwave/M midday/M middle midnight/M might mighty migrate/GDSN migration/M mild/Y mile/MS mileage/M military/S milk/M mill/M million/MS mimic mind's mind/DSAG mindless mine/GDS minimal minimalist/M minimise minimize minimum/M mining/M minister/SM minor minority/SM mint/M minus minute/MS miracle/MS miraculous mirror/MS miscellaneous misdirect/SDG miserable miserably misery/M misfortune/M misguide/GSD misinterpret/SDG mislead/GS misled misplace/SDG misprint/M misread/GS misrepresent/DSG miss/ESDG missile/SM mission/M mist/S mistake/MSG mistaken/Y Mister/M mistook misunderstand/GS misunderstanding/M misunderstood misuse/M mix/GDS mixt mixture/M mnemonic moan/DGMS mob/M mobile mock mod/T mode/SM model/GJSMD modelled modelling/S moderate/YN moderation/M modern modification/M modify/XDGSN module/SM mold/M mole/M molecular molecule/S moment/MS momentarily momentum/M monarch/M money/M monitor/MSDG monkey/MS monochrome/M monopoly/M monster/SM month/YM months mood/M moon/MS moral/SY morality/M more moreover morning/SM moron/MS mortal/S mortality/M most/Y mother/MS motion's/K motion/SM motivate/DSNG motivation/M motive/MS motor/SM motorway/MS motto/M mould/M mount/SDG mountain/SM mounting/M mouse/M mouth/M move/DSGA movement/MS movie/SM Mr/M Mrs much muck/SMGD mud/M muddle/GSD mug/MS multiple/S multiplication/M multiply/GSDN mum/M mumble mummy/M mundane murder/RSMGD murderer/M muscle/SM museum/MS music/M musical musician/MS must mutter/DGS mutual/Y my myself mysterious/Y mystery/MS mystic/M myth/M mythical mythology/M myths nail/MDGS naive naked name/YMDGS named/M nameless names/A naming/M narrative/M narrow/RT nasty/TR nation/MS national/Y native/S natural/U naturally nature/M naughty nay/M near/RTY nearby neat/Y necessarily/U necessary/U necessity/M neck/M need/DSG needle/SM needless/Y negate/V neglect/DGS negligible negotiable negotiate/DNGSX negotiation/M neighbor/MS neighborhood/M neighbour/MS neighbourhood/M neither nerve/MS nervous nest/DSMG net/SM network/GSDM neural neutral never nevertheless new/SAT newcomer/MS newer newly news/M newsletter/SM newspaper/SM next nice/RYT nick/MDSG nickname/MS night/SM nightmare/M nil/M nine/M no noble nobody node/MS noise/MS noisy nominal/Y nominate/DGS none nonetheless nonsense/M noon/M nor/H norm/M normal/Y normality/M north/M northern nose/MS nostalgia/M not/BGD notably notation's notation/F note/MSNX notes/C nothing notice/MDSG noticeable noticeably notification/M notify/NGDS notion/M notorious notwithstanding noun's/K noun/SM novel/MS novelty/M novice/SM now nowadays nowhere nuclear nuisance/M null numb/ZTR number/GMD numeral/S numeric numerical numerous nun/S nurse/SM nut/MS oar/M obey/DGS object/VMGSD objection/SMB obligation/M obligatory oblige/DSG obnoxious obscene obscure/DSG obscurity/M observation/MS observe/DGSRZ observer/M obsess/SGD obsession/M obsolete obstruct/SGD obtain/DBGS obtainable/U obvious/Y occasion/SM occasional/Y occupation/M occupy/GDS occur/S occurred occurrence/MS occurring ocean/M odd/YS of/K off/RZ offence/SMV offend/GDZRS offender/M offense/MVS offer/GDJ offering/M offhand office/SRMZ officer/M official/SY offset/MS offsetting offspring/SM often oh oil/M old/RT omission/SM omit/S omitted omitting on/Y once one/SN oneself ongoing onion/M onto onus/M onwards open/YGSD opening/M opera/MS operate/DNXGS operation/M operational operator/MS opinion/SM opponent/SM opportunity/MS oppose/SDG opposite/N opposition/M oppress/GDS oppression/M opt/GDS optic optical optimal optimisation optimise/DSG optimistic optimization optimize/GDS optimum/M option/MS optional/Y opus/S or/M oral orange/M orbit/M orbital/M orchestra/M orchestral order's/E order/MDGS ordinary organ/MS organic organisation/MS organise/SDZGR organization/MS organize/DGRZS orient/DSG oriental orientate/DNSG orientation/M origin/SM original/YS originate/DSG originator/M orthodox other/S otherwise ought our/S ourselves out/R outcome/MS outcry/M outdated outgoing outline/DSMG outlook/M output/MS outrage/MDSG outrageous outright outset/M outside outstanding outweigh outweighs over/Y overall overcame overcome/SG overdraft/M overdue overflow overhead/S overlap overload/SDG overlong overlook/GDS overnight overprice/SDG overridden override/SG overrode overseas overtime/M overtone/S overview/M overwhelm/GDS overwriting overwritten owe/GDS own/DGSRZ owner/M ownership/M oxygen/M ozone/M pace/M pacifier/M pack/MDGS package/DMSG packaging/M packet/MS packing/M pad/MS padded padding/M page/GMSD paid pain/SM painful/Y painless paint/MSGDJ painting/M pair/MS pairs/A palace/M pale pan panel/SM panic/M pant/S paper/SM paperback/M par/M parade/M paradise/M paradox/M paragraph/M paragraphs parallel/S parameter/SM paranoia/M paranoid paraphrase/M pardon parent/SM parentheses parenthesis/S parity/M park/MDGS parking/M parliament/M parochial parody/M parrot/M parse/SDG part/YMS partial/Y participant/S participate/GDS particle/SM particular/Y partition/MDSG partner/MS party/SM pass/DVGS passage/MS passenger/SM passion/M passionate passport/M password/SM past paste/M pat patch/MSDG patent/M path/M pathetic paths patience/M patient/S patronise/GDS patronize/DSG pattern/MS pause/SGD pavement/M pay/DSLG payment/MS peace/M peaceful peak/MS peanut/S peasant/S peculiar pedal/M pedant/MS pedantic pedantry/M pedestrian/SM peer/MS pen/MS penalty/SM pence/M pencil/M pend/CGDS penguin/M penny/SM people/SM per/K perceive/DSG percent/MS percentage/M perception/M perfect/Y perfection/M perform/GDS performance/MS perhaps period/MS periodic periodically peripheral/S permanent/Y permissible permission/M permit/S permitted permitting perpetual persecute/GDS persist persistent person/MS personal/Y personality/SM personnel/M perspective/M persuade/DGS persuasion/M perverse pet/M petrol/M petty pharmacy/SM phase/SGDM phenomena/M phenomenon/MS philosopher/MS philosophical philosophy/SM phoenix/M phone/DMSG photo/MS photocopy/M photograph/M photographic photographs phrase/DMSG phrasing/M physic/S physical/Y physicist/MS physiology/M pi piano/M pick/SGD picture/MS pie/M piece/MS pig/SM pigeon/M pile/MS pill/MS pilot/M pin/MS pinch/DGS pink/M pint/MS pipe/MS pipeline/M pit/M pitch pitfall/S pity/M pizza/MS place's place/GASD plague/MSGD plain/Y plan/MS plane/MS planet/MS planetary planned planning plant/DMSG plaster/MSGD plastic/M plate/MS platform/M plausible play/ESDG player/MS playground/M plea/M pleasant/Y please/SGD pleasure/M plenty/M plot/SM plotted plotter/M plotting ploy/M plug/MS plugged plugging plural plus pocket/SM poem/MS poet/SM poetic poetry/M point/GMSDZR pointer/M pointing/M pointless poison/SMDG poisoning/M poke polar pole/M police/M policeman/M policy/SM polish/DSG polite/P politeness/M political/Y politician/SM politics/M poll/MS pollution/M polynomial pompous pool/M poor/YRT pop/S pope/M popped popping populace/M popular/U popularity/M populate/XGNDS population/M pork/M pornography/M port's/A port/MRZDSBG portability ported/A porter/AM portion/SKM portray/GSD ports/A pose/SEGDK position/EMK positioned positioning positions positive/Y possess/SDG possession/M possibility/MS possible possibly post/DGZMRS postage/M postal postcard/M poster/M posting/M postmaster/M postpone/SGD postscript/M postulate pot/M potato/M potatoes potential/Y pound/S pour/SDG poverty/M powder/M power/MSDG powerful practical/YS practice/GDMSB practise/DGSM pragmatic praise/M pray/SRZDG prayer/M preach/GSD precaution/MS precede/SDG precedence/M precedent/M precious precise/NY precision/M predecessor/SM predict/GDSB predictable/U prediction/SM predominantly preface/M prefer/SB preferably preference/MS preferred preferring prefix/SGDM pregnancy/M pregnant prejudice/SDMG preliminary premature/Y premise/S premium/M preparation/M prepare/GSD prerequisite prescribe/DSG prescription/M presence/M present/ASDG presentation/MA presently preserve/DGS president/M press/CDSG pressure/SM presumably presume/SDG pretend/DSG pretentious pretty prevail prevalent prevent/GDS prevention/M preview/RM previous/Y price/DMSG pride/M priest/MS primarily primary prime/S primitive/S prince/M principal/Y principle/MS print/DRZGS printer/M printing/M printout/S prior priority/SM prise/MS prison/MRZ privacy/M private/Y privatisation privatization privilege/SDGM prize/MS pro probability/MS probable probably problem/SM procedure/MS proceed/GDJS proceeding/M process/SMGD processor/SM produce/RZGSD produced/A producer/M produces/A producing/A product/VMS production/MA productivity/M profession/M professional/S professor/M profile profit/B profound program/GMSD programme/RGBMZDS programmer/M progress/DGSM prohibit/GSD project/MSDG projection/M proliferation/M prolong/DGS prominent promise/SGD promote/NGSD prompt/YGSD prone pronoun pronounce/SGD pronunciation/M proof/SM propaganda/M proper/Y property/SM prophet/M proportional proposal/MS proprietary prose/M prosecute/DGNS prosecution/M prospect/SMV prostitute/S protect/DSG protection/M protein/M protest/M protocol/MS prototype/M proud prove/SDG proven provide/SDG provision/S provisional provocative provoke/GSD proximity/M pseudo psychological psychologist/S psychology/M pub/M public/Y publication/MS publicise/SGD publicity/M publicize/SGD publish/SGDZR publisher/M publishing/M pudding/M pull/SDG pulp/M pulse/S pump/SMDG pumping/M pun/MS punch/DGS punctuation/M puncture punish/LSGD punishment/M punt/SM pupil/S purchase/DSG pure/Y purge purity/M purple/M purpose/SM pursue/SDG pursuit/M push/DGS put/SI putt/GDS putted/I putting/I puzzle/DGS python/M qualification/M qualifier/M qualify/NXGDRZS quality/MS quantity/SM quantum/M quarter/SM queen/MS query/SM quest/M question/BSDGM questionnaire/M queue/DMSG queueing quibble quick/TYR quiet/TYR quieter/M quit/S quite quitted quitting quiz/M quota/MS quotation/MS quote/SDG rabbit/SM rabid race/DGMS racial racism racist/M rack/MS racket/M radar/M radiation/M radical/Y radio/MS radius/M rag/M rage/M raid/S rail/MS railroad/M railway/M rain/SMDG rainbow/M raise/GSD raising/M ram/M rampant ran random/Y rang/GD range's range/CDSG rank/SM rant/SDG rape/M rapid/Y rare/TRY rash rat/GMSD rate/MS rather rating/M ratio/SM rational/Y rationale/M rattle/SDG rave/SDG raw ray/M razor/M re/TGJMY reach/SGD react/G reactionary reactor read/SRJGBZ reader/M readership/M readily reading/M reads/A ready real realisation/M realise/GDS realistic/U reality/M realization/M realize/DSG realm/S rear/M reason/MSDGB reasonable/U reasonably reasoning/M rebuild/G receipt/M receive/DRGS receiver/M recent/Y reception/M recipe/SM recipient/SM reckless reckon/DGS recognise/GBDS recognition/M recognize/BDGS recommend/SDG recommendation/SM reconcile record/GMSDJR recorder/M recording/M recovery/M recreational recruit/SGDL recruitment/M rectangle/M rectangular rectify/GSD recursion/M recursive red/M redded redirect reduce/DGS reduction/SM redundancy/M redundant refer/S reference/DSMG referendum/M referred referring reflect/DSG reflection/M reflex/M reform/G reformat refrain refresh/GSD refund refusal/M refuse/DGS refute regain regard/E regarded regarding regardless regards regime/M region/MS regional register/SMDG registration/M regret/S regrettably regretted regretting regular/Y regulation/MS reign/M reinstate/GDS reiterate reject/DGS rejection/M relate/XVGNSD related/U relation/M relationship/MS relative/SY relativity/M relax/SDG relay/M release/SGD relevance/M relevant reliable/U reliably relief/M relieve/GDS religion/MS religious reluctance/M reluctant/Y rely/DG remain/GD remainder/M remark/B remarkably remedy/M remember/DG remind/R reminiscent remote/Y removal/M rename/GD rend/SGRZD render/DG rendering/M rendition/M renew/DG rent/M repair/DG repeat/BGDS repeated/Y repent repertoire/M repetition/M repetitive rephrase replace/L replacement/MS reply/DGS report/G representation/S representative/MS reproduce repulsive reputation/M request/GSD require/GDLS requirement/MS requisite reread/G rescue research/ZRM resemblance/M resemble/DGS reservation/S reserve resetting reside residence/M resident/MS resignation/M resist resistance/M resource/DG respect/DVMGSB respective/Y respond/SGD response/MS responsibility/SM responsible rest/GMDS restart/G restaurant/SM restrain/GD restrict/GDVS restriction/MS result/GSDM resume/GSD resurrection/M retail retain/GSD retire/L retirement/M retract retrieval/M retrieve/GDS reveal/DGS revelation/M revenge/M reverse/DG revert revise/SDG revolt/DGS revolution/M revolutionary/M reward/S rhetorical rhyme/M rhythm/M ribbon/M rice/M rich/RT rid/GS ridded ridden ridding ride/S ridiculous/Y riding/M right/SY rights/M rigid rigorous ring/GMD riot/M rip/S ripped ripping rise/SG risen rising/M risk/SGMD risky ritual/MS rival/MS river/MS road/SM robot/SM robust rock/SM rocket/M rod/M rode role/SM roll/GDS roman romance/M romantic roof/M room/MS root/SM rope/M rose/M rot rotate/GNDS rotation/M rotten rough/Y round/DGS roundabout/M rout/DGS route/MS routeing routine/SMY routing/M row/MS royal royalties rub rubber/M rubbish/M rude ruin/SMDG rule/MZRSDG ruler/M ruling/M rumor/MDSG rumour/MSDG run/S rung running rural rush/SGD rushing/M rusty sabotage/M sack/SGMD sacred sacrifice/MDSG sad/Y sadden/GSD safe/YRT safeguard/MS safety/M saga/M said sail/GDSM sailing/M saint/M sake/M salary/SM sale/MS salesman/M salt/M salvation/M same sample/DMSG sampling/M sand/M sandwich/MS sane/I sang sanity/M sank sarcasm/M sarcastic sat satellite/MS satire/M satisfaction/M satisfactorily satisfactory/U satisfy/DSG sauce/M save/DJSG saw/M say/GS saying/M says/M scale/GMDS scan/S scandal/M scanned scanner/M scanning scarce/Y scare/DSG scarf/M scarlet/M scatter/GDS scenario/MS scene/SM scenery/M sceptical schedule/MDRGS scheme/SM scholar/S school/SM science/FM sciences scientific scientifically scientist/SM scope/M score/MDSG scored/M scotch/M scrap/SM scrapped scrapping scratch/SDG scream/DSG screen/SM screw/SMGD script/MS scroll/DGMS scum/M sea/M seal/DMSG search/SDG season/M seat/MS sec second/GSDY secondary secret/YS secretary/MS sect/IMS section/SM sector/M secular secure/I security/M see/DS seed/M seeing/M seek/GS seem/DGS seeming/Y seen/U segment/MS seldom select/GVSD selection/M selective/Y self/M selfish sell/SG semantic/S semantics/M seminar/MS send/RSG sender/M senior sensation/M sense/SM sensible sensibly sensitive/I sensitivity/M sent/AF sentence/SMDG sentient sentiment/SM sentimental separate/DSNGY separation/M separator/SM sequel/M sequence/FMS sequential serial/M series/M serious/YP seriousness/M sermon/M servant/MS serve/ZDSGR served/CA server/M serves/CA service/MS serving's serving/AC session/MS set/UA sets/A setting/MS settle/SDG seven/MH several severe/Y severity/M sex/SM sexist/M sexual/Y sexuality/M sexy shade/MS shadow/M shake/SG shaken shaking/M shaky shall shallow shame/M shape/MGDS share/MDGS shareholder/S sharp/Y she/D shed/SM shedding sheep/M sheer sheet/MS shelf/M shell/SM shelter/M shelve/S shelves/M shift/DGS shine/DSG shiny ship/MS shipped shipping/M shirt/M shock/SDG shoe/MS shone shook shoon shoot/SG shop/SM shopped shopping/M short/NRSXTY shortage/M shorten/DG shorthand/M shot/MS should/RZ shoulder/M shout/MDSG shove show/RZGSD shower/M showing/M shown shut/S shutdown/M shutting shy sic sices sick/NX sicken/DG side's/I side/DMSG sides/A sideways sigh sight/IM sighted sighting sights sigma/M sign's sign/CSADG signal/SMDG signalled signalling signature/MS significance/M significant/I significantly silence/M silent silicon/M silly/RT silver/M similar/E similarity/SM similarly simple/TR simplicity/M simplify/SGD simplistic simply simulate/SDGN simulation/M simultaneous/Y sin/SM since sincere/Y sine/M sinful sing/SRZG singer/M single/S singular/Y sinister sink/GS sinking/M sir/M sister/M sit/S site/SM sitting/M situate/XNDSG situation/M six/HM sixteen/M sixty/S size/MGSD skeleton/M skeptical sketch/MS skill/MSD skin/M skip/S skipped skipping skirt/M skull/M sky/M slag/M slang/M slash slave/MS sleep/MSG sleeping/M slept slice/DMSG slid/G slide/S slight/RTY slim slip/S slipped slippery slipping slogan/M slope sloppy slot/SM slow/SRYTDG small/RT smallish smart smash/DSG smell/S smelly smile/SMDG smith/M smoke/DMZSGR smoking/M smooth/Y smug snack/M snag/M snail/M sneak/DGS sneaky sniff snobbery/M snow/M snuck so soap/M sober social/Y socialism/M socialist/M society/MS sock/S socket/MS sod/M soft software/M soil/M solar sold soldier/MS sole/YS solicitor/MS solid solo/M solution/AM solutions solve/ADSG some somebody somehow someone someplace something sometime/S somewhat somewhere son/SM song/MS soon/RT sophisticate/DSG sordid sore sorry sort's sort/DAGS sought soul/MS sound/SMGD soundtrack/M soup/M source/SAM south/M southern sox space/SGMD spacing/M span/M spare/S spatial speak/SGRZ speaker/M special/Y specialise/SDG specialist/M speciality/M specialize/DGS specialty/M species specific specifically specification/M specified/U specify/NGDSX specimen/M spectacular spectrum/M speculate/N speculation/M sped speech/MS speed/DGMS spell/DGJS spelling/M spelt spend/SG spent sphere/M spigot spike/M spill spin spiral spirit/MS spiritual spit/S spite/M spitted spitting splendid split/S splits/M splitting spoil/DGS spoilt spoke spoken spokesman/M sponsor/GMSD spontaneous/Y spoof/M spool/M sport/SM spot/MS spotted spotting/M spout sprang spray/M spread/GS spring/SG sprung spur/M spurious spy/SM squad/M square/SMDG squash/DSG squeeze/DSG stability/M stable/M stack/MS staff/M stage/SM stagger/GDS stair/S staircase/M stake/M stale stall/M stamp/GDS stance/IM stand/SG standard/SM standardise/SGD standardize/SDG standing/M standpoint/M star/GMSD stare/S stark starred starring start/RZDSG started/A startle/DGS starts/A starve/DGS state/MLNDSGX statement/SM static station/M stationary statistic/MS statistical status/M stay/SGD steadily steady steal/GS stealing/M steam/M steel/M steep steer/DGS stem/S step/MS stepped stepping stereo stereotype/MS sterile sterling/M stick/MGS sticky stiff still stimulate/NSGD stimulation/M stir/S stirred stirring stock/SM stole stolen stomach/M stone/MS stood stop/S stopped stopping/M stops/M storage/M store's store/SAGD storey/MS storm/MS story/MS straight straightforward strain/FSA strange/TRY stranger/M strategic strategy/SM straw/M stray stream/SM street/SM strength/NM stress/SMGD stretch/SGD strict/A strictly strike/SG string/MS stringent strip/S stripped stripping stript strive stroke/M strong/TRY struck structural structure/DGMS struggle/GSD stuck student/MS studio/M study/SGD stuff/DSG stumble/DGS stun/S stunned stunning stunt stupid stupidity/M style/SM subject/MDGVS submission/M submit/S submitted submitting subroutine/MS subscribe subscription/M subsequent/Y subset/M subsidiary subsidise/GDS subsidize/SGD substance/SM substantial/Y substitute/SNDG substitution/M subtle subtlety/SM subtly subway/MS succeed/SDG success/MV successful/U successfully succession/M successor/M such sudden/Y sue/GDS suffer/ZDRGS suffering/M suffice sufficient/I sufficiently suffix/M sugar/M suggest/GSD suggestion/SM suicidal suicide/M suit/MGSBD suitability suitable/U suitably suite/M sum/SM summarise/SGD summarize/DGS summary/SM summed summer/M summing sun/M sundry sung sunk sunlight/M sunny sunrise/M sunshine/M super superb superficial/Y superfluous superior superiority/M supermarket/M supernatural supervise/DSGXN supervision/M supervisor/SM supplement/M supplementary supplier/M supply/ZDSRG support/RZDGS supported/U supporter/M suppose/DSG supposed/Y suppress/SGD suppression/M supreme sure/Y surface/SM surgery/M surname/M surplus/M surprise/DGS surprising/Y surround/DSGJ surrounding/M survey/S survival/M survive/DSG susceptible suspect/DGS suspecting/U suspend/DGS suspension/M suspicion/M suspicious/Y sustain/GSD swallow/GDS swam swamp/SGD swap/S swapped swapping swear/GS sweat/SGDM sweep/SG sweet swept swim/S swimming/M swing switch/DSMG sword/M swore sworn swum symbol/SM symbolic symmetric symmetry/M sympathetic sympathise sympathize sympathy/MS symphony/MS symptom/MS syndicate/M syndrome/M synonym/MS synonymous syntactic syntactically syntax/M synthesis/RM synthesiser/M synthesizer/M system/MS systematic tab/SM table/MS taces tack/DGSM tackle/SDGM tactic/S tactical tactless tag/M tail's/A tail/CMS tailor/SDG take/I taken taker/S takes taking tale/MS talent/SMD talented/M talk/SDG tall tame tangent/M tank/MS tap tape/MS target/MS task/MS taste/MDGS tasteless taught tax/SM taxation/M taxi/M taxpayer/S tea/M teach/ZRSG teacher/M teaching/M team/MS teapot/M tear/DGMS technical/Y technique/MS technological technology/M tedious teenage/ZR teeth/M telephone/SM telescope/M television/M tell/SG temper/M temperature/SM temple/M temporarily temporary/F tempt/F temptation/M tempted tempting tempts ten/MSH tend/GSID tendency/SM tender tennis/M tense/N tension/M tentative/Y term/DSMG terminal/YS terminate/NDSG termination/CM terminator/M terminology/M terrible terribly terrify/DGS territory/M terror/M terrorism/M terrorist/MS terse test/FK tested testing tests text/FSM textbook/SM textual than thank/GSD thankful/Y that/M the/GJ theater/M theatre/M thee theft/M their/S them theme/MS themselves then theological theology/M theorem/MS theoretical/Y theory/MS therapy/M there/M thereabouts thereafter thereby therefore therein thereof these/S thesis/M they they're thick/P thickness/M thief thieve/S thin thing/M think/GS thinking/M third thirst/M thirty/M this thorough/Y thoroughfare/MS those thou/S though thought/S thousand/MS thread/M threat/SMNX threaten/DG three/M threshold/M threw throat/SM through throughout throughput/M throw/GS thrown thrust/SGD thumb/M thus thy tick/M ticket/SM tidy/DGS tidying/M tie/DS tieing tiger/M tight/Y tile/S till time/DMGRS timer/M timescale timetable/M timing/M tin/SM tiny tip/S tire/ADGS tiresome title/SM to/IU toad/M toast/M tobacco/M today/M toe/MS together toggle/M toilet/MS token/MS told tolerance/IM tolerant tolerate/SDG toll tomato tomatoes tome/M tomorrow/M ton/MS tone/MS tongue/M tonight/M too/H took tool/MS tooth/M top/MS topic/SM topical tore torn torture toss total/MY touch/DSG tough tour/FM tourist/SM toward/S tower/SM town/MS toy/MS trace/SMGD tracing/M track/SMDG trade/MDGS tradition/MS traditional/Y traffic/M tragedy/M tragic trail/SDG train/GSD training/M transaction/MS transcript/M transfer/S transferred transferring transform/DGS transformation/M transient transit/M transition/M translate/GNDXS translation/M translator/M transmission/MS transmit/S transmitted transmitter/SM transmitting transparent transport/DGS trap/MS trapped trapping trash/M trashcan/M travel/GDJS travelled travelling/S tray/M tread treasure/M treat/LMDGS treatment/M treaty/M tree/MS trek tremendous/Y trend/SM trendy trial/SM triangle/SM tribe/SM trick/MS tricky trifle/M trigger/GDSM trilogy/M trinity/M trip/SM triple tripos/M triumph/M trivia trivial/Y trolley/M troop/S trouble/SM trouser/S truck/SM true/U truly trumpet/M truncate/DSG trunk/MS trust/GMDS trusty/M truth/M truths try/DGS tube/MS tune/SDMG tuning/M tunnel/SM turn/ADGS turning/M turnround turntable/M tutor/M tutorial/M twelve/M twenty/MH twice twin/S twist/GSD two/M tying type/SMDG typeset/S typesetting/M typewriter/M typical/Y tyre/SGD ugh ugly ultimate/Y umbrella/M unavoidable unaware unbearable unbelievably uncle/M unclear uncommon unconvincing under underestimate undergo/G undergoes undergone undergraduate/MS underground/SM underlain underlay underlie/S underline/SGD underlying underneath understand/BSG understanding/M understood undertake/GS undertaken undertook underwent undoubtedly unexpected/Y unfair unhappy uniform/YM unify/DSG unimportant uninteresting union/S unique/Y unit/GD unite/S unity/M universal/Y universe/M university/SM unlike unload unofficial unpleasant unread/B unsafe unsolicited unsound unstable unsure untidy until up upbringing/M update/DSG upgrade/DGS upon upper upright ups upset/S upsetting/M upside/M upstairs upward/S urban urge/GSD urgency/M urgent/Y us/RZGBDS usable/U usage/M use/A used/U useful/YP usefulness/M useless user/M usual/UY utility/MS utter/Y vacancy/S vacation/SM vacuum/M vague/Y vain valid/I validity/M valley/M valuable/I value/GDMS valve/SM van/SM vandalism/M vanish/SGD variable/S variance/M variant/S variation/MS variety/MS various vary/GDS vast/Y vat/M vector/MS vegetable/MS vegetarian/M vehicle/MS vein/M velocity/M vend/DGS vendor/M venture venue/AM venues verb/MS verbal/Y verbatim verbose verdict/M verify/DSNG versatile verse's verse/AS version/FSM versus vertical/Y very vessel/M vet/M via viable vicar/M vice/CM vicinity/M vicious victim/MS victory/M video/M view's view/ASDG viewer/M viewing/M viewpoint/MS vigorously vile village/SM vintage/M vinyl/M violate/N violence/M violent/Y violin/M virgin/M virtual/Y virtue/MS virus/MS visible/I vision/KMA visit/GSD visitor/MS visual/Y vital vocabulary/M vocal voice/MS void/C voltage/M volume/SM voluntarily voluntary volunteer/DSMG vomit vote's vote/DCSG voter/S vouch vowel/M vulnerable wade/SDG waffle/M wage/SM wait/SGD wake/SDGM walk/GDS wall/SM wallet/M wander/GDS want/SGD wanted/U war/S ward/AM warehouse/M warm/SGD warn/DJGS warning/M warp/SGD warrant/M warranty/M wartime/M wary was wash/SGD washing/M wasn't waste/GSD wasteful watch/SGD water/SM wave/GSD way/MS we/TGJV weak/P weakness/SM wealth/M wealthy weapon/SM wear/SG weary weasel/MS weather/M wed/S wedded wedding/M wee week/MSY weekday/M weekend/MS weigh weight/M weird welcome/U welcomed welcomes welcoming welfare/M well went were west/M western wet/S wetted wetting whale/MS what whatever whatsoever wheel/MS when whence whenever where whereas whereby whereupon wherever whether which whichever while whilst whim/M whiskey/M whisky/M whistle/S white/S who whoever whole wholeheartedly wholly whom whoop/S whose why wicked wide/RTY widespread width/M wife/M wild/Y will/DSG willing/U willingly win/S wind/MDGS winding/M window/SGM wine/SM wing/M winner/MS winning winter/M wipe/SDG wire/SDGM wiring/M wisdom/M wise/UT wiser wish/GSD wit/MP witch/M wite with withdraw/SG withdrawal/M withdrawn withdrew within without witness/DSMG witty wive/S wives/M wizard/M woke woken wolf/M woman/M wombat/M women/M won won't wonder/MDGS wonderful/Y wondrous wont/M wood/MSN word/MDGS wording/M wore work/BDRGSMZJ workable/U worker/M working/M workload/M workshop/M workstation/S world/SM worldwide worm/S worn worry/GDS worse worship worst worth worthless worthwhile worthy would wouldn't wound/M wow wrap/S wrapped wrapper/S wrapping/M wrapt wrath/M wreck/RGDS wrecker/M wren/M wretched wrist/M write/GAS writer/MS writing/SM written/A wrong/YS wrote/A yard/MS yawn year/MYS yellow/M yes yesterday/M yet yeti/M yield/S you're you/H young/RT your/S yourself yourselves youth/M zero/MS zeroes zone/MS zoom